World of Warplanes Losing Tailgaters Guide

World of Warplanes Losing Tailgaters Guide by Heh

How do you permanently get a tailgater out of your hair? Well, I have 4 tactics:

1. Energy fighting. By far THE MOST effective tailgater repellant and even tailgater bane I have ever known, having a 90-95% success rate in my eyes. Energy fighting is using your altitude and speed advantage to dive down on enemy targets and come back up with ease. But that isn’t the best part. When an enemy starts chasing you, PULL UP AND BOOST. Minimize your turns when climbing for best effect. Your gained speed during that dive will make you climb back up extremely fast, while the guy behind you will have trouble catching up. When your boost ends and you get to a low speed of about 200 mph or so, pull up yet again so you’re upside down and currently forcing the tailgater to pull up at a 90 degree angle, then turn horizontally while maintaining your altitude. This will minimize the amounts of hits you receive. Once the guy stalls, dive on him and inflict huge damage. The best part is that when you fail your attack, you can simply climb back up, and the guy, having lost ALL his speed, will not be able to retaliate. With that, continue diving, then climbing back up until the guy dies. You can even do it against two or three if you’re good enough. This requires you to have the faster and better climbing plane though, since a biplane trying to energy fight a jet would get the biplane pooped on. However, you will defeat the enemy with little to no effort, and little to no health loss. YAY!

2. Outturning. The simplest way. In order to do that, you must have the better turn radius. With that, keep turning, doing high yoyos (google it, it’s a wonder in WoWP), and basically anything that’ll help you tail your opponent. If done right, YOU will be the tailgater. It’ll get you shot at more, but it’s relatively safe and has good results. Plus it’s more fun than energy fighting. :3 Careful though, as you do not want to follow your faster enemy into the vertical, as you’d get stomped by energy fighting.

3. Outrunning. It’s simple, just run away. Works very well when it comes to jets vs propeller planes or a Bf 110B vs tier 3s or something like that, but it’s gonna get a MASSIVE load of attention on you, and WILL get you shot at. I only recommend it with planes that burn speed off easily in turns, climb too badly, and maybe are too immobile, but are generally fast. Planes like the Me 262 vs propeller planes and the Bf 110B vs low tiers or the Me 410 vs non-German low tiers will do quite fine with said method, especially the skorcas and their armor. But please, do not count on being able to live through multiple instances of that, especially vs cannon-armed planes.

4. Overshooting. Absolutely the worst escape method I have ever known, worse than even outrunning. All you have to do is to slow down just when the enemy is close enough and he’ll fly right by, but here’s the catches: One, this tactic only works up close. Two, this tactic will NOT work vs a competent enough pilot (he’ll energy fight you instead, like a real man). Three, this tactic RIDS you of EVERY energy advantage you have. Four, this tactic also makes you prone to rams. With all of these in mind, it’s only used as a last ditch maneuver, and mainly with sky whales. If you do so otherwise, you’ll end up regretting it, as trying to make an Ar 80 overshoot while in a Bf 109C will make you slap yourself. However, if this tactic does work, the guy will be in front of you, and if you didn’t bleed too much speed, you’ll send a few metal presents up ahead. Oh wait, that also means that the guy must be on low health. Anyway, this tactic does work, but do not take it except as a last ditch attempt.

5. (only if you have big enough bombs). Fly low to the ground, and wait until the guy is within range and at low alt. Then drop the bomb, keep making him follow his current path, and he’ll blow up. Congrats, you killed someone with a bomb, the best way of killing tailgaters as an immobile skorca/sky whale. However, you need to do a little math, which involves multiplying the tailgater’s speed in km/s or ft/s by the bomb’s delay in seconds, which should give out the proper universal bomb distance for all planes going that speed minus the ping (factor that in yourself, by adding your ping in seconds to the bomb’s timer). Figure something out for nearly all planes you face, and people will be whining like mad. It’s not an official universal tactic of mine since it requires at least 250 kg bombs by my standards, and not all planes have them.

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