Dragon Nest CN Guardian T4 Build

Dragon Nest CN Guardian T4 Build by snow_tsuki

For Your Information ,
60 level def cap is 24862.5(89%)
element resist cap is 90%
(from duowan)


last picture to show the suggestions of skill plates, skill rings and their stats.

Why i said that is pve semi pvp?
well this build main for pve, but some skills up full to pvp, like divine punishment, useful in pvp ; holy bolt good to bind people in pvp.

Some important points to mention :
Cleric :
Block : if got extra points can consider up on this skill because more block so guardian can obtain more guardian bubble in high chance.

Sliding knee kick : need level 6 only got the effect of kick down(with black shadow).

Direct kick : many guardians will up full this skill but i found out that…i always kick miss the monsters, so i prefer to hammer monsters….(so depend your habit.)

Auto block : at least lv6 to active EX, some guardians will not full this skill that they prefer to spend the 4 points to other skills.

Stance of Faith : guardian defend = the best dps(best surplus??) with the EX, SOF will deal more damage to surrounding monsters compare to before. Instead blocking success 100%(unless some monsters attack will ignore block and avatar), it can active the second EX(divine ascension) anytime.

Divine Ascension : can be level 1 can be max level(if you know its benefit =x) when it deals the first hit(the horizontal light line) , the caster will under iframe[under EX]

Elemental and conviction aura : use one of them depend on party setup, (on elemental aura if party more than one elemental jobs like physician and salena/elestra),if your party got crusader then you can straight on elemental too because normally they max their conviction aura- -#.

Divine Avatar : level 1 enough to use because level 2 does not increase the duration but if you said u want dps more, then you better use thor’s hammer…(personal opinion : DA just for save yourself incase your hp is low or cannot block any skills.)

Armor Break : max for own good and party members.

Smite :one of  the main dps skills of guardian…useful in pvp and pve…(at least can kill people=.=)

Thor’s hammer
 : if you like to play hammer, can consider it =.= use when solo also good….(but not really advise to up….)

Guardian Force : MAX. max level guardian force can absorb 65k damage, with skill ring, can absorb 80k damage, higher super armor than mercenary’s SA(if guardian force didnt break.). Damage of guardian force not bad too.( for me, this is one of the dps skills of guardian.)

Justice Crash
 : dps skill, in pvp good to stun people.


Skill plate and skill accessories already wrote on last picture.

For addition, stance of faith(SOF) skill plate with increase duration can consider to use, hence u can lower the level of SOF to put the extra points on another skills.
Personally i m not advise to full level of this skill because too long time SOF doesnt mean safe. Some stages like sdn stage3- lava golem platform, gdn stage4 – spider queens, and ddn stage – lava flower – platform, it brings deathto you. (Under stance of faith , you cannot JUMP, cant off shield to jump too.)

Moreover, i heard my friend said that they less 3 points in SEA version compare to CDN version, so i keep the 3 points.

In conclusion, build your own guardian =)
Wanna to be dps or to protect member?
It’s your choice.

Current Stats in CDN:

Full level + skill ring Justice Crash damage in level 50 bishop nest (150 fd, 12k critical,around 17k patk[no avatar])

PVP ladder 1vs1 paladin ranking no22 is me =v=

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