Dragon Saga Beginner’s Guide

Dragon Saga Beginner’s Guide by Sapere

Hello, did you just start playing Dragon Saga? My name is Sapere, if you have any questions, maybe I can help. Why am I qualified to give advice, why am I such a know it all? Why are you jumping down my throat? Just pop your ears open and give me a chance.

So you just started playing, you downloaded the game, patched, booted, made a character, (what style hair did you pick) named her/him, finished the tutorial, and now you are alone in the strange city Odellia.

If there is anything you’re curious about, ask away.

(Q) Um, you just said it, I’m here all alone, what do I do, where do I go? Sapere, I’m…I’m cold.

(A) Shh, shh, it’s okay, calm down, calm down, you’ll be okay. The first thing you need to do is start your quests. Quests give experience and help you level up. You get experience (XP) from killing monsters and quests. Look on the small map in the top right corner of the screen. See any red or yellow exclamation points? Good, you’ll see npc’s with those marks above their head. Red quests are Hero quests (yes you have to do them) and yellow quests are normal (do those too, it’s part of the game). Go up to them, press the space bar and accept whatever mission is given.

(Q)Hey, Sap? /W Sapere are u thair or not? I need halp! Oh, okay, I’m trying to kill a bunch of sheep and wolves. I can’t attack anything, how do I set my skills up?

(A)Um…press the K key, it will bring up your skill tree. Right now you won’t have much to work with, but take it slow, test out the skills, and don’t worry, you will get a skill reset scroll at each of your first two job changes. No worries if you pick bad skills, you can start over.

(Q) I’m killing everything NP NP, but I just got a quest to do Windia Plains mission map lvl 1-4, can you come help me?

(A) Oh, sorry. You don’t gain experience from killing monsters that far bellow or above your current level, so if I came, you’d get zero xp. But on that same map in the top right of your screen, you should see (press N on your keyboard, that opens up the expanded map of the area you are in) a little design that represents the mission map for the area. Mission Maps are placed throughout the game and you will get to know, hate, and love the bosses in them. Make your way to that spot, usually a big black panther is standing around twirling a dagger (he’s a show off, ignore him), press the Z key, and boom, you have a selecting portal that will take you into the mission map. Call it MM, it sounds cooler.
You have to do them in order, f1-f4. Once you have done each, you usually unlock the hero mode, F5 portion of the MM and the quest that comes with it. Be careful, sometimes it’s hard to solo MM’s at a low level. Look for a party. And remember to do all the quests. Okay, I’ll be in VC in you need me.

(Q) Sapere, hey, I just died FIVE times at traitor’s ridge WTF, do you want to level up a character with me? Well, how can I get a group? I have no friends besides you and Channel four is completely empty.

(A) Okay, first things first, you should be playing in your lvl channel. Stay in ch1 until you get to lvl 40. Now, secondly, open your eyes, there are plenty of people around. Half a game is the community, get to know people, join a guild, talk, joke, tease, have fun. You and your friends can level together and it really does make the gaming experience. Push each other, talk, discuss things and learn.

(Q) Sapere, what are you doing? I don’t see any quests on my map, am I bugzed? I think I’m haxed or something.

(A) No, no, no, quests are lvl based, so, sadly, sometimes you will be halfway through a level and there will be zero quests…I hate to tell you, you’re going to have to grind, kill things, do the mm in a group, you’ll level up in time and a new set of quests will be waiting.

(Q) Hey Sap, I’m doing good, Im in PoW (did you know you get resting xp bonuses from logging here) and I’m ready for my job change, I’ve been doing quests, leveling up, but I was wondering something. Since I’m level 20 now, should I start upgrading my weapons and clothes? I just saw some hot girl with a +20 Zathura staff, or something jumping around. I need to do more damage, I need more defense. I need to be pro.

(A) HOLD IT! WHAT? YOU JUST ARTIFACTED YOUR FAIRY HOOD and +12ed it. Hey, take it easy, there are plenty of more items, and lots of time before you get up to the level cap. You don’t need to waste your hard earned gold on low level items. Besides, once you get to lvl 42, you will be leveling up every couple of days, you can plan out your item setup then. For now, use the items you get as rewards from mission maps or quests. Believe me, save your gold, use the items you have for now. By the way, save your weapon and armor powders, don’t sell them. The same for Gada coins, you know you get those from killing monsters; they come from the chests? You can use Gadas at the reward sections of MM’s for a chance to get a set item.
Later on, you can use hidden scrolls to travel to special maps to loot devil soul stones which let you warp into chaos maps…but all that happens a little later. Msg me if you need anything.

(Q) Woot! Sapere, I’m a priest now. But, I’m having a lot of trouble leveling, I’m getting sort of bored, want to quit, QQ.

(A) No, don’t quit. It’ll be okay. F6 in mission maps, it’s a defend the stone map, do it with a group, you’ll be leveling in no time. And I know, it is hard to get a group. In Port of Winds, near the mailbox, is a King Arthur looking guy named Monster Hunter: Hunter G. Get to know him, if you do his quests, you’ll be getting tons, (and yes I am not lying) tons of xp. If you are in a guild, find guild manager Dony, he gives you similar quests with good xp. And stock up on that resting xp. And make sure you are doing all of your quests! If you do them all, you will have no trouble doing your job promotions later on.

(Q) Sapere, I’m LVL 39, no one wants to F6. I want my next job. I want gold. I want so much more: armor, weapons, I want to be 1337.

(A) This is the hard part of the game bub. Getting up to lvl for your job promotion; getting up to lvl 42 so you can start doing f7 feels like torture, but remember Dragon Saga is a game. You don’t need to rush to the end. Take your time, have fun, make sure you keep doing your quests. I hope you did the Graveyard, and Spectre Tower quests. You’ll get your job promo and get to lvl 42; you’ll be f7 defense mode bound soon enough. After this, you will be on an endless quest for new armor, equips, farming everyday to fund your items, f7ing, running instances, bsqing, guilding.

(Q) O Sappy, before you go for good, what’s the deal with IM, how does it work, how important is it, how do I get my paws on it?

(S) Insurance scrolls are needed to +your items for defense and insure against them loosing their added damage. Insurance scrolls are used to protect items from being destroyed during soul crafting. If you want to be uber leet, and I know you do, you will have to get IM at some point. Plus, you can use IM (Item Mall Points) to get stylish hair, clothing. Press the Item mall button in the lower right hand corner of the screen and browse through all the cool items warpportal, and dragon saga have to offer.

(Q) Sapere, I don’t know if you think I am rich…THIS COSTS REAL MONEY!! What am I supposed to do if I can’t spend my hard earned RL cash.

(A) Oh, bub, go the warpportal website. Warpportal.com, and from there, in the top of the screen, you should see a section called: Power Up. Click that button, sign in, and shield your eyes. This is the where you would buy IM. If you don’t, can’t or shouldn’t, there is another way. You can SURVEY FOR WARPPORTAL POINTS! And it really is that simple. Click, Survey for points, and well, survey for points. You’ll be adding defense and damage to your weapons, randomizing your gear for optimal stats, sporting new clothes and hot hair before you know it.

Closing: Dragon Saga is a game that in many ways plays itself. The quests progress you along. If you do them all, you won’t run into many of the problems people are faced with (not being able to do mm’s, not being able to job advance). If you save your gold, armor powders, weapon powders, farm mm’s for gold and later on farm chaos maps and f7’s, you can build up a horde large enough to set yourself up with decent equips. When it comes to skills, it is best to learn by experience; you can always ask around for advice or search for a better made guide than this.

Dragon Saga is a game, and remember future players, the journey, along with the community make it special.

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