PokeMMO Sketch Guide

PokeMMO Sketch Guide by Senile

Sketch is a move that copies the last move used by the other pokemon.

This allows Smeargle to learn any move (Not named Struggle) in the game. However, it doesn’t work in PVP. This means you must use other methods to get moves on Smeargle.

Main Method:
Get a pokemon with the move you want to sketch, then enter a double battle with an NPC trainer. Make pokemon A use the move, then make Smeargle sketch said move by targeting the pokemon. This is the simplest and fastest method, but if for some reason you’re too hipster for it, here are alternatives:

Step 1: Get a pokemon with the move you want sketched.
Step 2: Go to Altering Cave (You know, where you caught that Smeargle you want to sketch moves with from)
Step 3: Use whatever move it is (False Swipe, Payday, Spore, etc.) on the wild Smeargle.*
Step 4: Once the Smeargle has sketched the move, you can either switch** to your own Smeargle to sketch the move off the wild Smeargle, or catch the wild Smeargle and it will retain the sketched move.***
Step 5: ???
Step 6: Profit!

*If the move you’re sketching is a damaging move, use a lower level/weaker pokemon so you don’t kill the Smeargle.
**No, you cannot switch before Smeargle sketchs the move, the pokemon that used the move has to stay in while Smeargle sketches.
***Credit to Metalkon for thinking of this strategy before me. (Also credit to anyone in the thread who said something and I replied saying that I’ll add it to the guide.)

Alternatively, if you’re too cool for wild Smeargles, wild dittos can transform into a pokemon with the move you want, and you can sketch it off of them. Due to the fact that Smeargle encounter rates vary depending on the Altering Cave cycle, this is likely easier.


Q: What do I want a stupid smeargle for anyway? Have you SEEN it’s base stats?

A: Utility. Payday/False Swipe/Spore/Thief(Or Covet) is what I personally use on my Smeargle. Dragon Rage is also viable for weakening ghost pokemon immune to False Swipe for capture.

Q: What if I mess up a move, and sketch a move I don’t want?

A: You can use the move relearner to reteach Sketch over the mistake move. However, the relearner can’t place Sketch in empty slots, so you need a level 20 Smeargle to be able to use it in 50’s with all 4 moves, as Smeargle learns sketch again every 10 levels (1, 11, 21, 31, etc.)

Q: Covet or Thief?

A: Covet has 40 PP and is Normal. Thief has 10 PP and is Dark. This means Covet can’t hit Ghost types, while Dark can. Thief is also (Slightly) easier to get. Really, which one you get is up to personal preference, although, Covet is generally better, as the only ghost pokemon with a hold item currently implemented is Haunter, and it has far more PP than thief.

Note on Covet/Thief: A wild Smeargle with Covet or Thief CAN take your items from you, so, you know, make sure that doesn’t happen.

Pokemon with important moves:
Spore: Parasect/Paras
False Swipe: Cubone/Marowak/Scyther
Thief: Literally anything that learns it by the TM. Wild Poochyena/Mightyena learn it via level up
Payday: Persian/Meowth
Covet: Snorlax (Level 45), Slakoth/Slaking (31), Linoone (35)
Dragon Rage: Dratini/Gyarados

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Soak is a really good move to False Swipe ghost-types and even use Spore on grass-types. I run False Swipe/Spore/Soak/Covet.

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