APB Reloaded Easy Money Guide

APB Reloaded Easy Money Guide by SOCIAL

Defend Yourself!

You need a good gun in order to defend yourself while trying to get your money, whether you’re in a mission or you were witnessed mugging someone!

The default gun is the STAR 556. Now, this is a good gun, but you’re gonna need someone a bit better to have the edge against your opponents.

There are many different types of weapons in this game.

-Sub machine guns
-Assault Rifles
-Sniper Rifles
-Semi-Automatic Guns

Now, picking the right gun for you obviously will depend on, well, your own taste in weapons! Personally, I like using a sub-machine gun or a shotgun, because of the high fire rate and damage. This all depends on what you prefer, so try out a few guns in the Armas Marketplace before purchasing a gun to level up!

Getting Some Transportation

Now, in order to get places in the massive city of San Paro, you need a ride! There are many cars that all have different abilities. Here are a few:

The Bishada Rapier, Patriot Vegas/Jericho, and Charge Mikro are meant for speed.

The Packer Ceresco and Seiyo Espacio are meant for storage and ramming. These two vans have the largest cargo capacity in the game, and both of these are able to be purchased and used by criminals. This is good!

They can hold all of your belongings, and if you own either one, nobody else can get in your car and steal your stuff! (Unless they’re in your group)

Now, if you don’t have enough cash, you can find a normal Ceresco driving throughout the streets, but these won’t protect your items from others. As in, any other player near you can get in your car if you’re not in it and drive off! So be careful of your surroundings.

Collect Your Cash: Ram Raiding

Ram Raiding is a useful way, used by Criminals, to get money by themselves or with friends! You can do this without being in a mission, and without being completely scared of Enforcers and other players.

The cars we talked about in the Vehicles section have a certain amount of slots for items dropped from storefronts and pedestrians. The Ceresco has 25 slots, for example. Here’s a breakdown of the different items and their different points:

–Small: (Cell phones, jewelry, etc.) These items are on the player themselves and do not need to be loaded into a vehicle (as notated by a box with a number next to it in the top right part of the screen. The limit on how many small items that can be carried is 50, these items get the least amount of money from contacts.

–Medium: (Cameras, suitcases, etc.) These items cause the player to walk slightly slower while walking back to their vehicle, and must be loaded into the trunk. These items take 2-4 points from the max carrying capacity of the player’s vehicle. These items get a moderate amount of money from contacts.

–Large: (Safes, TVs, etc.) These items cause the player to walk significantly slower and as such makes it easier for the player to be witnessed while carrying the item to/from their vehicle. These items take 5+ points from the max carrying capacity of the player’s vehicle and must be loaded into the trunk.
(Item info from http://www.apbrwiki.com/wiki/Ram_Raiding, Creative Commons)

You can fit a lot into the big vans, and once full, take them to your nearest contact or fence to recieve your Dirty Money!

Collect Your Cash: Mugging Civilians

There is one other alternative to getting cash fast in APB: Reloaded. This is by mugging the NPCs in the game!

All you have to do is walk up to a walking pedestrian and press the ACTION button, which is by default the “F” key. Once you start the process, you are able to be witnessed. This is rare though. It may take a little time when you mug people, but you can buy Brass Nuckle modifications for your character to speed up the process!

Once the timer is done, the person should crouch or run away, 99% of the time, leaving their items behind on the ground. They can drop anything from small phones and jewelry to handheld suitcases. Take these to the contacts and fences, just like if you were Ram-Raiding.

Get Your Rewards!

Now that you have a lot of dirty money, head on over to the Money Laundry and turn it in! Make sure your notoriety is at least at level 3 or 4, just by doing some shootings, ram-raiding, or mugging, and you’re set! Thanks for reading guys, and I hope I helped!

My full guide:

What If I’m an Enforcer???

Well, I don’t play on Enforcer mainly for this reason. What I’ve seen Enforcer friends do is do this guide on a criminal account of theres (on the same server, so if your Enforcer account is on the Joker:East server, put your criminal on that too) and then when you have enough money, put something stupid on the marketplace and have your criminal buy it so your Enforcer gets the money.
Another way is by witnessing other criminals doing this guide on your Enforcer account, kill them, take their stuff and turn it in!

If anyone who reads this has a really good Enforcer account, please add me and message me so I can add your information here. Thanks!

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