Card Hunter Chest Rarity Rates

Card Hunter Chest Rarity Rates by Kalin

Since the game is down, I thought this would be a good time to analyze the data I’ve collected on all the chests I’ve opened (I started collecting data when I was at level 9 in the campaign).

So, how rare are Rare/Epic/Legendary items, anyway?

Short answer: depends on what kind of chest you’re opening.

Long answer:

These are the basic kinds of chests in the game:


Simple/Ornate: purchased for 18 gold, contains 2 items, no guaranteed rarity, no treasure
Magnificent: purchased for 30 pizza, contains 1 Rare or better and four no guarantee
Epic: purchased for 150 pizza, contains 2 Epic or better and 3 no guarantee (I think, I didn’t buy any)


Brown: 2 items, no guaranteed rarity
Gold: 4 items, rarities are different for each


Mid-Dungeon: 2 items, no guaranteed rarity
End-of-Dungeon: 4 items, 1 guaranteed Uncommon or better
Treasure Hunt: 1 specific Epic first time, same as End-of-Dungeon on repeats
Quest: 3 items, 1 guaranteed Rare
Level 1: these are just weird

(I don’t know if the Epic in Treasure Hunt chests replaces the guaranteed Uncommon or not; all 11 of mine had an additional Uncommon or better in the chest, but that should happen 90% of the time anyway.)

NOTE: The percentages below are per item, so the chance of getting an Epic in an End-of-Dungeon chest is: 3 * 0.64% + 2.40% = 4.32%

Purchased Chests: 762 data points
(188 Simple chests, 189 Ornate chests, 2 Magnificent chests)
Common: 77.17%
Uncommon: 18.11%
Rare: 4.20%
Epic: 0.52%
Legendary: 0%

No Guaranteed Rarity: 1409 data points
(SP and MP chests)
Common: 69.77%
Uncommon: 25.55%
Rare: 4.05%
Epic: 0.64%
Legendary: 0% (not exactly zero)

Guaranteed Uncommon: 208 data points
(End-of-Dungeon chests, MP chests)
Uncommon: 79.33%
Rare: 17.31%
Epic: 2.40%
Legendary: 0.96%

Guaranteed Rare: 127 data points
(MP chests, 2 Magnificent chests)
Rare: 72.44%
Epic: 22.05%
Legendary: 5.51%

Guaranteed Epic: 11 data points
(club rewards for Treasure Hunts)
Epic: 72.73%
Legendary: 27.27%

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