Dragon Nest CN Typhoon Hidden Stage Guide

Dragon Nest CN Typhoon Hidden Stage Guide by chaose5

Similar to Gigantes nest, the newly introduced lv60 nests: Prof K and Typhoon Nest also includes hidden stage and chests which can only be accessed if you fulfill certain requirements.

半糖 (Half-Sugar) has done some research on this and shared his findings.

Below is the video and a brief translation of the conditions to trigger the hidden scenes/stage and obtain the hidden chest..

Stage 1: 
Kill the boss without killing the ogre.
Tips: Separate the ogre and the boss because the ogre can heal him.
After killing the boss, take the dog-tail grass and bomb (randomly appear) from the hole nearby.

Stage 2: 
There are 3 points to take note here:
– Activate the switch for the gate leading to the hidden chest quickly before the fire wheel approaches.
– There is a hidden kitchen through one of the hole on the wall. There are two things which can be done here:
1) Eat everything. The chef will be angry.
2) Do nothing. The chef will help you by throwing food at Stage 4.
– Typhoon Kim’s son must not die in this stage, which can happen if the fire wheel roll over him. Basically, the condition for triggering the hidden scenes is: keep the 3 son of Typhoon Kim alive throughout the stages.
– Another bomb will randomly appear in the last hole in the last room. The bomb allows you to play the bonus stage later.

Stage 3:
Another bomb will appear in this stage. You can look for it after you kill all the mobs.
You would use the dog-tail grass to tickle Beastman Kim to interrupt his ultimate skill.

Stage 4:
If you didn’t steal any food in the kitchen, the chef will help you out here by dropping food.
After killing the boss, you use play the cannon mini-game.

Bonus Stage (shown at the end of the video):
Playing the cannon mini-game. Kill => 22 ogre to get “GOOD” rating.
A chest (might give blue crafting material) will appear here.

Final Boss:
If the 3 sons are alive throughout the front stages, you will get a hidden scene and a hidden chest.

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