Aion Assassin PvP Guide

Aion Assassin PvP Guide by 187ben

I think assassin is one the best pvp class in Aion. Here I want to provide some tips about assassin pvp problem. I’m not talking about the operation skills, coz I was not good at this myself. But I think some other factors are also very important. Ok! The following is my collection

1.How to choose Godstone (what’s Godstone?)
We know God stone has many awesome special effects, such as Daze, Paralysis, Blind, etc.
Proper choice of Godstone is essential in pvp. Each weapon can equip only one Godstone.

My collocation of godstone:

1 Aegir’s Eye Beam + Suthran’s Threat
Aegir’s Eye Beam
Imbues a weapon with the ability to blind the target for 8 seconds with 5% probability. Equip by visiting a Godstone Enchanter NPC.
Suthran’s Threat
Imbues a weapon with the ability to paralyze the target for 5 seconds with 2% probability. Equip by visiting a Godstone Enchanter NPC.
2. Godstone: Suthran’s Threat+ Godstone: Suthran’s Threat
3.Other recommended God stone:  Daze stone; magic fire smash

Tips: there are other Godstones also have  bilnd and paralyze effects, I didn’t list all the items. you can also find your own collocation.
When your enemy is blind or paralyzed, you can realize the power of God stone.

2.(KEY) How to choose Stigma stone
What is Stigma System? Our has detailed introduction: Stigma System

Sealed within each Stigma Stone is a powerful skill that makes a significant addition to your character’s aresenal. While some of these stones are readily available, others can be very rare and therefore prestigious. Stigma Stones can be equipped on your character through the Stigma panel. The number of Stigma Stones you can equip depends on the level of your character.

Level 20: 2 Stigma Slots
Level 30: 3 Stigma Slots
Level 40: 4 Stigma Slots

Here I will talk about how a lvl 40+ assassin choose the Stigma stone

Assassin’s Stigma Skills

•        Convenant of Speed I :(lvl20): Self-buff. Increases movement speed by 20% for 30 seconds. 120 second cooldown.
•        Convenant of Evasion I :(lvl20): Evades magical attacks twice for a period of time.
•        Apply Poison I :(lvl28): Applies poison to weapons. For 120 seconds gives a 2% chance of causing faint to enemies. Consumes 2 Skolopen’s poison.
•        Smoke Bomb I :(lvl37): Blinds enemies within 15m for 15~25 seconds. 600 second cooldown.
•        Ranged Seal II :(lvl40): Deals 55~59 damage to a target within 10m and carves a seal to the 3rd degree. (Lower level of skill available at lvl 34)
•        Linked Seal V :(lvl 41): Deals 56~60 physical damage and carves a seal to the 3rd degree. (Lower levels of skill available at lvls 20, 25, 31, 37)
•        Sneak Attack IV :(lvl43): Moves behind an enemy within 20m and deals physical damage. Has a chance of causing target to faint. Exact damage numbers unknown. (Lower levels of skill available at lvls 25,31,37)
•        Throw Blade I :(lvl44): Deals 582~586 physical damage to a target in an aerial shackle state wtihin 20m.
•        Seal Explosion of Light I :(lvl45 Elyos): Causes the seal on a target within 20m to explode, dealing damage and putting target in a fainted state.
•        Seal Explosion of Darkness I :(lvl45 Asmo): Causes the seal on a target within 20m to explode, dealing damage and returning a part of the damage as HP. 3600 second cooldown.

The best choice:
1.        Sneak Attack(MUST)
2.        Convenant of Speed(MUST)
3.        Convenant of Evasion(MUST)

And the last one I have two choices: Throw Blade for high attack(PVP), Smoke Bomb for pve and instance (to save you and your team),

And we will have higher stigma skills(I will write about this next time)

4.        weapons choice
I’d like to say it depends on your own.
Double daggers : high att-speed, but low normal attack and skill attack
Double sword: low att-speed but high normal and skill attack
Dagger+Sword: mediocre way

5.        personal tps:
1.        enough supply. Don’t try to save money. You should remember that medicine means survival .
2.        we are assassin, we love sneak attack and we run away at the best time.

OK! I hope all assassins can enjoy pvp in the Abyss.

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