Dragon Nest Shooting Star and Gear Master Skills Information

Dragon Nest Shooting Star and Gear Master Skills Information by chaose5

Here i will list the skill damage and show some video for shooting star and gear master, which are tier 3 classes of academic and not yet available in cDN. Hope it will help fellow academics to decide which path they are going to take.

Shooting Star
* Cannon line + Alfredo line

Splash Shot: Fire 5 shots at the same time. CD 33sec
Lv1: 211.87% + 825
Lv2: 214.81% + 984
Note: The cooldown is abit long, as compared to the chainsaw tower but the casting is extremely fast. The damage is x 5 of the board damage at least, since the board damage is damage per bullet. Can deal up to 10 hits per skill (5 high dmg hits, 5 low dmg hits), but the skills coefficient is still 5x, i believe. Instant burst of damage and high superarmor break. 

Ping Pong Shot EX: 20% damage increase. Increase the jump by 2 times. Add 5% more damage to additional damage from final shot due to remainer jump.
Note: it will only jump up to 10x if there are 3 or more monster in range, otherwise, the jump will terminate at the 2nd monster if there are only 2 or less monsters in range. The additional damage after it terminate is very high because all the remainer jump will be convert to the final hit damage at the certain ratio. For Ex version, each remainer jump count add 15% damage to the final hit. This skills is extremely powerful when versus single target, as reported in ref1. 
Alfredo Beam: Command Alfredo to shot 4 beams in different directions. CD 33sec
Lv1: 807.94% +2856
Note: Each beam deal 4hits, each hit is 1/4 of the board dmg. Very often, alfredo beam hit nothing because it largely depends on the relative location between alfredo and the monster. The long cooldown and the inability to deal any damage make this skills pretty bad as compared to the big mecha bomber of gear master, according ref1. However, recent KR patch changed to AOE to a circular one, instead of a cross-shaped. Easier to hit targets now.

Solo Manticore

Solo Cerberus


Gear Master
* Tower line + mechaduck line
Chainsaw Tower: Summon a tower which can deal piercing damage. Last 20sec. Maximum 3 towers on field. CD 17sec.
Lv1: 235% + 1916
Lv2: 243.2% + 2290
Note: apparently the skill coefficient is > 1 for this skills. Each disk seems to deal more damage than the board damage  (up to 5 hits) when it is thrown near to the target. Refer to the video in ref 1 if you are intersted to research on the skill coefficient. Very powerful skills, as reported by ref 1. 

Mechaduck EX: Additional 50% damage. Duck HP increase by 30%. Duration increase by 15sec.
Note: The Ex version Mechaduck now can spit fire in additional to the normal bite attack. The range is pretty far. More efficient as it does not need to move close up to attack. It is not tested whether the 50% damage applies to the fire spit and bite (which are the normal attack of the duck) only, or to all skills casted by the ducks. (most likely it is the former)
Big Mecha Bomber: Can be charged up to 3 lvls. Lv1 – 80% damage, Lv2- 100% damage, Lv3 -150% damage. CD 29sec.
Lv1: 810.252 % + 3340
Note: only require 1.3sec to fully charged up. Imba? 

Solo Bishop

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