AVA Experience Chart

AVA Experience Chart by trainer771

Yep. After a lot of calculating and thinking, I think I may have found out how exp is gained in the world of AVA. All calculations are done by me. Therefore, there may be an error. I have repeatedly double-checked these values to make sure that they are as accurate as they could be.

There are inevitably a few blanks. It would be nice if you guys could post some scoreboards for the game modes that I left blank so I could calculate and update. Right now, the only ones I have 100% complete are Annihilation, Escort, Escape, and Demolition.

-All squares left blank means “0.”
-All squares with a “???” mean that they are a possible source of exp who’s value I haven’t figured out.
-This excludes other possible sources, including (but not limited to) lucky shots, daily missions, and exp ups.
-“Score” includes tactics score, kill, defense score, attack score, and leader score.
-Snake Eye is an odd exception here. You seem to have a higher base exp when playing it.

Exp chart:

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