Aion Online Elyos Level 1 to 30 Guide

Aion Online Elyos Level 1 to 30 Guide by 187ben

Finally, The highly expected Aion is coming. Here I will write something about the Elyos lvl 1-30 leveling up tips. IMO, the best way for quick leveling is grinding plus doing quests.

LV 1 – 10 : I think it’s unnecessary to make any comments. Everyone knows that you have to follow the Newbie guide quests until lvl 10.. ps: when you reach lvl 9, lay down your weapons, you can directly go to finish your job transferring quest. After finishing this quest, you are already lvl 10. If you don’t finish the job transferring quest, you can’t get any more exp.
Then you will be sent to the Sanctum, in which you can learn your class skills. Next you can move to the new map: Verteron.

Lv 11- 17 : Just follow the Mission Quest. You will follow the storyline and find some places for grinding. You can get equipments from humanoid monsters. During this period, all you can do is killing the mobs efficiently. PS: if you are tired, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in Aion world, or you can try to collect the herbs around you. It can give you a few exp and improve your gathering skill(it’s important for your crafting skill in the future)

Lv 18-20 : When you reach lvl 18, go back to the Verteron. Walk to the bottom-left corner until you see the coast. In the coast you will meet the NPC Zephyros and receive the quest: Potcrab, The Headache. It’s a repeatable quest so that you can repeat grinding and finishing the quest here until you reach lvl 20. (There may be some other ways, but this is the easiest way I have found by myself)

LV 20 -25 :  New map : Eltnen
Still grinding. Give up those normal quests, and you only have to finish the Mission Quests. This period is my hard time because I have to solo until lvl 25.
The best place for grinding: The Sataloca’s Grave. The monsters here have low hp and attack.

LV 25-30 :
When you reach lvl 25, you will automatically receive the Abyss quest. The Abyss quest can grant you awesome exp and Abyss points. The points can be exchanged for special gears, so if you are in urgent need of equipments, you can stat in the Abyss, doing quests and grinding. The reward is appealing, but the risk is high. Since the Abyss is a public area, you will meet other fractional players in the Abyss. So get ready for being killed, it’s really normal. As for me, I often get killed once a day or more if I keep grinding in the Abyss.

If you have many friends or you have joined a guild, you can team a group to kill the elite monsters in the Elysium maps. The elite mobs will give you awesome exp and wonderful items. This is also a good way for leveling up, easier and safer.

OK! At last you reach the lvl 30. Have you found that it’s boring coz you keep grinding and grinding. Yah! I also had that feeling! But I have to say that only when you reach  lvl 30, can the real Aion world be open to you.
After lvl 30, you will enjoy more activities in Aion, such as the 1st main instances, the 1st wing, the 1st pvp (it’s meaningless to pvp before lvl 30), the first unique weapon which costs you large amount of Abyss points, etc.

This is only my own experience and there may be some mistakes. I hope that it can really help you. If you got an y problem or suggestion, just reply here. Next time I will write something about Asmodians.

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