Aion Abyss Grinding Guide

Aion Abyss Grinding Guide by 187ben

Today, I will share with you some tips about grinding and sruviving is Abyss. I have collected some material from CN and KR fansite, there may be some faults, but I’am sure that this coud give you some help in Abyss. Enjoy this, and take care of yourself when in the!

What can I benefit from grinding in Abyss?

What is the difference between the Abyss and the other areas? What do you fight in the dangerous Abyss for?
In contrast with the monsters in other areas, the monsters in Abyss drop more experience and Abyss points which can be exchanged for powerful Abyss weapons and armors. What’s more, the monsters in the Abyss will drop Stigma Shards (They can only be earned from the Abyss) which are required for learning powerful Stigma Skills. In addition, the same level monsters in the Abyss are even a bit weaker than those in other areas. So, it is a bit easier to defeat the same level monster in the Abyss than in other areas. Besides, it is a good way to accumulate riches by hunting the Balaur creatures which spread around the Abyss and gathering materials for trading, including low level areas of the Abyss.

Why is it a good way to accumulate riches by gathering Balaur materials? As a matter fact, if you watch market a bit carefully, you would find low level Balaur materials have a good market. I guess it is because of the low output of the materials. Most players around level 30 may dislike doing PvP, so they don’t like to enter the Abyss. While veteran players cannot get materials from low level Balaur creatures at all because of their far level difference. These may be the reasons for the lower output and the good market of the Balaur materials.

From the list above, we can conclude the same level monster in the Abyss reward more experience than in other areas and the Balaur monsters reward even more experience, with around 4000 exp increased.
Apart from those above, while fighting against the monsters in the Abyss, the player will get a much more mighty DP bonus than in other areas, which can help the player to grind much faster.

The requirements for entering the Abyss

To enter the Abyss, the player must complete a certain quest. After completing the quest, the player will be guided to Abyss. A portal to the Abyss can be found in the center of the fortress in almost every zone and most portals are above the fortress but some portals may be unaccessible without taking a lift.

Tips for surviving in the Abyss

I’ve concluded my own and many players’ experience and worked out several tips for surviving in the Abyss below.

In the game, you can detect the opposing race through radar. Computer controlled enemy is shown as a small red dot in the radar area while an opposing race player is shown as a big lozenge dot. So it is easy to identify computer controlled enemies and opposing race players.
Besides radar, you can also create a [channel special for detecting opposing race].It is a skill every player should master because it is almost very helpful anywhere.

The steps to create the channel:
1. Right click to select [Add Tag] from the channel list and enter a new channel name.
2. Select [Combat Info-Other] and tick on all info about opposing races, and also change the color to a striking color. I like red because it seems a bit more urgent. Remember to press [Change] when finishing the settings.
3. In order to watch the other channels and detect opposing races more conveniently, remember to separate your created channel from the default channels and also drag your created channel to the top left corner of game screen (up to your choice).
4. When an opposing race player is [casting a spell] nearby, a warning will pop up at the top left corner, then you should watch out.

If you don’t wish to fight against the opposing race player who is detected to be casting a spell whilst you are grinding, you’d better move towards your race NPC guarded tower and get farther from the player. However you should watch out for the ownership of the tower which can be changed as the ownership of fortress changes. Usually, if the fortress in an area is occupied by your side, then the tower nearby will be guarded by a hostile side. So don’t run towards a wrong direction. Otherwise there will be no way for you to survive once you are attacked from behind and both your front.

Sometimes you may need take a long flight. Under such circumstance, you should try your best to avoid falling down to the ground in order to avoid being raided by a patrolling opposing race. Additionally, if you find a certain opposing player who often disturbs you, you should take advantage of the landform and entities, and watch your time to counterattack.

Indispensable items for exploring the Abyss
Once you find opposing race players are attacking your allies, you’d better stop grinding to reinforce your allies at once because you will very likely have no chance to survive if all of your allies are eliminated.

The Abyss allows players to fly around the whole game world. So it is necessary to increase flight speed and extend flight time in the Abyss. First of all, wings are your necessary fellow. You must get familiar with the performance of feather so your fighting ability in the Abyss can be raised. Besides equipping yourself with better equippable items, I would like to recommend you several stuffs which are very practical in the Abyss.

Once you set up a temporary Obelisk with a Kisk, you will be able to be resurrected at the Obelisk for limited times within 2 hours. If you set up the Obelisk around your race occupied tower or a secret spot, you won’t need suffer from a long journey when meeting untimely character death.

Flight Potion
Flight Potion is a good item for players to recover flight time. If you fall down and lose experience during a flight not because of your strength but because you’ve used out the flight time, will you regret? If you have Flight Potions under that circumstance, the flight time won’t annoy that much.

Raging Wind Scroll
Raging Wind Scroll is able to increase flight speed within a certain period, so it is a pretty good item for players to escape and run after an enemy or join and leave a combat quickly.

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