Dragon Nest SEA MATK Artillery Bowmaster Guide

Dragon Nest SEA MATK Artillery Bowmaster Guide by iDreamy

Probably the Hardest Class to build is the Artillery Class, a MATK based Bowmaster

When you hear MATK based, what definitely comes to mind is like getting tons of MATK but you are wrong, a MATK based Bowmaster is somewhat Hybrid because even if you keep increasing your INT/MATK your natural AGI as an Archer and equipment will keep increasing your Physical ATK such as the 3 piece set effect of Elf Queen (AGI 78)

So, what are the PROS and CONS?


MATK based skills have high damage multipliers compared to physical, I will use Scope Arrow as an example

Note: This is my current damage on Scope Arrow, max potential damage is 1500 x 7 hits = 10500 damage on 1307 MATK and Scope Arrow 20% Damage Heraldry

– Having more INT means you won’t be having problems on your MDEF and MAX MP

– MATK based Bowmasters uses crossbow for more MATK thus giving them also mobility even if you’re attacking. Crossbows are burst fire weapons, it fires 3 arrows in rapid succession. Each hit has a chance to activate your weapon suffix such as Wind, Intellect, etc. I suggest using Wind as your weapon suffix while waiting for Dark Element weapons. Using Wind on Crossbow is actually fun because you won’t have problem reducing the CRIT resist of your enemies.


Lack of CRIT rate. The reason for this is because if you focus on getting INT, you will lack AGI which gives you a boost on your CRIT stats. In short, you will be using some of your SP on Owl’s Eye. But there is a way to counter this, getting CRIT potential on both weapon + getting CRIT potential on rings + getting AGI as much as possible on equips like for example, when getting Wise Necklace, try to get one that adds INT and AGI. With this you will reach about 90% crit rate just like my video on my siggy where I still CRIT most of the time even if Owl’s Eye and Spiritual Excel ran out. On the side note, I dont even have CRIT potentials on my rings but I still CRIT most of the time.

Note: Not Buffed

Less Performance on farming compared to a Physical Bowmaster. Sanctuary Core is definitely the best place to farm because there are so many mobs there and the boss is very easy to kill. A physical Bowmaster can easily kill mobs with charged shot and not to mention that on 24 cap there is more physical damage skills than magic damage skills.

Note: Sanctuary Core – Master, FateMortis (Physical Bowmaster) can finish this below 4mins

– Very few Magic Skills “at the current 24 cap”. No Tracking Arrow, No Swift Shot :< Still, expect a big change when these skills are Unlocked

– Lastly, expensive RINGS. Magician Ruby Ring x2 pcs and you need to get ATK 5.8%, MATK 5.8% and CRIT 17% as hidden potentials

Okay, that summarizes the PROS and CONS of a MATK Based Bowmaster

Question and Answer:

Q1: Hey Dreamy, so how does MATK based Bowmasters do on Mino Nest, are they effective?

A1: I can’t really say because I never experienced using a Physical Bowmaster yet but I think MATK based does better when fighting a Single Target on this current level cap.

Note: Prayers – Master

I was farming Prayer’s and suddenly got surprised when I managed to do a run below 5 minutes. To think that I was looting some Rough Agates, this is actually quite fast (for me). The boss never had a chance to fly because he got killed so fast and come to think of it, my attack was only what? 1281 physical ATK and 1307 MATK.

So, regarding the nest. Here is one of my Solo try.

Note: Do not compare me with people using Elf Queen because I’m not using those yet. My Rings are aweful, both rare only.

This solo mino nest run was actually bad, I mean REALLY bad, I made such bad assumptions and did fail dodges so yea, this is one of my worst runs. Once Mino Nest resets, I’ll update this.

Q2: So, Dreamy, If I make a MATK based Bowmaster, how would I do on the future patches, especially on the upcoming 32 cap?

A2: 300% more efficiency on farming, trust me. Tracking Arrow is kinda OP and Swift Shot is another BOSS killer skill. As I have already said on the Introduction part, your physical damage is not really left out so if you use Physical Skills such as Arrow Shower and Siege Stance you will still get the average damage for it.

Q3: Equipments and Potentials?

A3: Intellect Armor Set with INT 3.5% on each part, and a pair of Wind Weapon, as for Hidden Potentials…

Note: Just change the AGI to INT

Note: You can also settle with this

Regarding Accessories, you should get Wise Ruby Necklace/Earring with INT and AGI as base and INT 3.5%, Agi 4.5%, HP 6.5% as hidden potentials. And lastly, the hardest part, Magician Ruby Rings with ATK 5.8%, MATK 5.8%, CRIT 17% as hidden potentials

Q4: What Heraldries do you use?

A4: This…

Note: Epic Destruction, Magician, Fatal, Ultimate, Scope Arrow, Charged Shot

Q5: Can you post your equips?

A5: Sure

– I’ll start with the Armors, I’m using +9 Wind Armor Set (all parts with AGI 4.5%) this is due to the fact that I was using an Acrobat before but I will change to Intellect Elf Queen Set in the future

– My weapons are +12 Goblin Crossbow and +12 Goblin Quiver, both are Wind. The hidden potentials are shown above (refer to Q3)

– Necklace is Wise Amber Necklace (AGI 18, INT 66, VIT 15) with INT 3.5%, VIT 3.25% and HP 6.5% as hidden potentials

– Next is Wise Ruby Earrings (AGI 19, INT 70) with INT 3.5%, VIT 3.25% and MP 6.50% as hidden potentials

– Magician Guard Ring x 2, (MATK 25, CRIT 221) with MATK 5.8% and AGI 4.5% as hidden potentials, the AGI should be INT though, I’m too lazy to make INT ones since I’m already about to switch to Magician Ruby Rings

Q6: What is your skill build for 24 and 32 cap?

A6: http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?c=2≻=14&tc;=≪=24#nvE4BT2W9Ezh4 for 24

http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?c=2≻=14&tc;=≪=32#ydYaqbbFlVnUlqmh for 32

If you are gonna ask why I added some kick skills, it’s because it adds PVP potential and versatility, I’m still confused whether I should max Twin Shot or Multi-Shot, I prefer Multi-Shot though but still experimenting on it

And… that’s it! thank you for reading my guide, i really hope it helps!

Note: This is my guide and everything written here is based from my experience. If anyone wants to correct something or wanna give suggestions, you are free to do so

September 24 UPDATE!!!

So… I finally changed my rings to Epic

Current Attack and Crit is…

Now 42 additional matk made my scope arrow dealt…

1542 + 1544 + 1583 + 1478 + 1409 + 1601 + 1454 = 10611

I already saw my scope arrow dealt 1650, so my current max damage potential is… 11550

Here is my current best Mino Nest Solo run…

Still got killed by Charging Cows and never got any Attack Boost Item loot I really need 3 Pcs Elf Queen to recover 400 pts of Crit then I’ll try Mino Nest again

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  2. i was planning to make an archer and thinking which is better longbow typ bowmaster ot crossbow typ until i see this link…i was very amazed by ur character…but too bad im not that rich in dragon nest to have that kind of weapons…im just newbie in hollywood server….

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