Aion Online Melee Weapon Comparison Guide

Aion Online Melee Weapon Comparison Guide by Riddlebox

It occurred to me that there isn’t a whole lot of easily accessible information on the differences between certain weapon types, and many people end up gimping their class

Melee weapon Damage Comparisons.
V 1.0.2

This was designed in order to compare differences between melee weapon types, to provide a more cohesive guide when deciding on your characters equipment. This information was researched from various locations, and in some cases tested. I believe it all to be accurate, however I could always be wrong.

The Kromede’s Gold weapon set was used to calculate these stats as it is a widely recognized set. Additional attributes were not calculated as these vary weapon to weapon, and this is designed to give a broad view of all weapon choices. Not specifics, these are examples.

Other attributes such as + attack, +crit, weapon speed, extendability, and attack speed must also be considered when making your choice of weapon.

Remember that I am using AVERAGES, and in reality, each hit can be wildly higher or lower than is shown, but will still even out. Remember the law of large numbers.

I cannot stress enough that these are the weapon stats only, not factoring in player stats, only what the weapon adds.

For the sake of simplicity, I am not counting evasion/parry/or blocks, as the differences between weapons are marginal, so I am assuming that every hit is successful

For multiple hit weapons, I will use this explanation:

Multiple hits proc around 30% and each additional hit does 10% of the initial hits damage.
Though, the total damage is shown at the last hit (In big numbers)

so it’d be like.. 74 – 7 – 7 – 89

Also, the chance of critical striking only pertains to the first hit. The following hits, is the extra “boost” from that weapon type.

So, for example we take Kromede’s spear:

Kromede’s spear
2h weapon
Very slow 4 strike weapon.

Attack 186 – 346
Atk Speed 2.8
Physical Critical 50
Crit value 1.8

What we know:
Kromede’s spear has a very wide damage range, but the average of it 266. Therefore, factoring out enemy defense, and additional player attack stats/bonuses, a normal hit from this weapon will do 266 damage.

If the weapon procs to a multiple hit, the damage will be as follows: 266-26-26-26=344. Therefore, we find that 30% of all hits will deal 344 damage rather then 266.

Attack speed of this weapon is 2.8. Without factoring in crits, or multiple strikes, the DPS of the weapon is 266 divided by 2.8 or 95.

The critical hit rate is 50. This means that this weapon has a 5% chance of dealing a critical hit. The crit value of this weapon is 1.8, so 266 * 1.8 = 478.8. Therefore 5 out of ever 100 hits will do 478 damage.

Attack speed of this weapon is 2.8. Without factoring in crits, or multiple strikes, the DPS of the weapon is 266 divided by 2.8 or 95.

Out of 100 hits, we can assume that 65 will do 266 damage, 30 will do 344, and 5 will do 478.

65 * 266 = 17290
30 * 344 = 10320
5 * 478 = 2390

Total damage out of 100 hits = 30,000 (yes, exactly 30,000)

Now we find damage per second by factoring in attack speed

30,000/2.8 = 10,714

and by backtracking a little bit:

10,714/100= 107.14

You still with me? Through all of that we find that the average DPS of a normal strike is 107 every second.

I will know apply this to everyone of Kromede’s weapons, but without all of the explaining.

Kromede’s spear
2h weapon
Very slow 4 strike weapon.

Attack 186 – 346
Atk Speed 2.8
Physical Critical 50 – %5
Crit value 1.8

Normal strike 266
Multiple Strike 344
Critical strike 478

100 hits: 30,000
100 seconds: 10,714

Average DPS 107

Things to note:

Spears have a very wide damage range, there is a chance that a normal strike from this weapon can do 346, or that it can be as low as 186. This offers a chance to have some very high burst damage, if you are lucky, but also some very low.


Kromede’s Greatsword
2h weapon
Very Slow 3 Strike Weapon

attack 243 – 257
Atk Speed 2.4
Physical Critical 10 – %1
Crit Value 1.8

Normal Strike 250
Multiple strike 300
critical strike 450

100 hits: 26700
100 seconds: 11,125

Average DPS 111

Things to note:

Unlike the polearm, the greatword has a very small damage window, this results in a very steady amount of DPS, where is will never dip below a certain amount, but you will never get a massive blow like you can with a pole arm. The difference in average DPS is marginal, and the attack speed difference is barely noticeable. You are free to decide either one, based on whether you want to be doing steady damage, or have large peaks and valleys. Neither is a bad choice. You should certainly consider all other factors, for example Kromede’s spear is extendable, which doubles its range. Making it a clear winner. Many greatswords have attack speed attributes, which will make them an easy choice over a polearm.


Kromede’s Sword
1h weapon
Normal 2 Strike Weapon

Attack 119 – 147
Atk Speed 1.4
Physical critical 50 – %5
Crit Value 2.2

Normal Strike 133
Multiple Strike 146
Critical Strike 293

100 hits: 14490
100 seconds: 10350

Average DPS 103

Things to note:

Being a 1 handed weapon, it has the positive side of being able to equip with it a shield, dagger, mace, or another sword.
On its own, dps is not severely lower then its GS counterpart, which means, that for those temps who lay down the shield, in favor of a gs are sacrificing a lot of extra defense, for a very small offensive boost.
The downside to this weapon, is that it lacks the random knockdown chance that comes with 2 handers, which is very useful in pvp.


Kromede’s Serated Knife
1h Weapon
Fast 1 Strike Weapon

attack 108 – 120
Atk Speed 1.2
Physical Critical 100 – %10
Crit Value 2.2

Normal Strike 114
Multiple Strike 114
Critical Strike 251

100 hits 12770
100 seconds 10641

Average DPS 106

Things to note:

The Dagger’s DPS is only higher because of its high critical hit chance. This is great at lower levels, for sins that haven’t capped their crit yet, but becomes much less effective once you hit the soft crit cap of 440. After that, sword vs dagger dps is very similar, and either is valuable. This topic has been explained in great detail in many other places, and the most effective combination seems to be Dagger main hand, sword off hand.


Kromede’s Staff
2h weapon
Normal 3 Strike Weapon

attack 152 – 228
Atk Speed 2
Physical Critical 60 – 6%
Crit Value 1.8

Normal Strike 190
Multiple Strike 228
Critical Strike 342

100 hits 21052
100 seconds 10526

Average DPS 106

Things to note:
The staff is the premier chanter weapon, it has a fairly high crit rate, ability to do some high burst damage with luck, and is easily the fastest of the 2 handed weapons. Being a 2 hander, it has a chance of knocking down your opponent, making it excellent for PVP. However, chanters often find themselves playing the role of a healer, and should be prepared to sacrifice it for the survivability of a shield.


Kromede’s Warhammer
1h Weapon
Normal 3 Strike Weapon

attack 113 – 171
Atk Speed 1.5
Physical Critical 10 – %1
Crit Value 2.2

Normal Strike 142
Multiple Strike 170
Critical Strike 312

100 hits 16740
100 seconds 11160

Average DPS 111

Things to note:
As a chanter this was the biggest surprise for me. It would appear that in a direct comparison, the hammer out damages the staff. And seeing as how dps is a large part of a chanter’s job, it really surprised me that it wasn’t more widely used. The downside is that you are loosing some range, and the staves random knockdown chance (which is invaluable in pvp). The mace/shield combo, however offers additional DPS, and the added block/defense/damage resist that a shield gives. All chanter’s should have both, in pve situations, a mace and shield is far better, especially in group pve, where elite mobs make the extra defense invaluable. And a staff for pvp, where the extra knockdown chance could very well save your life.

Never let anyone tell you that a chanter doesn’t you a mace/shield, (as is the case every time I roll on either) you have as much of a right to roll on it as anyone else. I won Kromede’s warhammer over a temp, and it succeeded in being the most useful item I have thus far.
Remember kids, staff=pvp, mace=pve.


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