Aion PvE Tips

Aion PvE Tips by 187ben

Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred Battles without defeat. Probably we shoud start with knowing our enemy first. Today, I want to say something about mobs in Aion, and I hope it can help you in PVE.

1. Usually the guard area of normal mobs is 8m in the front and 2m at the back. And  if  you keep away from the mobs’  aspect angle, you can keep a 7m distance without being found.

2. When you have pulled the monsters but haven’t got hit, the monster will chase you for 7secs. If you attack the monster or get hit, the time will be reset.

3. If the distance between mobs is less than 8m, they will share the same target.

4.When the monster give up chase, it will return to the former position. If it walks back to the position, the guard area is still 8m, but if it runs back to the position, nothing can afffect its action, which means you can attack it during this period.

5. Different types of mobs will not share the same target, unless the mobs have subordinate relationship.

6. The healing monsters will remove the debuff for the mobs around. And when their companion get injured, they will heal the companion first, and then heal themselves.

7. The mobs’ knockback  skill can push you off the cliff.

8. if you want to escape the monster’s skill attack, you should finish the evasive action before the cast comes to 80%.

9. The Humaniod will call the mobs of the same type to join the fight. The valid distance is 12m.

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