Neverwinter GF Threat Mechanics Guide

Neverwinter GF Threat Mechanics Guide by dkcandy

Hello Everyone.

This is going to be a very short tanking guide and how threat works in Neverwinter from my own personal observations and evaluations with other tanks. There could be some incorrect information, so please feel free to post your comments and corrections.

First lets talk about threat tables:

Each hostile creature has a threat table and it appears that threat is not wiped during a fight till the fight is over with the creature dead or entire party dead and all creatures reset.

In simple terms:
1. Target with highest threat
2. 2nd target with highest threat
3. 3rd target, etc….

The creatures will attack the target with the highest threat at the time of using a skill or attack. Each time they go to do an action they check which target has the highest threat and then attacks that player. This is why you’ll see creatures appear to sometimes rubber band back and forth between targets. Because 2 players are so close to threat that when 1 goes to dodge the other is over taking that players threat.

Now you should understand basic threat table mechanics and what to look out for should you become the next target.

TIP: If you are a DPS Class and creatures start to target you, stop your DPS on those creatures and switch to another. Allow your tanks to pickup aggro before going backing to DPS unless of course you are trying to burn down a boss. Also if you are a healer and able to quickly notify your team that you are being targeted. You can stop healing and allow your tank(s) to pickup threat before healing the party again.

How threat is generated

It appears that threat is generated on a 1:1 ratio for both Healing & Damage and there are (2) types of threat generation mechanics:

Indirect – Healing
Direct – Damage to a specific creature

The major issue with tanking in Neverwinter and holding #1 Threat position to every creature is “Tanks” only have direct threat mechanics and their taunts/stuns are restricted to a very low # of creatures. This requires the tank(s) to keep damaging the targets they want to hold aggro with and stay #1 on threat tables.

This is also why Clerics can easily pull aggro and become #1 threat position to every creature in the battle. Because their healing is generating threat on every creature in combat and can quickly over take the tanks threat.

TIP: If your team is taking a lot of damage, your cleric is building a lot of threat to every creature. If your cleric suddenly takes aggro on a large # of creatures, have the entire party switch to self healing or avoid damage till your tank(s) gain control of the fight. Dead Cleric normally means a wipe.

Threat Generating Feats & Powers for Guardian Fighters

Currently the Guardian Fighter is the “Primary Tank” for Neverwinter and we have several feats that help boost our threat generation but remember DPS (Damage Per Second) is the base of all threat generation. So if your DPS is low, so will your TPS (Threat Per Second). This is why DPS geared & built GFs have an easier time holding threat than defensive GFs.

Race: The race you select has very little impact on the amount of DPS/TPS you can generate but not enough to really matter. Only a few % +/-. So pick the race you think looks best or prefer to play.

Stats: Primary Strength (This will give you the largest DPS/TPS increase % wise)

Tier 1: Strength Focus 3/3 – Increased Damage
Tier 3: Power Attack 5/5 – 10% Damage Increase
Tier 3: Potent Challenge 3/3 – 15% Threat Increase
Tier 4: Weapon Mastery 3/3 – 3% Crt Chance Increase

Paragon Paths:
Conqueror – My personal preference as you do a lot more damage and damage = threat. You’ll be using Cleave to maintain threat on large # of creatures and great for holding aggro on single target/boss.

Tactician – A friend of mine uses tactician and he spams daily’s with this feat to hold aggro on large # of creatures and generates lots of threat.

Protector – Appears to be the worst of the 3 and of my friends that used this tree said it sucks. The other 2 paths are just superior.

Enforced Threat – AoE taunt for up to (5) targets and forces them to attack you for a short time frame. (I only use this skill during trash pulls up to boss, then switch skill) Issue with skills is the limit to 5 targets.

Fighters Recovery – Must have for survival, tons of self healing

Enhanced Mark – +99% Threat Generation on marked targets – If you have threat issues a no brainier. (Otherwise I personally swap this out for: Combat Superiority if threat isn’t an issue.)

Threatening Rush – Marks all targets in a small AOE on target you melee hit. Great skill to use on trash and when tanking adds/boss.

Trample the Fallen + Battle Trample Feat – +25% Weapon Damage as threat + 25% Weapon Damage as physical Damage for 3 seconds after using a CC. (Many of the GF Powers trigger this)

Knight’s Valor – A good skill to reduce the amount of damage your entire party is taking which also reduces the amount of healing your Cleric is down and reduces the amount of indirect threat the cleric is generating.

If you are looking for more assistance for specific builds, browse the forums as there are many good builds to try and figure out what is fun for you.

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