Dragon Nest CN Dancer Skills Guide

Dragon Nest CN Dancer Skills Guide by chaose5

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Overview of Dancer 

• Non-elemental , Physical class, Str Type (Agi +0.25att, Str + 0.5att)
• Unique Buff system.
• Strengthen the skill branch damage by 60% (at max lvl).
•Split into Blade Dancer and Spirit Dancer tree.

Overview of Blade Dancer

•The board damage is genereally higher than Spirit Dancer, but the cooldown is generally longer.
•Melee class, can cancel skill in casting, very agile in battle
•Sword Dance has a buff which increases crit rate of sword dance skills by 30%, duration 5sec (CD 10sec).
• Has many invincible skills.
• The EX version of skills has 30% attack speed increase.
• Skills in general have longer casting time; higher difficulty to play successfully.

Overview of Spirit Dancer

• Generally, the board damage of Spirit Dance skill are lower, but the CD’s are generally shorter.
• Fast casting time, low attack hit count, higher superarmor.
• Mid range damage dealer; large AOE
• Much easier to play as compared to Blade Dancer.
• Has a buff which increase attack speed of spirit dance skills by 15% (CD 20sec, Duration 10sec)
• The EX skills generally has additional explosive effect and float targets.
• 9th Jan update allows Spirit Dance skills to be cancel anytime; greatly enhance the flexibility of spirit dancer skills in battle.
• The only invincible skill is the lvl40 ultimate.

Introduction of Dancer Skill Buff System

Breeze Call Dance & Illusion Dance – grant special buff to dancer
Strengthen Blade/Spirit status
• Recover own HP and cut damage received. Increase the damage of all blade or spirit dance skills (max 60%)
• The CD of the two skills are shared, meaning if you cast one, the other goes into CD too. CD 13.2sec, duration 10.5sec
• The buff system gives lesser incentives to learn the skills of the other skills branch since you will have 60% less damage without the corresponding dance buff.

Post 9th Jan Update: Blade vs Spirit Dancer Skill Introduction by Half-Sugar

Pre 9th Jan Update: Blade vs Spirit Dancer Skill Introduction by Half-Sugar


Skill Description (updated 16th Jan)
The following skill descriptions and comments are translated based on Half-Sugar 半糖’s thread, with some of my own comments on the skills.

Dancer Skill Tree

Sinia Turn
Effect: While casting Spinning Step, press “Special Attack” button tojump forward and kick surrounding enemies. Each lvl reduce CD by 0.5secDamage/CD:
Lv1: 320%+121, CD 15sec
Lv6: 393%+5539, CD 12.5sec
Lv8: 404%+7723, CD 11.5sec
Comment: Short attack range.

Mist Step
Perform swift movement which can confuse enemies. Press “Jump” button to activate while casting Spinning Step.  While casting this, press additional keys to deal additional damage.
Press “Normal Attack” to attack and knockback frontal targets.
Press “Special Attack” to float targets and jump backwards.
Every level reduce CD by 1sec.
Lv1: 247%+319, CD 18sec
Lv6: 342%+4480, CD 13sec
Lv7: 353%+5139%, CD 12sec
Comment: Although it can be trigger with Jump button while using Spinning Step, it is recommend that this skill is placed into the skill shortcut for faster execution and not wasting Spinning Step evasion. Has superarmor while casting, but no invincibility. While moving, you can freely change direction.

Ecstatic Dance
Effect: A monster summoning dance. Grant a party buff or debuff after summoning. While dancing, the damage received is reduced by 50%.
Ghoul Dance: Activate with left click after 0.5sec. Summon 2 dancing ghouls. Give additional dmg to surrounding enemies within 15m when attacked.
Ogre Dance: Activate with right click after 0.5sec. Summon a dancing ogre. Heal all party members for 5sec.
Lv1: Additional 840 damage per hit; 1.5%HP heal +1500 per sec
Lv4: Additional 3360 damage per hit; 2.85%HP heal +9000 per sec
Lv5 (Technique): Additional 4200 damage per hit; 3.3%HP heal +12600 per sec
CD: 90sec
• This is an active skill, which has 2 different effects depending on the caster pressing left or right click. P2 and P3 are 2 different passives skills below this in skill tree.
• The additional damage from bone break effect pales in comparison with the Ghoul Dance effect. However, the additional damage is generally not significant in normal PVE situation unless in dungeons with nerf stats (darklair, dragon exploration etc). Skill with high hit count benefits more from Ghoul Dance.
• Again, the healing effect of Ogre Dance puts the Sacrifice of Alchemist to shame. The healing effect can be augmented by the Summon Genie which +80% vit of all party members.

Ecstatic Dance P2
After activating Ecstatic dance for 1.5sec, activate this with left click. Summon 4 dancing dark elfs. Grant additional damage to all party members when attacking mobs with reduced HP. Each 1% Hp reduction of the target induce a certain amount of additional daamge. The maximum additional damage from this effect is 70%. Duration 15sec.
Lv1: Each 1% reduction of HP induces 0.5% of additional damage.
Lv3: Each 1% reduction of HP induces 1% of additional damage.
Lv4 (Technique): Each 1% reduction of HP induces 1.25% of additional damage.
CD: 90sec
• It’s similar to the finishing attack of gladiator. However, this applies to the whole party and it is not for just a single hit.
• After 9th Jan update, the HP 50% or below restriction for this buff to work is removed.  This make the buff even more useful in general. The CD reduction from 120sec > 90sec is very good too.
• You can reach the 70% additional damage if the target has below 46% of HP (assume lv4).
• The additional damage from this buff does not count towards the limit of other damage debuff such as haemorahage, mirror, bull’s eye etc. Therefore, the buff pushes the overall party DPS beyond the current capacity.
• The technique accessories for P1,P2 and P3 are different.

Ecstatic Dance P3
After activating Ecstatic dance for 1.5sec, activate this with right click. Summon a dancing minotaur. Increase the max hp of all party members in the AOE. Increase HP recovery amount by 30%. Duration 50sec.
Lv1: Increase max HP by 25k, HP recovery amount + 30%.
Lv3: Increase max HP by 100k, HP recovery amount + 30%.
Lv4 (Technique): Increase max HP by 125k, HP recovery amount + 30%.
CD: 90sec
• After 9th Jan update, the cd is reduced from 120sec to 90sec. With time acceleration or spirit boost, the buff can be permanently applied to all party members.

Breeze Call Dance

Effect: Dance and attack surrounding enemies. Heal your own HP.
Grant “Strengthen Blade” status. Under this status, damage received is reduced and Blade Dance skills deal additional damage. Share CD with Illusion Dance.
CD: 15sec
Lv1: Damage increase 40%, Hp recovery 0.5%, Damage received is cut by 10%, duration 5sec, 56%+12
Lv6: Damage increase 50%, Hp recovery 3%, Damage received is cut by 15%, duration 8sec, 68%+140
Lv11 (technique): Damage increase 60%, Hp recovery 5.5%, Damage received is cut by 215%, duration 10.5sec, 80%+483
Comment: Most players equip a technique ring for this to get it to Lv11. There is a plate which reduces the CD by 12% too.

Breeze Call
Effect: Generate a spinning chakra which can suck surrounding enemies. After using any blade dance skill, press “Special Attack” to activate. Blade Dance skill +30% crit rate, duration 5sec.
CD: 10sec
Lv1: 302%
Comment: The 9th Jan update introduces the 30% crit rate effect to all blade dancer skill after using Breeze Call. The AOE is 360 degree and rather big. High superarmor.

Graze Dance
Effect: Spin chakram and attack frontal targets twice. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Blade” status
CD: 13sec
Lv1: 330%+65
Lv6: 398%+608
Lv16: 532%+16485
Comment: The attack range is quite small, without the Ex version.

Sweet Circle
Effect: Knockback surrounding enemies by throwing chakram. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Blade” status.
CD: 10sec
Lv1: 389%+107
Lv6: 468%+1806
Lv11: 546%+10256
• First 2 hits 30% * 2 + 40%*1 = 100% board damage.
• Large AOE, but slow casting time. Sometimes, when you are forced to cancel this skill, the final 40% dmg hit is lost.

Twinkle Spin
Effect: Float front targets, and combo them in air. Grant invincible frame while spinning.  Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Blade” status.
CD: 15sec
Lv1: 540%+748
Lv6: 674%+8976
Lv11: 754%+20836
• Total of 8 hits, first hit is 30% board damage, followed by 7 hits, each 10% of board.
• Although the spinning animation is invincible, the initial casting and ending animations do not grants you invincibility, especially the slow initial casting motion. The speedup effect of EX version helps to solve this problem.
• After casting, you are in the air and vulnerable. You can use Ghost Kick or Refreshing Screw to land safely.

Refreshing Screw
Effect: Spin and fly forward to deal damage to the surrounding enemies. When landing, press “Normal Attack” to trigger an additional hit. This skill can be triggered in air by pressing “Jump” button.  Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Blade” status.
Lv1: 664%+860, CD 16sec
Lv6: 923%+9110, CD 14sec
Lv11: 1181%+21566, CD 12sec
• While spinning, deal 8 hits with 10% board dmg each. The final hit is 30% board damage. Total 110% board damage.
• 9th Jan update optimized the hit box and allow you to deal full damage, even on small mobs, provided that you control your distance with the mobs properly.
• Very high DPS with a very low CD; being invincible just make this skill perfect; the main skill to spam under Time Acceleration of Force User. Can also be use to move quickly.
• It is worth learning, even if you are a spirit dancer, due to its high utility.

Elegance Storm
Effect: Throw chakram to the surrounding and generate a chakra tornado. While casting this skill, damage received is reduced by 30%.  Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Blade” status.
CD: 32sec
Lv1: 1825%+2937
Lv6: 2336%+34761
Lv11: 2846%+67143
• 10 hits with 9% board damage each, and 1 last hit with 10% board damage. Total dmg = 100% board damage
• The skill with a jaw-dropping board damage. The casting time is quite long though.

Inner Fire
Effect: Jump forward swiftly. Press “Normal attack” to dance and attack surrounding targets. Invincible while dancing.  Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Blade” status.
CD: 125
Lv1: 3012%+53978
Lv2: 3614%+80968
• Total 18 hits, first 17 hits is 5% each, and the last hit is 15% of board damage. Total dmg = 100% board damage.
• The original version of this skill can pierce invinciblity (like hurricane dance). However this effect is removed in 9th Jan update. Suction effect is added to the skill instead.

Illusion Dance
Effect: Dance and attack surrounding enemies. Heal your own HP.
Grant “Strengthen Spirit” status. Under this status, damage received is reduced and Spirit Dance skills deal additional damage. Share CD with Breeze Call Dance.
Lv1: Damage increase 40%, Hp recovery 0.5%, Damage received is cut by 10%, duration 5sec, 56%+12
Lv6: Damage increase 50%, Hp recovery 3%, Damage received is cut by 15%, duration 8sec, 68%+140
Lv11 (technique): Damage increase 60%, Hp recovery 5.5%, Damage received is cut by 215%, duration 10.5sec, 80%+483
Comment: The counterpart of Breeze Call Dance in Spirit Dance skill tree. Since the CD of these 2 skills are shared, if you cast one of them, the other would go into CD too.

Illusion Gaze
: Summon a spirit to attack frontal enemies and increase the attack speed of all Spirit Dance skills. After using any Spirit Dance skills, press “Special Attack” to trigger.
CD: 20sec
Lv1: 283%. Attack speed of all Spirit Dance skills increase by 15%, duration 10sec.
Comment: This skills grant attack speed increase for all spirit dance skills half of the time. With higher attack speed, the total damage of Storm of Ewinia will also increase.

: Summon a stalker which will trace the target and explode to deal damage to surrounding enemies. Cannot be used if there are no targets nearby. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Spirit” status.
CD: 8sec
Lv1: 211%+32
Lv6: 267%+352
Lv11: 323%+473
Lv16: 379%+10232
Comment: Slow movement speed. Low damage. However, the cd is very short and serves as a good filler skill, along with Abolisher EX.

Dusk Hunter
Effect: Summon Dusk Hunter and deal damage in the frontal direction. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Spirit” status.
CD: 11sec
Lv1: 320%+73
Lv6: 404%+1407
• First hit 20% (melee) + second hit 80% (mid range).
• It is not very good without the EX. The EX version has extended attack range.
• After 9th Jan update, all spirit dance skills can be interrupted/cancelled while casting with evasion/tumble.

Effect: Summon Abolisher to hit surrouding enemies to air. While using evasion, press “normal attack” to trigger. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Spirit” status.
Lv1: 262%+231, CD 12sec
Lv6: 329%+3183, CD 10sec
Lv11: 397%+8283; CD 8sec
Comment: This skill grants a short i-frameand airborneWithout the EX, the AOE is very limited.

Sufi Dancer
Summon Sufi Dancer around the caster. Sufi dancers will spin and knockback nearby enemies. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Spirit” status.
CD: 17sec
Lv1: First hit 88% + 136, Each dancer deal 204%+318.
Lv6: First hit 122% + 1445, Each dancer deal 284%+3372
Lv11: First hit 156%+3421, Each dancer deal 363%+7983
• Can deal up to 4.5 times of board damage ( first hit + 4 dancer); however it is very difficult to deal full damage on a medium/small boss with all the 4 summoned sufi dancers.
• The casting time is one of the slowest among spirit dancer skills. It is recommended to use this in combination with Illusion Gaze speed boost.

General Dawn Blade
 Summon General Dawn Blade to deal 3 hit combo to frontal targets. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Spirit” status.
CD: 22sec
Lv1: 1277%+2225
Lv6: 1635%+26334
Lv11: 1993%+50866
• Deal 3 hits, first 2 hits are 20% each, the last hit is 60% of board damage.
• High Superarmor, large AOE, high damage.

Storm of Ewinia
: Transform into Ewinia. The storm float and damage surrounding enemies. Invincible while casting. Duration 5sec. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Spirit” status.
CD: 125sec
Lv1: 2780%+51902
Lv2: 3336%+77854
• 16 hits, each 6.25% of board damage.
• Very large AOE, with suction effect.
• One of the most powerful ultimate skill ingame, with the buff from Spirit Boost (extra hits with increase speed).

Blade Dancer Skill Tree

Squall Flaker
Effect: Evade enemy attack and counter attack. Press “normal attack” during counter attack to spin enemies to the air. Grant 0.5sec of invincible frame. This skill can be triggered anytime during skill casting by pressing “Jump”. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Blade” status.
Lv1: Counter attack 233%+3645; Subsequent attack 233%+3645; CD 20sec
Lv6: Counter attack 287%+7837; Subsequent attack 287%+7837; CD 18sec
• 1 hit of counter attack, and 6 hits of spinning hits.
• In short, this is the equivalent of Evasion Slash for Gladiator.
• Take note that only the 1st counter attack give 0.5sec of i-frame, the subsequent spinning attack has neither i-frame nor superarmor.

Gust Demensia
Effect: Roll and knock enemies into the air, damaging them. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Blade” status.
CD: 32sec
Lv1: 2095%+37496
Lv4: 2231%+49911
Lv5 (Technique): 2277%+54200
• Total 20 hits. Full damage = 100% board damage.
• High superarmor while casting, and possess high superarmor break.
• Weakness: Limited AOE and long casting time.

Graze Dance EX
Effect: Increase the attack speed of this skill by 30%. The spinning chakram generates a condensed Blade Ball. Deal additional damage to surrounding enemies for 2sec. The ball deals additional 30% damage.
• First 2 hits 20% x 2 + last hit 30% + ball 5% * 12 = 130%.
• The ball has larger AOE and makes this skill very good in both PVE and PVP.

Sweet Circle EX
Effect: Increase the attack speed of this skill by 30%. When the chakrams come back, press “Normal Attack” to throw it once more for additional damage. Increase 50% dmg. Comment:
• Additional 2 hits 25% * 2 = 50% of board damage.
• The speed-up cast animation helps the 40% hit to land but the additional 2 hits (50%) from EX normally is lost when you interrupt this skill for evasion purpose.

Twinkle Spin EX
Effect: Increase the attack speed of this skill by 30%. While spinning in the air, press “Normal Attack” to knock enemy to the ground. Increase 30% dmg.
Comment: The casting motion of the additional hit is quite slow and not used often.

Spirit Dancer Skill Tree

Wide Stinger
Summon Wide Stinger and shoot frontal enemies. Induce “Weaken” debuff on targets. Under the debuff, the crit rate of Praetor and General Dawn blade is increased by 90%. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Spirit” status.
CD: 15sec
Lv1: 428%+7199
Lv6: 501%+15916
• Total 5 hits: first 4 hits 10% each, last hit 60%.
• One of the skills which benefit the most from 9th Jan update. The skill is slow but now it can be cancelled anytime after deal the first few hits to apply the “Weaken” debuff.
• The 90% crit increase cannot bypass the 89% crit rate limiter.

Summon Praetor and deal 3 hits on the ground. 50% chance to stun target. Deal extra damage under “Strengthen Spirit” status.
CD: 30sec
Lv1: 1816%+34603
Lv4: 1934%+46060
• Total 3 hits: 20% * 2 + 60% last hit.
• High superarmor. Fast casting.

Stalker EX
: Strengthen Stalker. Increase AOE and float targets. Increase 30% dmg.

Dusk Hunter EX
Strengthen Dusk Hunter. The arrow will explode and float all surrouding enemies.  Increase 30% dmg.
• The EX version add an additional explosive hit which deal 30% extra damage.
• First hit, 360 degree Melee AOE; Second Hit, Mid range shoot; Third hit, Explosive AOE.

Abolisher EX
 Strengthen Abolisher.  Trigger 2 explosion sin the frontal direction, each explosive hit deal 30% additional damage.
• First hit 100% board damage (normal version), 2 additional explosive hit (30% each).
• A significant improvement from the normal version, with larger AOE and much higher damage. Very low CD and high DPS.



Lv40 dancer in Manticore Nest (Hellmode) by Half Sugar

Spirit Dancer

Lv60 Spirit Dancer in Bishop Nest (by Half Sugar)

Other video by Half Sugar:
Prof K Nest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS13yNMFwck
Typhoon Kim Nest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR5w029Nu64

Blade Dancer

Lv60 Blade Dancer in Bishop Nest (by RoyaleDeath)

Lv50 Blade Dancer (by Half-Sugar)


The release date has been revealed at the new dragon nest korea official site: 20th Dec.



Some concept arts for Dancer’s skill have been revealed by thisisgame recently.

Dusk Hunter
• long range attack, might have piercing effect

Breeze Call
• has suction effect in 3.5m AOE.

Sufi Dancer
• summon 3 sufi dancers, might be able to attract aggro; will disappear after a certain amount of time

Storm of Ewinia
• summon a wind spirit and deal large area damage

storm of ewinia

Inner Fire
• looks like a skill which allows dancer to move swiftly in a certain direction while dealing 4 hit damage.

inner fire

• summon a spirit and deal 3 hit damage.




Dancer is the alternative 1st job  for Kali.

The second job advance for Dancer is Soul Dancer and Blade Dancer.

The skill icon has been found the latest KR client (credits to 药剂piku from duowan).

The skill name and animations for Dancer have been  revealed previously.

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