ArcheAge Crafting Equipment Upgrades Guide

ArcheAge Crafting Equipment Upgrades Guide by Seatbelt

The likelyhood of you getting a part of a top 50 set with decent item rarirty and a low crafting skill is incredibly miniscule, and you are about to understand why. From levels 20 until 40, there are 5 sets for each armour type. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the system, a set is a collection of equipment and when a player wears a certaing ammount of equipment from the set, he acquires special bonuses. For low-level sets all you need is akhium and the neccessary resource (leather, ore, etc.) After you’ve collected the needed materials you make the level 20 set and upgrade it gradually up to level 40. In order to do this you’ll need a gradually increasing ammount of akhium, resources and jars. that can be crafted with resources that are gathered from farms. All of this is fairly simple.

Hardcore crafting starts with the crafting of the level 44 set. There are 4 of these sets for each armour type [light, medium, and heavy]. What’s really fun, is the fact taht when you upgrade your set, you don’t know which of the 4 set options it will turn into. As you can see in the video[2:15] when I upgraded my set from level 40 to 44, I got 2 items from the 1st set, 2 items from the 2nd, 2 from the 3rd and 1 from the 4th. And now in order to collect the rest of my desired set I have to repeat the process and pray to the Great Gods of Korean Random Chance that I will get the items that I need. Obviously players can trade these set items amongst themselves in order to collect the set they want, but certain sets will be more popular and easier to obtain than some others. This is only the first step in hardcore crafting, so let us continue. There are no level 48 sets, but instead there are low level 50 sets, a middle level 50 sets, and a high level 50 sets. In order to craft the lowest level 50 set you’ll have to get a certain level 44 set, meaning that out of the 4 level 44 sets, only one can be upgraded to level 50. Those level 44 set items that can be upgraded to level 50 have 3 stat bonuses, while those that can not only have 2. There are 7 low level 50 sets, only one of which can be upgraded to it’s middle level 50 counterpart, of which
there are also 7, out of which also only 1 can be upgraded to the high level 50 set. But the complications don’t end there. It is also important that the crafter is high enough skill level so that the set items are at least blue, or preferably purple or gold [item rarity].

To upgrade the level 40 [medium] set to level 44 you need 21 blue akhium cubes, which can be farmed on the Northern Continent, bought from the Auction House or grinded from mob drops. You also need 28 improved leather. If you chose to get the leather yourself from your own pig farm, you’ll also have to upgrade the leather yourself. You’ll need 3 regular leather to make 1 processed leather. In order to make one improved leather, you’ll need 10 processed leather and 1 red jar, which is crafted out of 25 rice and 15 corn. This is specifically for medium armour, and in order to upgrade sets of different armour types you’ll need different colour jars made from different plants. After fathering all the improved leather you will need dye [amount not specified, I assume one per each item in the set], and 7 round red jars, on per each item in the set. These jars are also made using resources from farms. For a single red jar you will need 25 peanuts, which take a while to grow, 20 wheat, 9 seaweed from an underwater farm and 1 special [I think he might have said thunderstruck, but I’m not sure] rice, which can be acquired randomly when farming regular rice. The chance of a player getting the special rice depends on his or her farming skill level. A mage will need 1 special clover leaf for a yellow jar, which is used to upgrade cloth, which means he would
have to have 2 skills – farming and picking herbs – at a decently high level. The simplest of plants grow around 2 hours, while the more complex ones like seaweed and peanuts can grown for 10 hours.

The higher the level of the crafted item, the more complex the resources get. Level 50 sets require items that can only be dropped by mobs and have a fairly low drop rate.

Weapons adhere to a similar upgrade pattern. There are 4 level 44 weapons of each weapon type, only one of which can be upgraded to the low level 50, of which there are 7, and out of those 7 only 1 can be upgraded to the middle level 50, of which there are also 7 and of which also only 1 can be upgraded to it’s final high level 50 form.

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