Dragon Nest SEA Swordmaster Critical Build for Level 32

Dragon Nest SEA Swordmaster 6k Critical Build for Level 32 by AikawaKazu

Greetings to all,
If you’re looking for the Lvl40 10k Critical Builds Guide

Link is here :Dragon Nest SEA Swordmaster Critical Build for Level 40

My current stats : www.kazudragonhaven.tumblr.com/currentstats
2.4k patk 10.1k Critical

Haven’t decided if you want to go critical build? watch the video below!

Visit my blog @ www.kazudragonhaven.tumblr.com for other important guides and tips for SM’s and Dragon Nest SEA

I’m sure you guys are familiar with this Critical Build Thread by now.
For those new to dragon nest, take at look at the videos below to see how critical builds can fare in DN.

Critical Build Minotaur Nest Solo HD Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fffaDsHg7ag
Critical Build Cerberus Nest (Abyss) Solo HD Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRUpzxyL1dY
Critical Build Cerbest Nest Vid.Guide (Hell Mode) Solo HD video 0 Deathshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF7nnzIY6ws
DTMI Gold Farming Guidehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQZKPJdB2Wc

General Knowledge
Lvl24 Cap requires around 3200/4000 Critical for 95% rate
Lvl32 Cap requires around 6000 Critical for similar 95% Crit Rate
Lvl 40 Cap requires 10k-11k Critical for 95% Crit Rate

So How/What Exactly Do I need to do to get 6K Critical ?
Follow this guide and you will see yourself as a Critical SM soon enough! (Those who emailed me this is probably what I sent you so i’m sharing it in the thread now tongueout )
Written below is the most cost-efficient way to build a critical build SM but yet it will also be viable.
Take your time to read and understand.
Should you have any questions, feel free to email me at kazudragonsea@gmail.com.
No need to be shy, I’ve replied over 50 people so far…

For Armors
Go for 3 piece Elf Queen (helm/boots/gloves)
NOTE: If you’re going int/crit build, this 3 pieces can be replaced with 3 Allegro pieces crafted intellect to boost your INT, but still follow getting (wind) for shirt/pants

You will need 10 Minotaur Horns and 32 Leathers
should cost you around 350-500G depending on the market
Also try to buy the materials during saturday nest resets cause they will be cheaper.
Craft all the EQ armors wind except for gloves, get either ironwall/tent, i recommend ironwall though.

After getting 3 piece EQ, get 2 piece Allegro, Shirt and Pants Respectively.(lvl 32 epics)
Craft them both into wind as well, and get them to +6, +6 will be enough for the current content.

Why get the lvl 32 epics?
Epics when crafted give alot of stats! Also they do not cost too much when compared to cerberus set armors but give the same no. of stats.
The shirt itself will give 45AGI and with the pants around 30+(can’t recall) you will get alot of crit and AGI for these armors
You can also got for lvl 32 rare shirt and pants however the stat bonus you get will be significantly lower
You will want to farm for gears that last for awhile rather than finding yourself re-grinding cause you will always want to constantly improve your gears.

For Hidden Potentials, try as much as possible to get at least 4.5%AGI but ideally you want to get AGI/INT for moonlord to be, and AGI/STR for Gladiators to be.
That being mentioned above, if you ever get potentials such as STR/INT you should keep them as well, because reverting and coding is expensive, and at this stage of the game, it’s not game breaking yet to not have perfect potentials.

If you still feel uncomfortable in investing what i mentioned above, I can assure you that this the most budget and yet effective armor build out there that will give you maximized stats 
(i.e 3 piece EQ set bonus + lvl 32 epic crafted stats :D, read above with regards to int/crit builds not needing EQ 3 piece)

Get Wind Ruby/Melaine Necklace/Earring depending on your budget. I recommend getting Melaine if you don’t want to double buy ur accessories but if you’re on a tight budget, Ruby necklace and earring is good enough for 6k Critical.

Hidden potentials are the same as armors, get AGI/INT or AGI/STR depending on whether you want more patk/matk

2 x fatal ruby rings (Go for Melaine or Violet if you’re a rich guy)

I want to put it out there strongly that you MUST have at least patk/matk potentials on your fatal rings.
If you don’t get them your overall base dmg is going to be very low.

NOTE: Do not attempt to get critical potentials on them unless you are prepared to at least spend enough gold for 20-25 reverts, only 2 Critical 17% potentials are needed to hit 6K Critical, and you should get them on your weapons. Read below to find out why!

If you don’t have enough gold to get lvl 32 rares, then try to buy cheap +10/12 skeletons sword/gauntlets with 3 line potentials patk/matk/crit or any of the other combinations with critical.
These skeleton swords +10/12 are very cheap in the market with clean +10 going as low as 70g I last checked!

Make sure you get one of the following potentials stated below:
patk//crit or matk//crit or even patk/matk/crit
IF you decided to farm abit of gold to invest, then get lvl 32 rare weapons.
You must try to get the 3 line potentials.


Use the cheap skeleton sword/gauntlet you have acquired to farm some gold first, then when you have enough, buy off some lvl 32 rare swords/gauntlets from the broker
32  +10 Rare Swords Clean are around the prices of 800g-1kGold Depending on their potentials.
You can either buy a +0 clean and code it yourself first, then enhance, or buy it off straight the trading house.

You can go on to get these other heraldrys in accordance to priority.
24/32 Prem Fatal
24/32 Prem Destruction OR Magician
24/32 Prem Wind
24/32 Prem Bear OR Wise

For Hybrid SMs, you can get all 6 of these, however if you decided to specialize, it’s also wise to go for a premium vit/health heraldry to increase your hp pool, but make sure this vit/health plate has AGI/Critical 3rd stat. A INT/STR/Matk/Patk 3rd stat will work as well.

To hit 6k Critical you need not have a single crit 3rd stat heraldry but it will be much easier if you have at least one of them.

Also 3rd stat 24 prem heraldry’s (700-1.2kGold)might be cheaper to get compared to 32 prem with 3rd stat (currently 2-4k gold). And 24 prem with 3rd stat is enough to get 10k critical if you get the right 3rd stat ones.

For now, i have zero 32 prem heraldry’s myself (except for a normal 32 prem fatal) and i have 8.3k Critical, so yeah you get the idea. 3rd stats are very important and will be better than even 32 prem with no 3rd stat.
More importantly they will be able to last you to lvl 40, so you can be assured that they are worth investing on.

Look at the screenshots below to see exactly what heraldry’s I have.
Last Advice
Critical Builds don’t happen overnight.
It’s a long but ardous process, but trust me the results are worth it.
If you have any further questions feel free to email me at kazudragonsea@gmail.com
Do give me sometime to reply them especially if you sent them in the middle of the night.

Critical lover out :D

If you were deciding if you wanted to go Crit Build, read above :D

Disclaimer: I bear no consequences or responsibility for any costs or losses incurred when you read my advice. Whether you use and implement my guide is your own choice. 

credits to : The Critical SM in DN NA for inspiring me. The link for his thread is below
Link(copy the full link including the bracket at the end):

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