Dragon Oath Interface Guide

Dragon Oath Interface Guide by n3ss

Interface Directions
The new-created character will be transported to Splendid Platform in Da Li. Players can try the basic operations and interactive functions.

Bottom Menu

6.Input Method
7.Shortcut Bar
8.Chat Box
9.Experience Bar
10.Page swift of shortcut bar

Information box in the upper left corner

1.Character nickname
5.Level of Character
6.Portrait of Character

Information box in the upper right corner

1.Time in the game (click to view the event list of this day)
2.Scene Name
3.On-line Help
4.Minimize Window
6.Pointing the North
7.Character Mode
8.Facing direction of character
9.Auto Path
10.Kung Fu World Manual
11.Lock-all Function
13.Scene Map
14.World Map


Right-Click Menu
In TLBB, some general operations can be done in a convenient way by right-clicking on the mouse to open a menu.

Right click image
Invite grouping, add friend, asked you to add him/her as a friend, set whispering, trade, Info, follow, challenge, war, invite grid, deliver rose.

Right click character
Invite grouping, add friend, asked you to add him/her as a friend, set whispering, trade, info, follow, challenge, war, invite to grid, deliver rose.

Right click player’s name in the chatting area
Whisper, info, add friend, invite grouping, apply to add into a group, ignore, report, find location.

Right click friends’ names in the list
Send mails, find history message, find information, cancel friends, asked you to add him/her as a friend, set whispering, invite grouping, apply to add into a group, grouping, find location.

Right click pk mode button on the upper right corner
Change pk mode to: peace mode, moral mode, individual tangled warfare, team tangled warfare, alliance scuffle, about pk.

Right click the image, character’s name or the character itself, as the following:

Left click the operation you need in the popping menu.


Shortcut Key
In the game, there are many shortcut keys. They are sorted into basic “shortcut keys and items” and “skill shortcut keys”.

Basic shortcut key

  • ALT+C Open/close the character attribute interface
  • ALT+A Open/close the character Inventory interface
  • ALT+S Open/close the character skill interface
  • ALT+Q Open/close the character quest interface
  • ALT+F Open/close the character friends interface and mail interface
  • ALT+T Open/close the character team interface
  • ALT+E Open/close the character trade interface
  • ALT+X Open/close the character pet interface
  • ALT+O Open/close the character guild interface
  • ALT+D Open/close the character expression interface
  • ALT+- Open/close the character action interface
  • ALT+H Open/close the help information
  • ALT+J Jump
  • ALT+M Open/close the world map
  • Print Screen SysRq Game screenshot
  • ALT+DEL Clear the chatting history on the screen
  • ALT+V Small map direct to the north
  • Tab Area map switch
  • Enter Send message

Items & skills shortcut keys
Items & skills use the shortcut keys Alt+1 to Alt+0 and F1 to F10.

You can define the shortcuts by yourself in the game.

You can enter the system option window by pressing the “Esc” key.

Click the “Custom shortcut key” button to set your shortcut key.


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