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AVA Sniping Guide by Baha12

Table of Contents:

Introduction/Reason for making this guide
Sniping Basics
Sniping Intermediate
Sniping Advance



As most of you know, I come from the land of the Bahamas, I enjoy videogames, and consider myself a semi-pro at them, while I have some free time, while my computer is being wiped clean I thought I should write a sniping guide, and yes I know I promised someone to help them, but sadly I have to devote my time to studying this week for a major test I have coming up, hopefully this proves that I’m worth more then the dirt I’m sitting on

Anyways….Onto the guide
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Sniping Basics

Before you even THINK about using a sniper in combat you must understand what position you play, when and where to strike, and the strengths and weaknesses of being a sniper

Things you’ll need

1. A sniper (duh)
2. Patience, the art of sniping is not perfected in a few day’s time
3. Good reaction time, sharp eyes, and self control, if you lack any of these things stop reading now, sniping isn’t for you

The art of sniping is precise, the margin of error is slim to non-existant, if you miss your target that means you’ve not only failed to hit the mark, but more then likely given away your position, your ability to aim will determine how well your sniping career will go, remember this always.
If you know you lack the ability to aim stay in your spawn area and set marks for yourself and practive shooting at them until you can easily hit the same exact spot almost 100% of the time

The beauty of snipers lies in the fact that they’re both accurate and powerful, use this to your advantage, if the tip of your enemies head is showing then aim carefully and cap the guy in the head, if a group of trigger happy fools are charging, place a bullet in each of their torsos, they’ll be pushing up daisys soon enough

A sniper is a doubled edged sword, while you may be a force to be feared at medium-far range, your ability at close range is seriously lacking, if the enemy gets to close for comfort, you cut and run, the pistol isn’t a rival for SMGs or Assault Rifles

Remember the reason for being a sniper, your the gaurdian of your team, the never to be seen back support, the overseer of the battle

This is the pattern you should follow:

1.Protecting your teamates comes first, you should see yourself as expendable, if you see your teamate is pinned down take out the people shooting at him first, worry about the mob of people charging at you later, but use your brain, if you know you’ll be killed before your able to save your teamate, run to a more suitable position, better yet lead the enemies into a mob of trigger happy teamates just itching to turn them into swiss cheese, THEN take out the guys who have your buddy pinned down, a dead sniper is of no use to the team

2. Cap the peeps, if your team is safe and secure, start capping the heads, this not only makes the life of your team easier, but it is oh-so satisfying seeing the target do a double back-flip onto the ground with a hole in his head

3. After you’ve laid waste your opponents, change you position, unlike in real warfare, people come back after 5 seconds or so, if you stay in the same spot, they’ll no exactly where to find you

Intermediate Sniping

Now that you’ve learned the very basics it’s time for the practical part of sniping

Hitting a stanionary target is a simple enough task, however when a target is on the move the task becomes that more complicated, judging the path the enemies going to take is vital if you want to get rid of him

To do this you’ll have to learn 3 different kinds of shots

The bread and butter of the sniper is the…..

Prediction Shot:

As the name emplies, you predict where the enemy is coming from, or just as often, where he is going, For example…..


>,<,^, /=Direction



/ l
/ l
/ l
/ l
/ l
/ l
/ l
/ l
/ l
/ l


The second type of shot you would want to learn is the

Drag Shot:

Once again self explanatory, this is when you “drag” the scope over the target and fire when the reticle in over the target, I can’t really explain it, but it does help with your hit percentage, the drag shot will aid you in hitting moving targets, aswell grant you the ability to preform quick kills on stationary targets

This is what it looks like:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLaLF…eature=related

And finally the….

Pop Shot:
This one isn’t that self explanatory

What this is essentially a loophole in the, One shot, One kill motto

This dramatically increases the margin of error as well

This is what you do

1. Find cover where if you crouch your body and head are completely covered

2. Locate a target

3. Fire, if you miss, crouch down behind cover, move an inch or two to the left or right so the guy you were aiming at doesn’t have a clear shot to your head

4. Continue

5. One of you will either die, or run completely out of bullets

Advanced Sniping
Okay now that you’ve mastered the main part of sniping we can now move onto the part of sniping that will make people go, “OMGWTFBBQ HACKS I GOING 2 TELL ADMIN ON YOU”

Self explanatory!
But for those of you with an IQ less then 50 I’ll explain

It’s the sniper’s version of spray and pray, and if mastered you’ll compensate for our lack in close ranged combat

To do this you’ll need alot of skill, and alot more luck

To practice, stay in a safe enviorment, mark a target, and without scopng in, hit the target, if you miss wait a few seconds and try again, once you get a feel for it, start doing it while moving,, if mastered you’ll be a force to be feared

Quick Scope:

To do this you’ll need a basic idea of how to no-scope and fast reaction time, basically if an enemy suddenly pops up on the screen, you’ll be able to scope in, shot, and killed the target, as well as have the sniper readied 1.5 seconds faster then normal to take the next shot

This requires more skill then no-scoping however

This is the button sequence:

Right trigger, Left trigger, Q (Default button to switch to previous weapon), Q (switches back to sniper) , rince and repeat

It’ll be weird at first, but you’ll quickly make it a habit

Jump Shot:

Now out of the three this requires next to NO skill, and relies almost entirely on luck

To Jump Shot, you jump in the air to gain a vantage point over the enemies, use the quick scope method, to cap the target,
To practice this, find a safe area (The Spawn point is reccomended), mark a target, and use the method listed above

Note: All of these can be combined

Credit for the folowing go to lHlaruhi

1) Mobility Shot: Shot made while moving.

This is a more complicated shot, as it requires both high accuracy and the ability to maintain your reticule on a player. While you are moving, stop for one second, shoot the player, and then keep moving. This is extremely useful in long ranges and should not be used at close quarters combat.

2) Jump Camp Shot: Shot made from an area (that you stay in) by jumping and shooting.

This shot is made by staying behind a container or some kind of barrier and repeatedly jumping and shooting. This is done by first staying behind the barrier, jumping out of the barrier, shooting, and then jumping right back behind the barrier. This tactic not only makes you a harder target to kill (opponent will not know when you are jumping out) but also allows the user to prepare himself/herself for a second shot (just in case you need a breather).

How to Choose a Sniper

(Note: this is completely opinionated)

1) MSG90A1

This is a decent semi-automatic sniper that allows for decent damage along with fast rate of fire. I would suggest this to anyone who is a fan of any quick-shooting sniper. Also, the MSG90A1 is great for taking out opponents at point-blank because of it’s rate of fire.

Cost: $39,000
Modifications: I suggest any damage barrel and accuracy improvement to be beneficial. Also, get the precision scope for better zoom. (Not needed, but great for far-range combat)

2) M24
Faster than the SV98, the M24 is your default sniper rifle. With a decent 85 damage per shot and combined with the +18 rate of fire, this is more than enough to take out any opponent. I would advise this sniper in any situation except for close quarters combat, as it takes two shots (I think) from a pistol (P226) to take down an enemy. The range for this gun is decent (80); it is only 5 lower than the SV98’s range.

Cost: Free (wonderful price)
Modifications: Unfortunately, you cannot modify the M24 at this time.

3) GalilSniper

This gun is moderately faster than the MSG90A1, with +32 rate of fire compared to the MSG90A1’s +25 rate of fire. However, this gun lacks in range and power, with only a measly +60 range compared to the MSG90A1’S +70 range; the power of this gun is also lower than the MSG90A1, as it has +70 damage compared to +82 damage. This gun is recommended to all those people who love killing someone with a unique sniper that barely anyone uses. This is also not a bad sniper for close range assaults, and can be devastating to a person who loves making headshots.

Cost: $31,000
Modifications: For sure, get all the accuracy and power modifications. A gun like this needs those upgrades to boost it’s power and accuracy to compare with it’s rate of fire.

4) SV98

This is a personal favorite of mine because of it’s power. The SV98’s +90 power (with the barrel modification, it can be raised to a staggering +95 damage) is devastating at both close and far range. For far range, it is a rifle to be feared, as it can easily reach ranges from the end of the Scorpion mission to the other spawn point. However, the rate of fire is slow compared to the semi-automatic snipers and can be outsniped if you miss your first shot. This gun is both good and bad at close quarters. It is good if you have incredible accuracy, but bad because essentially, you only get one shot. If you miss, it means death. There have been numerous times where I have failed to hit the person and get killed by an assualt rifle/SMG (M4A1, AK47, MP5A3, etc.). This gun is for people who have high accuracy.

Cost: $41,000 (higher cost than both of the semi-automatic sniper rifles)
Modifications: The damage barrel enhancer is a must for this gun if you plan on attempting one-hit kills. Accuracy modifications also come in handy as well.

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