Angels Online Non Stackable Buff Skills List

Angels Online Non Stackable Buff Skills List by ThunderBlade95

Hmm so no1 made a guide about it or i cant really find it, so i thought i would compile it into 1 page. o_o just a simple guide only~ nothing much.
I’ll add more in the future.

Buff skills that cant be stack :
Recovery Shield – Fury Attack
Swiftness Song – Nimble
Bloody Song – Ghostly Tactics
Energy Roar – Hell Shield
Punishing Shield – Holy Prayer
Stealth Break – Detect Stealth
Anti Locked Tactics – Anti Locked Shield
All Avatar Skills – Stealth (earth) Except Stealth 5
Spear Trap – Rage Armor – Demonic Barrier
Exorshield – Barrier Of Justice
Life Blessing – Life Beat
Mirror Hit – Aegis – Rebound
Focus – Quick Step
Sacred Pact – Transfer Bargain
Demonic Resilience – Demonic Counter
Defence Wall – Speed Up Attack – Sharpen (180 spear bow sb buff)
Debilitating Thrust – Electric Spear (Cowboy spear buff)(tested)

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