Wakfu Air Sacrier Leveling Guide

Wakfu Air Sacrier Leveling Guide by RaVeN-Fifteen

Hey guys! I’m back, and I’m going to share a leveling guide. First I want to say that anyone can level differently, and with different gear. Also you may want try something different than another end-game, so don’t feel obligated to follow this directly.

I will be giving out sets that can be used for each level category. You can use what you want, but this is just an example. I’ll give you a code that you can copy/paste onto this: Click here# . There’s a load button at the bottom. After you place in your class and level, press it and paste the code I give you there. It will show you the example of gear that I’m showing you.

Lvl. 0-20
Gear is somewhat easy to obtain at these levels so you can choose what you want. You would start with a Wodent set, but you could upgrade at any time. There’s many different possibilities, but I would try to quickly get a Royal Piwi or a Purple Goo Goo set, and then move onto collect a Tofu Set until level 20. I’ll go head and give an example of what you could use until level 20:


I’d suggest not using ANY Ability points for the moment. Leveling is quicker at te lower levels, so I’d stat your AP/MP first.

Lvl. 21-40
There’s some more choices that you may use now, but I would try staying in Tofu and moving onto Royal Tofu. It’s also an MP set, but You can now stat an AP! At least if you saved your points up until level 31. Once again I’d save up for an MP as well. Here’s another set you could use at this level. If you statted anything, remember that needs to be added in.


Lvl. 41-70
Here I’d say a Cloudy set should work. You would probably want to ugrade into an Imperial Blibli if you can get one. You’ll want a couple of upgrades probably. At level 51, you could stat an MP. At this point you could be a 10/5 if you were wearing end-game gear! Some people like 10/5 and there’s nothing wrong with it. If you want, you could start statting into anything else you may be interested in.


You’ll be an 8/6 now. You’ll be able to move around alot easier, but you’ll want to mess around with some new combos too!

Lvl. 71-90
Now we’re going to try and farm a Crobak set! This can be a temporary set until level 90. Also if you chose to get another MP, than you could stat it now. This will probably be the last MP set you’re going to want to get. Soon you’ll have your 10ap! Now is also the time to start statting into what you would like to be end-game. Crits, Damage, HP… there are choices that you can make here. Don’t worry about messing up either! You can always respec to change to something new!


Lvl. 91-100
Let’s get you an AP set now! Also an AP weapon if you didn’t choose to use a maka weapon while leveling.


Lvl. 100-120
Now You’re going to want to start looking at some builds, or build some for yourself. You’re at a good level so that you can decide for yourself. Gear will be harder to get now so you will have to try to make due until you’ve finished one that you’re happy with.

This still needs some work. I’ll be working on it soon, including more gear sets and specialties you could stat into. Thanks for the read! I plan on fixing the White Crow build I posted before I get back to this.

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