Angels Online Skilling using Mercenary Guide

Angels Online Skilling without Blue Potion using Mercenary Guide by cookiemo0kie

This guide is useful for beginners and experts in leaving their character skilling without using too much money in buying blue pots.

Useful in AFK and leaving your AO open. However, limited to a certain time.

Monsters drop Blue potions in Training Area therefore, we can skill as much as we want using those pots. But if your focus is greatly in skilling, then this will benefit you especially if your character is weak.

*Lv. 30 Character
*Lv. 2 House (don’t worry about buying one. you get free cottage in growth box)
*Cleanliness of the House (100-500) *use Liquid Soap or Powder
*Mercenary Token
*Skilling must be done in Training Area

*Less money to consume and earn money at the same time bcoz of item drops which you can sell to NPC *update*
*Useful for high level character who doesn’t have much money to buy pots (like me)
*Monsters will have a chance to drop PESTLE (use it to your equipment or sell it for 3-4M) *update**No/Less Repairs on Equipment because you are not attacked *update* 

*Effective time of mercenary is 8 Hours only
*Cleanliness of the House must be 100+ to avoid being disabled within the time 
*Using skills that consume too much MP is not preferred (Anti-Locked Shield etc.)
*If Training Area is crowded chances of getting pots is lessen

1.  First, check the status of your house to ensure the 8 hours straight of skilling. After that, get a mercenary token from Maid Eilian.

2. Proceed to Training Area and set your Angel Baby like this. Set 100% Red Potions to avoid getting full of 
Red instead of the Blue pots we want.

3. Let your mercenary fight the monsters and drop blue potions. Level your mercenary to enemies 
to avoid easy death of it. Lastly, always remember the Time Limit of the House and Mercenary.

UPDATE: Mercenary can exceed the 8 hours limit as long as it is alive and you do not leave the training area. *COOL*

That’s All!! Very Easy! Thank you. Feel free to comment and make suggestions. ;D

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