Dragon Nest CN Inquisitor Hybrid Build

Dragon Nest CN Inquisitor Hybrid Build by GanZ

Hello guys, recently I get many messages from Mmositers and friends to share my Inquisitor Hybrid build. ^^ If you choose to play as Inquisitor then you came to right place because I am going to Introduce this WONDERFUL class .So Any Further due lets begin shall we

-Skill Tree’s-

7/9/2013 lvl70 SkillBuild Update!

-Skill Explanation-


Passives – Aerial Evasion MAX,Sliding Step,MP lvl1/MP Regen and HP Maxed for survivability and dodging.

Actives – Block can handle few tough Slaps …I mean incoming dmg,Healing Aura mhm this is awesome skill ..don’t get it if you are crazy ^^ ,Charge(Righteous) Volt for light -15% Debuff on enemy ,Redemption aka Heal Hand no SP require might put as well.


Passives – Wand Master more healing and more matk,Relic Of Light is lvl1  Presecutive skill for other Relics,Relic Of heal GREAT party support as you going for hybrid

Actives – lightning Bolt(With EX becomes little better and more range),Chain of Lightning(easy skill with high dmg output jumps from 5-6 targets just like pingpong), Grand Cross(use on big bosses to break SA or in pvp combo USE WISELY), Heavenly Judgement Good Skill when Solo nests and dungeons also can troll people in PVP with this (ones I KO 5 people with this skill same time on FFA),Miracle Relic(Use this on Nest/raid boss stages to minimize the dmg from receiving the bosses + SA break skill + Great support + Heals + Immune to all Negative effects and on top of that deals dmg….crazy huh..LOL),BlessOfStrikes(gives alot of patk/matk party buff),BlessOfLight(gives 21% light atk),ProtectionShell (Gives more pdef and mdef)


Passives: -Electrocute Transition more dps and range to all light type skills and 30% to trigger 80% boost to your matk, Lightning Bolt EX,Chain Lightning EX, Mind Break EX, Soon Detonate EX – More range and dmg YAY! lol
Actives: – Concentrate Aura (another OP skill but kinda nerfed in T4 -.- ) can take off -15% light from enemy so good to take this,

-Combo’s and Training-

PVP Wise:1st; Holy Bolt +Para Lock Target with Mind Breaker EX + Grand Cross while enemy on MB + Holy Burst + when enemy on ground DON’T COME NEAR! most likely will fall on Rising skill of warriors/Loli or Sorc’s -.-. Always try to stay away from close areas and walls……. why? because walls are evil warrior can tattoo you on the wall. 2nd.  when you see that dps skill is coming such as ”Rolling lava or gattling towers Don’t even think about TANKING IT!!! DON’T TANK THE ICE TOWER LOL!. Try to play with softban and use strategy against your opponent …Use as much Relics as you want, If you like that much pvp can MAX your paralyze all the way and light and electocute EVERYONE, this will interuprt the enemy skills and/or will be unsafe JUST SPAM THE DETONATE HAHA! Lets say that you fight against Destroyer and he is dashing to air combo you with his skills…. 1st skill that he going to use 50% most likely Dash Uppercut + Soccer KickCombo OR Circle Bomber! you HAVE to dodge circle bomber after that skill on CD you can get him!. In this case when you mid-range use the Holy Bolt to bind him and continue either with kick combo OR use 1st combo that i thought you!.

PVE Wise: GOING WILD Just spam All the skills on the DPS side and cast 3x buffs every 120 seconds aka 2 minutes. Can also do comboes such as RelicOfLight to Provoke mobs to relic then use Concentration aura for Aoe and BOOM holy burst next on big bosses can use ConcertrateAura+Charge Bolt (for light decrease) + Holy Judgement ulti and pwn the boss xD (play with relics if in raids …. you still need as a support ) Being DPS means Dealing with Time as Ticking Bomb …. every minute can be your last breath !! so stand strong and PRESERVE FOR JUSTICE (Muhahaha). On Serious note I recommend you Always use Cure Relic! It shouldnt be on CD even 1 SECOND! (Worst case scenario: if someone gets poison debuff or dragon breathes can save whole team!!!!!! VERY OP BUFF!!! get skill plate CD is a must.

Light% VS Final Damage VS Crit

Light: Currently all Element cap are 89% so you already get perma 21% from Bless of Lightning, [2] 8% from Rings + [2] 8% from Both Weapons (this is a must!) so lets say if you add them it will be 8 x 4 + 21= 32+21=53%!!!!!! At this point you need Costume Rings try to get those  Blue grade Rings that have green lightning effect (don’t remember the name ^^)
+ I also use title ”Judge” which gives me 5% of light and easy to get from Old school lvl40 Apoc Hell solo xD VERY EASY!.
Not much into titles so don’t know you can check if there is any good ones that i missed and get those :D.

Final Damage: this is ….. every class needs this stat because it doubles the number of damage you deal . F.E every 200FD you get from plate,set,acces or costume adds up and it multiplies to your base dmg + critical formula…. you confused right? I was to when i first started doing this research! xD.. CLICK HERE FOR MORE UNDERSTANDING OF FD! *Credit Goes to Chaose5 ^^

Critical: the 3rd most important thing for dmg OF COURSE CRITICAL! and our current lvl60 the crit cap is 36k… So No Worry about this stat as you get Battle howled and owled from archers and mercs in Party time . Can get Necklace Agi Ririka or Weapons as Wind for crit.


Equip:                                   Suffix:
Honorable or DDN Galero—- Int II (Matk/Heal/Mdef)
Honorable or DDN Armor—- Vit II (more HP and pdef)
Honorable or DDN Pants—- Vit II (more HP and pdef)
Honorable or DDN Mittes—- Life II (Gain Little life when get hitted)
Honorable or DDN Shoes—- Int II (Matk/Heal/Mdef)

Honorable or DDN Wand- I prefer Light for more dmg ;) might as well take Wind for Crit or Int for Healing.
Honorable or DDN Shield- Tent II (Matk Debuff Skill very useful)

Plates: Health,Life Giving,Adorned,Sturdy,Wise,Mystical,Ultimate,Fatal (3rd stat if can afford get Crit or FD)
Skill Plates: Chain Lightning DMG,Mircale Relic CD,Cure Relic CD,Heal relic CD

2x Rings: L grade Volcanic with 2x 8% Light atk or Fatal Ririka with 8% light.
Necklace: Put Detonate +1 skill technique on this for 10>11 Jump HUGE BOOST.
Earings: Int,Vit or Agi


Conclusion: Overall this class Is great if you enjoy lightning based skills and like gameplay in a group (also can do solo Nests very Overpowered if well geared…). Well hope you enjoyed this guide (so far 3rd guide) will update this one soon! ^^ Peace~

06/27/2013 -UPDATED 104 SP VERSION! SPECIAL for CherryDN-

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