Dragon Nest Mysteries of Sorceress Unlimited Wallcombo Guide

Dragon Nest Mysteries of Sorceress Unlimited Wallcombo Guide by Sakasen

Hello Guys,

welcome to my Guide for the Mysteries of Sorceress – How to perform an Unlimited Wallcombo!
First of all these are the requirements, [Soft/Hard Reset] is explained below:

Slap Attack Actionspeed Plate (50% or 30%)
Poison Missile (Lvl 1 or 6) [Hard Reset]
Shockwave [Hard Reset]
Airkick [Soft Reset]
Wheeling Staff [Special Case #1]

For Force Users:
Gravity Spark [Hard Reset]
Timestop [Hard Reset]
Void Blast(optional) [Soft Reset]
Gravity Trap(optional) [Special Case #2]
Switch Gravity (optional) [Hard Reset]

For Elemental Lords:
Icy Shards [Hard Reset]
Fire Wall [Hard Reset]

First of all you may wonder what Hard Reset and Soft Reset are. Hard Resets are Skills, that allow you to hit the Enemy while he’s lying flat on the Ground. Soft Resets are Skills that cannot hit Enemies lying flat on the Ground, but those who are still in the air.

Sequence of Wallcombo:

Slap(Stagger) > Slap (Wallbounce) > Slap (Hit on Air) > Airkick(Soft Reset) > Slap (Wallbounce) > Slap (Hit on Air) > Shockwave (Hard Reset) > Slap (Hit on Air) > Time Stop (Hard Reset)…

First of all you wondering, is this really practical and working? Yes it is, especially for Levelcap 40 and below, because you don’t have so many hardhitting Skills to end the Game fast enough, also you Combochains are mostly too short. Mostly you find your Enemy not near the Wall, but rather in the Mid. That’s why you probably need an Hardreset Combo to push him to the Wall:

Knockdown > Poison Missile(Well aimed!) > Flame Worm(Push) > Wheeling Staff (Special Case #1) (Push+Wallbounce) > Start Combo

Force User:
Timestop > Slap(Push) till the Wall > Soft/Hard Reset when Skill ends.

Here we see Special Case #1 – Wheeling Staff. Wheeling can be used as Soft Counter as well as HardCounter in Combination with Poison Missile.  Slap(Stagger)>Wheeling Staff will lead to an Wallbounce as well as Poison Missile>Wheeling Staff, its even possible to hit Wheeling Staff while the Enemy is in Air, even though difficult to achieve.
The Special Case #2 is Gravity Trap, this Skill delays the Time till the Enemy is flat on the Ground, so you can even hit him with Slap though he seem to be on the Ground.
Advanced Wallcombo:

Slap (Wallcombo) > Timed Slap > Timed Slap > Timed Slap

When you are experienced, you don’t want to spam you Slap as fast as possible but at the right Timing, doing this will result into an Soft Reset aka its not necessary to use one, because the Enemy is still floating in the Air. Very Difficult and Advanced Technique.


Here are some Videos that shows the Practical Usage. I Selfbanned my Comet and Spectrum Shower as well as Heavy Combos in Order to test and show the Might of Slapping.

Additional Info:

This Technique successfully achieved can cause raging due the “technical KO”, meaning he’s not able to do anything in return. Unlike Cap 50+ you don’t rely on heavy Damage Skills, to use this sucessfully against other People displays Confidence and an quite amount of Skill, its not practical if you arent used to to it yet. Or you go the Easy Way with Voodoo Doll Unlimited Wallcombo :3

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