Angels Online Combining Tips

Angels Online Combining Tips by Jinay77

Firstly, some things are just about combining in parts.

Don’t bother spending time on low-end combining, it ain’t worth it.Senior grade items can be acquired by combining, e.g. Super Red Potion and Super Blue Potion together.

Lower grade items are easier to jump grade.

Senior Scrolls: Spacious Guild Bank, Spacious Bank, Pet Revival Scroll, Senior ATK Scroll, Senior DEF Scroll, Senior ATK Scroll, Senior Critical Scroll, Senior MATK Scroll, Senior MDEF Scroll, Red Light Rune Piece, Yellow Light Rune Piece, Green Light Rune Piece, Blue Light Rune Piece, Flawless Purple Gem, Spacious Iron Room.

Effective Scrolls: Quick Scroll, Master’s Love, Enhanced Revival Scroll, 50 Skill Bonus Vouchers, Clean Orange Gem, Strike Scroll, Effective MATK Scroll, Effective MDEF Scroll, Effective ATK Scroll, Effective DEF Scroll, 40 Carat EXP Diamond, Clean Purple Gem, Love Canister, Couples Canister, Eddy Canister, Single Fireworks, Happy Canister, Pigeon Canister.

Powered Class: 100 Skill Bonus Voucher, Fire Crystal, Purple Crystal, Opal, Ivory Stone, Garnet, Jade, Underground Scroll, Desert Racetrack Scroll, Palm Base Scroll, Building Blocks City Scroll, Dragon Field Scroll, Waterfall Camp Scroll, Flying Airship Scroll, Revival Scroll, Escape Potion, Liquid Soap, Defense Scroll, Multiple Fireworks, Super Orange Potion, 80 Carat EXP Diamond.

SP Class:
5-star Lucky Hammer, 5-star Lucky Piercing Hammer, 5-star Lucky Enhanced Pestle, Level 5 Ride Feed, Mark Scroll, SP Scroll, Aurora Teleport Scroll, Beast Teleport Scroll, Iron Teleport Scroll, Shadowy Teleport Scroll, Revival Scroll, Pet Assault Potion, Pet Defense Potion, 200 Skill Points, Diamond, Ride Feed

7-Starred: 7-star Lucky Hammer, 7-star Lucky Piercing Hammer, 7-star Lucky Enhanced Pestle, Level 7 Ride Feed, Double EXP 30?, Double Skill 30mins, Facture Speedup 30mins, Collection peedup 30 min, Lucky 30mins, Pet Double EXP card 30mins, 230k EXP, Summon Book, Fly Book, Pet Feed, 7-star Piercing, Luck Enhancing Pestle, Ride Feed, Lucky Card, 500 Skill Points,

8-Starred: 8-star Lucky Hammer, 8-star Lucky Piercing Hammer, 8-star Lucky Enhanced Pestle, Level 8 Ride Feed, Triple EXP 30mins, Triple SP 30mins, Super Lucky 30mins, Triple Pet EXP 30mins, Mark Stone,10 Love Broadcasting, 100 Purple Light Rune Piece, 100 Orange Light Rune Piece, 750k EXP Voucher, Super Liquid Soap, 1000 Skill Points.

9-Starred: 9-star Lucky Hammer, 9-star Lucky Piercing Hammer, 9-star Lucky Enhanced Pestle, Level 9 Ride Feed, 8hr Defense Scroll, Attack Scroll, Defense Scroll, SP Ball Ticket, EXP Ball Ticket, SP Ball Speedup Ticket, EXP Ball Speedup Ticket, Beat Scroll, Recovery Scroll, 2000 Skill Bonus Voucher, Super Broadcasting, Improved Pet Feed, Statue potion, Gender Bolus, Complexion Potion, Hair Dye, Magic Comb, 2.40m EXP card, 2.3m EXP card.

10-star Lucky Hammer, 10-star Lucky Piercing Hammer, 10-star Lucky Enhanced Pestle, Level 10 Ride Feed, 3m EXP card, 5000 Skill Bonus Voucher, 10000 Skill Bonus Voucher, 8hr Lucky Card, 8hr Collection Speedup Card, 8hr Double EXP Card, 8hr Double SP card, 7.5m EXP card, Dark City Badge, Breeze Wood Badge, Aurora Badge, Iron Castle Badge, 8hr Pet Triple EXP Card,

Basically, combining items of the same grade will increase the grade by 1. If you are lucky, it might just increase a bit more. If you are unlucky, it will just remain on the same grade, or maybe drop by a grade, but this rarely happens.

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