Dragon Oath Equipment Sculpture Guide

Dragon Oath Equipment Sculpture Guide by JustMeIque

The Equipment Sculpture make you able to make your equipment stronger.
The items needed are: 1 Sculp. Recipe (There are alot of them choose the one that is going to be useful for you, in example I’ll use the Shoes Stamina Sculp. Recipe to increase my shoes Sta. attribute); Paints x201 Sculp. Etching SoventBrown Paper x20 and the equipment.
All the items (except equipment and the Brown Paper) may be found at the Bound Token Shop in game.
The picture with the items.

Let’s Go!!!

On the NPC Dragon Zhang (Luo Yang 220, 170) you can find some options, each one have the right use.

First Step:

Click in Sculp. Synthesis Put the Recipe (the 20 paints and the 20 Brown paper will be taken automatically) and click in OK.
Second Step:
After do the first step the Recipe wil turn on another item. This time click in Sculp. Etching, put the equipment, the Sculp. Etching Solvent and the item that you synthesized in first step, press OK and done, your equipment will now add atribute to your character.

Is possible to remove the Sculpture without any loss using the Melting Power (found in Bound Token Shop), and is possible to enhance the Sculpture to make it better choosing the Sculp. Enhancement option and using the item Gold Sick.
See below the images of the item that I enhanced 1 – 2 – 3.

Hope you all love this guide, thank you.

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