Dragon Nest Bishop Nest Hell Mode Guide

Dragon Nest Bishop Nest Hell Mode Guide by v2seraph

Harder than Sea Dragon Nest in a way… Lots of One-hit KO skills.
Red = New / Deadly skill in Hell Mode.
*Added timestamps to guide & annotations to videos.

Stage 1- Corrupted Shaman

Boss’ attack pattern
1) Summon a mini black hole that sucks player in, explodes shortly afterward.
– Run opposite direction of the suction.

2) Throw Ice / Lightning Fractions at player, slow / paralyze player on hit. (1:50 , 2:33)
– Keep moving.

3) Whirl appears around Shaman, pushes player towards vines. (1:40)
– Move toward Shaman, little damage but touching vines will surely cancel your skill.

4) 4 pillars around the Shaman turn black, a huge black magic circle appear on ground. (?)
– Stay outside of the circle and you wont take any damage.
* Damage ignores invulnerable skills such as Avatar, Triangle Shot…. MUST DODGE, deals massive damage. Instant KO for low HP characters.

5) Summon 2 Minor Corrupted Shaman, turns invincible. (0:50 , 2:02)
– Kill both Minor Corrupted Shaman to disable the protective barrier.


Stage 2- Half-Golem Poison Spore

Boss’ attack pattern
1) Throw 4 mushroom bombs towards player. (0:04 , 0:21)
– Run clockwise / anti-clockwise facing the boss. If the aggro is on you, remember not to run into other party members!

2) Slam the ground once, huge AOE. (Earth Flip) (0:14 , 1:09)
– Easily dodged by jumping. (Same with the ground slamming attack with the Golem in Manticore Nest)

3) Boss summons multiple mushrooms from ground, mushrooms explode after 5 seconds. (Massive damage & ignores invincible skills!) (0:34 , 1:25)
– Focus on destroying ONE mushroom! The mushrooms  have tons of HP.
*Dead mushroom will create a small protective barrier that protects player from the Mushroom Explosion.

4) Digs the ground, flips 3 boulders to player. (Massive Damage) (0:30 , 1:20)
– Try not to stay in front of the boss.

5) Shakes off lots of moving tiny mushrooms from body. These tiny mushrooms will chase players around and self-destruct shortly afterward. (Belly Dance? WTH LOL!) (1:05 , 1:50)
– Keep distance with the boss until all the tiny mushrooms self-destruct, massive damage!


Stage 3- Bishop’s Loyalist (Power Rangers?!)

There will be 4 bosses. Dragon Follower, Assassin, Ice Mage & Fallen Paladin. They will appear 1 by 1 then switches to another boss when their HP drops below 50%. All bosses will appear when 4th boss drops below 50% HP.

Note that there will be 8 beams shooting out from the middle platform once in a while. Not much damage but can be annoying when getting chased by bosses.

Note that you MUST lure the bosses to the entrance before killing. Dragon Follower & Ice Mage will cast a deadly AOE skill at the middle of the map upon death.

Dragon Follower
Deals MASSIVE amount of AOE lightning damage upon death.

1) Wraps himself with black lightning, dealing damage to player who goes near him.
– Stay away from him.

2) A small black magic circle will near the player, lightning falls on that location shortly.
– Stay away from the magic circle.

3) A big black magic circle appear around the Dragon Follower.
– Stay away from the magic circle.

4) Homing Missiles (2:41)

1) Summon 4 clones to attack player and goes invisible temporary.
– Ignore the clones and wait for the assassin to reveal herself.

2) Plants time bombs on assassin minions, dealing damage their surrounding.
– Stay away from assassins.

Ice Mage
Cast Ice Storm upon death. Moderate damage and freezes player for 10 seconds! (2:35)

1) Ice Spear (1:15)
– Step to the side of the Ice Spear, the Ice Spear will only travel in a line.

2) Mana Siphon (Absorbs portion of MP)
– Run away from the homing magic missle.

3) Summon Ice Meteorite from the sky, dealing massive damage. (2:07)
– Stay outside of the blue magic circle or stay near with boss.

4) Covers himself with Ice Barrier, absorbs huge chunk of damage. (2:26)
– Similar to Elestra’s Ice Barrier.

5) Shoots 3 Ice Missiles from the sky. (2:13)

Fallen Paladin
Focus on killing the Paladin first as his Thor’s Hammer is PAINFUL!

1) Thor’s Hammer (1:23)
– Big AOE. Run as far as you can!

2) Shield Charge (1:28)
– Step aside will do.

3) Divine Avatar.
– Stay away from him till Avatar wears off.


Stage 4- Revived Punisher

There will be two stages. In the first stage, you will have to clear all the mobs and 2 pillars (0:11) that create a barrier blocking the road.
DO NOT approach the boss as he is invincible. The Boss will use Jump Chop (1:41) to approach player if anyone get too close to him. (Tips: If you can’t clear fast enough, Priest can cast relics / Force User can cast mirror to block the Punisher temporary)
You will enter a room once breaking all 3 barriers which Punisher won’t be invincible anymore.

Boss’ attack pattern
1) Flame Ring (1:52 , 2:43)
– Avoid stepping on the red magic circle.

2) Horizontal Slash (1:59)

3) Chop (2:01)

4) Chain Hook  & Horizontal slash (2:05)
– Throw a chain hook and draw u near to him. Followed by a slash.

5) Jump Chop (2:59 , 3:40)

6) Chain Hook (2:30 , 3:14)
– Similar to ‘Frozen’ status, you can break the Chain Hook by tapping left and right repeatedly. (Can also be ‘cured’ using Curing Hand or Miracle Hand) Normally followed by Spinning Dive Slash.

7) Spinning Dive Slash (Jumps high and slams on ground) (2:35 , 3:19)
– Deals massive damage. Punisher will cast this after Chain Hooking someone, which is deadly to classes with low HP. Others can just jump and dodge this.

8) Blade Dance (3:54 , 4:46)
– Deals massive damage. Hide behind the pillars that raise up from ground immediately. Classes with low HP will most likely die if failed to do so.
* Only 2 out of 4 pillars will rise in Hell mode. It is advised that you ALWAYS stand between 2 pillars so that you can go the the rising pillar faster.

9) Whirlwind (4:10 , 7:32)
– Similar to Mercenary’s.

10) Drinks a potion that gives random buff to the Punisher. (2:21 , 2:53)
– Click on 1 of the 4 walls to deactivate the buff. (7:58 , 8:30) (Didn’t notice till 2x HP.. Fail!) Mercenary can use Disenchanting Howl to clear the buff as well!
* Known buff: Attack , Defend , Speed


Stage 5- Bishop

There will be 9 trapped Shamans. Go left immediately after entering, the Bishop will then attempts to suck the life force of the 3 Shamans. (The Bishop will be invincible before freeing the Shamans, don’t bother attacking him)
Destroy the 2 pillars of each pods to free the Shamans. The Bishop will heal himself a great amount, cast AOE Shockwave and grow more powerful if failed save the Shamans.

The Bishop will do this 3 times (Total of 9 Shamans). You will get a Diamond Treasure Chest if you manage to rescue all 9 Shamans, which contains 50A equipment, 50A stat heraldry plate or B-grade Bishop Set material.

Boss’ attack pattern
1) Cast 3 Poison Waves around himself. (?)
– Hide behind the Bishop.

2) AOE Shockwave (?)
– if the Bishop manages to suck power from the shamans, he will cast this. High damage and hits the whole field

3) Homing Poison Ball (Slow down player on hit) (?)
– Similar to the Homing Lighting Ball from the Electric Ogre in Apoc Hell.

4) Poison Cloud (0:56)
– Throw a poison ball which split into 2~3 poison cloud.

5) Poison Rain (0:51)
– Low damage.

6) Summon Minions (1:04)
– Hp x2, he will summon random minions. Note that skeletons will self-destruct.

7) AOE Poison Ball ()?
– Hp x 1, he will cast this.

8) Wraps himself with poison, turning invincible for few seconds. (1:08)
– Similar to the “Electric Run” that shoots Lightning Ball when running from the Electric Orge in Apoc Nest.


Stage 6- Ancient Golem

There will be 2 phases. First phase is 5x ~ 3x HP. Hit the Golem’s stomach (The glowing part) to damage it.
Second phase starts at 3x HP. (2:04) The Golem will stop taking damage from now on, but don’t worry that’s not a bug! Continue hitting its tummy till the Golem got fainted. (3:04) Climb up its arm and attack the Bishop!

Boss’ attack pattern (Phase 1)
1) Shoot 3 laser beams, explodes shortly afterwards. (0:02)
– Avoid standing on the laser beam trails.

2) Punch the ground, big AOE (0:08)
– Paladin can use Shield Block. Others can ignore this skill if standing at side.
– There are 4 variations of this simple-looking attack (watch video to see the differences)

3) Rawr! Erm.. Roar! (Disenchanting Howl) (2:08 , 2:48)
– Pushes players away from the boss, clearing all the buffs on players and silence the players. There will be 3 mechanical fists appearing randomly from one of the 6 doors to attack players thrice. Hide between the doors (at the faces) to avoid getting hit.

4) Poison Spit (2:11 , 3:54 , 6:37)
– The Golem will spit poison in front of itself, dealing continuous damage. The poison wave will spread forward slowly. Move to the side of the Golem to avoid getting hit.

5) Raise Hand, 2 Mechanical Arms nearest to the Golem will appear. (1:07 , 5:48)
– Hide between doors.

Boss’ attack pattern (Phase 2)
1) Slam the ground 3 times continuously. (Cast after 2x HP Bar) (3:36 , 4:12 , 5:40)
– Jump 3 times. Need perfect timing or you will get hit all 3 times… Third slam deals massive damage.

2) Bishop casts Poison Rain / Poison Missle when the Golem got fainted. (3:09)
– You can ignore this if you’re on the Golem. Those skills won’t be able to hit you.

3) Poison Explosion (6:04)
– You will see Poison Waves around Bishop before he cast this. Immediately run to the arm of the Golem to avoid getting hit. Deals massive damage!

4) Red waves around Bishop (3:27 , 4:37 , 6:00)
– Deals little damage, pushes player down.

5) Suction + Multiple Laser Beams from the Faces on the wall. (4:02 , 5:30 , 7:14)
– Position yourself between the faces will do. Deal massive damage on hit.

6) Berserk. (6:27 , 7:01)
– Must have a Mercenary to cast Disenchanting Howl.

7) Bear… Golem Hug! (?)
– Similar to the hug of the Electric Orge in Apoc Nest. Unsure about the damage / able to cancel or not.


Skill Heraldry Demonstration!

Mechanical Arm:

This… is… Funny

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