Card Hunter Epic and Simple Chest Rarity Distribution

Card Hunter Epic and Simple Chest Rarity Distribution by Lucielle

tl:dr – when you get a random item (non guaranteed), you have a .5% chance for leg, 1.5% for epic, 4% for rare, 19% uncommon, 75% common. when you get an epic+ guaranteed, there is a 15.5% chance it’ll be a legendary. 

So today while the regular servers were having problems I did some experimenting on the Test Server when it comes to what you can expect to get out of chests.

For the experiment, I got a ton of free Pizza from the Sandbox and then opened…
100 Epic Chests
100 Simple Chests

I recorded the drop distribution from these chests. It is my suspicion that for the Simple Chest, the drop distribution is a good indicator of what is generated from any chest in the game, which is to say, any time a chest does not guarantee an item, we will see similar results as shown below. I realize that it would be way better to open 1000 chests, but I did not have the time for that. If someone wants to duplicate this experiment, it should be fairly easy to do.

Epic Chests (2 epic+ guaranteed, 3 random)
Total – 500 items
Legendary – 32 items (6.4% of total)
Epic – 169 items (33.8% of total)
Rare – 12 items (2.4% of total)
Uncommon – 56 items (11.2% of total)
Common – 231 items (46.2% of total)

31/100 chests had a legendary (31%)
1/100 chests had 2 legendaries (1%)

Assuming that none of the random items generated a legendary (more on this later) this means that you have 31/200 chances to get a legendary in place of a guaranteed epic (15.5%)

Now, the above numbers are a bit misleading. If you subtract 203 from the total number (the number of epics+) and 200 epics + legendaries, you get…

Total – 297 items
Legendary – ??? items (impossible to determine where these legendaries came from)
Epic – ??? items (impossible to determine where these epics came from)
Rare – 12 items (4.0% of total)
Uncommon – 56 items (18.9% of total)
Common – 231 items (77.8% of total)

Simple Chests (2 random)
Total – 200 items
Legendary – 1 item (.5% of total)
Epic – 3 items (1.5% of total)
Rare – 8 items (4% of total)
Uncommon – 41 items (20.5% of total)
Common – 147 items (73.5% of total)

8/100 chests had a rare
3/100 had an epic
1/100 had a leg
54/100 chests had only commons

And if you roughly average out the numbers from simple + estimated simple from the epic chest, you get the numbers I listed in the tl;dr.

Hope someone finds this helpful too!

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