Angels Online Mage AOE Guide

Angels Online Mage AOE Guide by IcyHell

(aoe= area of effect , skills that can hit more than 1 target at a time)
I’m using this build now, and it is doing very well, so i decided to share with you guys.
this guide is more like a “how to use this build” because i have seen lots of people
using this build but just doing wrong stuff.(using this build but does not do aoe…)

ok, heres pros and cons of it
1-level A LOT faster than others.
2-doing quest A LOT faster.
3-Making money fast.
4-can solo bosses at higher level.
5-can play a role of healer when needed.
6-do not need hp potion.

– lower damage when aoeing.
– high mp usage in short time.
– need lots of money to buy potion to keep training without resting(will cancel out with Pros#3, also see below )
– some skills will lag behind a lot due to your fast leveling speed.(Ignore this one if your league have terra)
– need to buy food to boost up def(spell def later on).
– hard to control, need concentration.

Skills to choose.
Life – you need this to get angel tear which allow you to heal yourself while aoe’ing.
Chaos- this is what you need to aoe .
Curse- without this, you will die before you hit them.
Meditate spell- this skill will get your mp to a higher amount, and more importantly, you need this for spell def later on
aoe’ing bishop.
hit spell- aoe mage does not need a lot of accuracy, so staff hit spell is not that useful.
Vestment – if you choose others…then i don’t have anything to say anymore =.=

-Chaos is your main skill, never use life atk skills to train !!! or you will just end up with low lvls on both skills.
-remember, hit and run is always your best friend ! not only hit and run is waiting for cool downs, but its also your
life saver, potion saver. Remember, you will die in 2 sec if all the mobs you lured get around you.
-do not use aoe unless you and mobs have a safe distance(only 1 or 2 monster will be able to hit you after you cast aoe)
-buy the ride in steel for lv 45, it got high spell def and def 30 but low spell atk, which is the best fit for you if you find yourself getting hit really hard by bishop when you aoe.

how and where to train.
get in an alone party when you are doing quest, get in a share party with peopl in other maps when you are just training.

the 1st 30 lvl are really painful for aoe mages..because the aoe you will be using will only come out at lv 32 chaos.

train where ever you want till lv 25.

hit and run with mummies in burning desert near iorn castle. (also get the quest, if you get spider one, delete it and re-talk to that npc)

you always need more than 1 equipment to swtich in different situations:
when killing one by one, put on spell atk ring, and spell atk food.
when aoeing, take off atk trinkets and put on def ones.

lvl 30

get yourself a good spell atk staff—thats all you need. at least 7x, i was using a  +93 one.
get your fireball 2 and you can 4 hits mummies. mummies give 288 when you are not in a party.
and more than  300 if you are in an alone party

when your chaos reaches lv 32,get thunder scope and thats the time for you to rock !!
but i recommend your life skill is at least  20 to get angel tear 2.if not, do some skil spamming.

when your chaos reaches lv 32 and life is over 20. :
use electronic hit 1 to hit mummy and lure , the number you can lure depends on
your def and your angel tear. and remember..always buy some extra mp potion(+40 mp one is fine) just in case
when you are running out of mp but there are still couple mummies following you.

Lv 36~42
time to kill lots of green wolves in crashing hillock XD
if you feel you cant handle aoeing wolves, go back to mummy and come back till you get new gears.
even mummies exp decreased for you at lv 36+, but its still faster than killing wolf one by one.
Or find a healer friend, share party with him/her, and aoe wolf.
get a good lv 40 staff at least +120 spell atk

bishop in quiet vale

….heres the 2nd hard time for aoe mage…you cant aoe them because they can do more than 150 dmg to you with magic….
you can :
1.back to wolf , like how you went back to mummy good def gear.(trinket at least 25+)
3.if you don’t have money, then kill bishop one by one till you get 2 blood ring which gives you great amount of spell def and def.

if going back to wolf is so painful for you, then stay here and kill them one by one..

get advanced magic gown (good in spell def but weak on def).
Buy spell def food (lvl 2 fresh fish soup +53 spell defense)
when bishop can only hit you about  40 dmg, you can start to aoe them ..but not a lot a time .about 4~6 is enough.

when you reach 50, with food and buff, your spell def should be more than 444, at this point
bishop’s magic will hit you 0 wooooooooooooooot. and have fun aoeing XD
and when ur chaos reach 48, you will be able to kill them in 2 hits !!!

i will edit and add more stuff in later on..

this is me at lv 55 with lv 3 thunder scope , with lv 4 food in terra training from 7~9 pm est.
I’d say its really dangerous here, i died  4 times, but the exp is well worth it. Do not aoe when mobs are really close to you! you may die in 3 sec….. make sure to keep a distance away from those strong mobs.. and you will find most of the times, you are casting angel tear (use alt+ hot key, its faster)
but i recommend you to get angel tear  5 , it will make life easier (im still using 4 -.-“)
when mobs get to close to you, use swiftness spell to move away from danger, and i ended up getting 130% in 2 hours.(double exp weekend.)

  with cakes, double exp card during double exp weekend. get 8k exp from savage
   swtiched to spell def equipment set for 8~9 pm wind and water elves are magic type

    10k exp per water elf XD
spend 100k on mp potion, gained 300k .
got?130% during this period(2 hours , 7~9 pm)

here is the 60 aoe and 56 thunder scope .

heres the lv80 spells

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