Dragon Oath Pets Advanced Guide

Dragon Oath Pets Advanced Guide by dete_lynn

Taxonomy of pets

This article is intend to help you know how the pet assist you in every activities (train, event, pk, guild war), I am not sure all the name of the skills which mentionned below are precise due to translation.

Please take LadyInfinite’s pet introduction article as the your first lesson, it can be found at

Dragon Oath Pets Beginner’s Guide

To classify pets, I would recommend 2 approaches

Taxonomy No.1 Talent Based
According to 5 Tals.

Displayed at right side, we can see all pets have different stat distribution on

Although the numbers of every pet is random, you can find out same species have highest number in one of the 5 talents. So simply categorize pets according to which parameter is highest.

Above all, like judge of people, those pets which have no obvious talent (5 Tal. nearly all equal) is considered useless. Meanwhile, because Willpower only affect magic defense which is not a important parameter, we don’t take Wpo.Tal. into this classification. Therefore, pets can be divided into

1. Physical attack pet
2. Magic attack pet
3. Stamina pet
4. Agillity pet
5. Other(Seldom used)

Then we have a category index for now available pets.


Level 5 Requirement:

Bunny 2
Swallow 4
Turtle 3
Big-Headed Dog 1
Hedgehog 5
Monkey 5
Squirrel 2
Wolf 4
Parrot 2
Lizard 5
Bat 4
Mantis 1
Crocodile 3
Penguin 2

Level 45 Requirement:
Owl 4
Badger 1
Tiger 1
Boar 1
Lambkin Penguin

Level 55 Requirement:

Icy Silkworm 2
Eagle 4
Ostrich 5
Leopard 4
Flame Mana Rat 1
Smart Penguin 2

Level 65 Requirement:

Polar Bear 3
Peacock 2
Sharp-Tooth Lion 5
Gorilla 5
King penguin 2
Occult Wing Beast(birdman) 2

Level 75 requirement:
Rhinoceros 3
Horse/Unicorn 1
Stegosaurus 3
Kangaroo 5
Elephant 3

Taxonomy NO.2 Function Based

Different pet can assist you in different case. In MMORPG, our activities include
Train, Solo Train, Event, Boss, PK and Guild War. You need proper pet skill books to build your pets. Therefore, I categorize pets by function into

1.Train, Event and Boss
2.Solo Train
4.Guild War, Protection

1.Train, event and boss
you will need your pet assist you to kill enemies quickly. So the pet should be able to enhance your phy/spi attack, or stamina, or agillity, you can purchase these books from Luoyang, even you can dig treasure maps, open chests for advanced enhance skills. Another approach is, your pet can launch skills rather than common attack. Because the pet’s character is highly related with launch rate of automatic attack skill, I would recommend a timid magic attack pet with “painful hit” & element magic attack, or a brave physical attack pet with “combo hit”&”smash”. Also, an AoE manual skill, is perfect.

2.Solo Train,
If you thought SoloTrain in this game means carrying a high offense pet to kill mobs together, you are completely wrong. Check a crocodile and sometimes it has a skill named “Counterattack”. Please, get this “Counterattack” skill book for your pet, much better if you got “ADV. Counterattack”. And notice the instruction of this skill, highest launch rate on “clever” character. Assign your highest offense clever pet (MUST BE CLEVER) learn the skill. Now go to a train spot which you can pull about 15+ mobs together, throw a multiple target skill that your class have, and beginner cloak. Great! Now those mobs turn to attack your pet. Keep an eye on feeding your pet and watch how your pet hit back and clear them, enjoy XP and loots.

Good news for assassin…cloaked yourself and bring your pet rambling between mobs, image what will happen.

Assume you are wealthy enough, try to find a manual skill book named “Bluster”, allows you lightly hit 20 mobs in 20 meters and pull them to your pet. This is the most expensive skill book which worth 2,800g about 90 Yuan or 13 dollar in CN server.

(if you doubt this kind of solo train, go tame a horse which is an attack pet and usually born know the skill “counterattack”)

In this case you will need your pet not only commiting maximus damage, but troublesome debuff to your enemy. If you think cause damage comes first, try brave attack pet with “combo hit” skill learnt, no matter physical or magic pet; If you emphasize debuff, think about stamina pet or agility pet with CAUTIOUS character, to decrease enemy’s MP/anger/offense/defense by corresponding skills; If you pay attention to both damage and debuff, think about cautious phy/spi attack pet.

4.Guild War, protection

All you need is to protect yourself from been hurt, so the only option is a STAMINA pet with LOYAL character and know the skills of “Loyal”&”Nimbus”(Loyal character has highest effective rate; The skill allows pets undertake enemy debuff for its master, probably not the correct translation), better to have manual skill”Devotion”&”Ice stum”.

In conclusion, DO’s pet system is really complicate and costly if you really want a best pet. Select a pet with 2,000+ Tal and above Excellent growth to invest. Good luck.

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