Aion Flight System Guide

Aion Flight System Guide by 187ben

In Aion, flight sysytem is not only used for moving, but a important strategic measure in fight and the only way to get to some special sites and coordinates.
Only in certain areas can players fly in the sky , for fun and for fighting. There are mant no-fly zones in Aion.

At first, the limited time for flying is one minute, and if you use some related flying skills or items, you flying time will decrease. when time is up, you will drop down. Pay attention to this, if you fly too high and drop down, you will constantly lose you hp until you die. So it’s important to control your time. The coll down time for next fly is two minutes.(players can get some equipments to increase the flying time)

To fly, you need the wing. so how to get the wing?

when you reach lvl 10, you can get the first wing by finishing a special quest.
And when you reach lvl 30, 40, you can buy better wings from NPC
Limited flying time:
lvl 10 wing  1 minute                      quest
lvl 30 wing   1 min 30 sec             1 million kinah
lvl40  wing   2 mins                         12 million kinah
And if you got the wing from NC(may be prepurchase package ), the wing will have 1min 40 sec flying time.

The ELyos’s wing is almost white, while the Asmodian’s is almost black.

LVL 10 Wing

How to fly ?

you can set the keyboard to control your flying. By default, Page Up and Down is to take off and land. when flying,  you can use WASD and R, F to control.

Special Tips: Gliding

In some no-fly zones, you can not fly, but you can glide if the terrain is suitable . Just like the real gliding. you can jump from precipice or cliff and quickly press the SPACE to glide, which can help you move fast. When gliding, constantly press S will help you move further.

Flying Skill:

When you reach lvl 25 and finish the Abyss quest, you can get a flying skill book. The skill will strengthen you when flying. Different class has different skills.

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