World of Warplanes Light Fighter Guide

World of Warplanes Light Fighter Guide by TheM16Madness

Hello fellow pilots!

I am writing this guide to give you guys some tips and tactics to maximize your contribution to your team. Please Note: This a LIGHT FIGHTER guide.  This type of aircraft is built for pure combat. With their speed and maneuverability, they control the dogfights and ultimately control the tide of battle. These aircraft excel in taking out other aircraft, particularly Ground Attack (GA) and Heavy Fighter (HF) planes who think they could sneak into your Headquarters. The fighters do have a weak point, low hit points (HP). I will provide you my information about Fighters, my main plane class. I will provide 2 aspects of the fighter. The Conservative, Team Player Fighter, and the Offensive, Killing Machine Fighter.

The Conservative Fighter

Rule 1. Play Smart

Rule 1A. Do Not Ram

Fighters are the most common planes on the field. Most of them try to ram head on. The rest actually try to survive. Here’s a fact : those who survive and play conservatively have a better Win rate and Kill/Death ratio. Of course, those who survive and thrive are the ones who get the achievements, more experience, more credits and ultimately are better then rammers.

  • Surviving planes tend to perform better
  • You get more credit and experience the longer you stay alive

Rule 1B. Check out the map

Check out your map (M). It provides a clearer and better view of the battle. You know where you are most needed, and you also have a bigger view of your enemies position and how fast he is going.

  •   This game is 10% LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Be where you are needed.
  •   You can plan ahead and have a better chance of success by knowing where your going before  a plane attacks you

Rule 2. Be a team player

Your job as a fighter is not to get 5 kills a game. If at first you engage your enemy, and you are not sure you can kill the dude fast, DISENGAGE. It is not worth valuable time. It is useless chasing a plane that has good maneuverability.DISENGAGE and help out your GA and HF shake off enemy fighters. Superiority works wonders.

Rule 2A. Ask if any GA or HF need an escort.

This is part of your job. You might want to escort a GA. Just stay about 500m back and pick off a enemy plane going for your friendly. If you are successful, the GA should have destroyed the Headquarters, and many AA. Which is more valuable then gold in this game. This leads to

SUMMARY-You are the ‘Police’, Protect and Serve.

The Offensive Fighter

RULE 1: Maneuverability

You need as much Maneuverability as you could have. Fighter planes are blessed with good maneuverability because its a tool for hunting. You need to swerve, roll and reverse as fast as possible to secure that kill. Therefore I have the golden rule for offensive fighters.



RULE 2: Rolls, Pitches and Yaw’s

To be successful you need to know the nicks and crannies of flight.
How to set these up: Settings->Controls->Flight->Apply keys to Roll,Pitch and Yaw

  •    Rolls-  Basically, barrel rolls you can do roll to reduce airspeed and avoid overshooting. Also, rolling at a good time can give you an advantage. IE: The enemy does a upward climb with a twist at the end. You can counter that by rolling at the top of the climb and losing a second of the stall.
  • Pitch- A more defensive maneuver if you ask me. You pitch up and do a short stall to make your enemy overshoot.
  • Yaw- This is really for Rear Gunners. Which Fighters dont have.


Nuff said.
Remember these words: WE FIGHT!

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2 Responses

  1. LuftwaffleLove says:

    oh also mad BF-110C rammin love to ya

  2. LuftwaffleLove says:

    really enjoy the guide, you’re sorely understating yaw though, it is important for ANY aircraft. I think you merely omitted this for simplicities sake but I don’t want other, perhaps newer pilots, getting the wrong idea.

    Granted, yaw is not 100% critical in flying an aircraft, but it separates “good pilots” and Aces. Next to the understanding and deployment of kinetic energy in aerial combat I sincerely believe they’re damn near equal in importance.

    Besides Rule #1 cannot be fully followed with an idle rudder

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