Marvel Heroes Ini Config Performance Tweaks Guide

Marvel Heroes Ini Config Performance Tweaks Guide by xxBLOODMOONxx

P.S. Make a Backup in case you make a Typo. Alternately, you can just delete the file entirely, and the game will revert to default settings.

Steam directories \Steam\steamapps\common\Marvel Heroes\UnrealEngine3\MarvelGame\Config

STEAM Note: There are two locations of these files on steam version. Be sure to Change your Steam directory ini. Or you may not see the changes.

Win directories My Documents/My Games/Marvel Heroes/Config

Bitraider Note: Bitraider only uses one location. the default location is the Win location

Test Center directory My Documents\My Games\Marvel Heroes (TestCenter)\config

MarvelInputUserSettings.ini If your having troubles finding this file.. one of the changes with the new patch.. this file can now be found as.. MarvelInput.ini

Note: If your not seeing the changes you made go into effect…

1. Some users have reported that you need to change the settings in both different directories. Also, If you are running steam or have at one time ran bitraider and then switched to steam.

2. To prevent files from reverting back to previous version you must right-click the ini file and go into properties and change it to read only. If a patch changes something you’d have to change it back.

Make ALT stay on! Press only once per map, it will stay on for the entire map! (Video Tutorial Link)

Open Documents\My Games\Marvel Heroes\MarvelGame\Config\MarvelInputUserSettings.i ni and open with notepad. Click menu Edit and select Replace. In the “Find what” part type RevealInteractiblesReleased and then type RevealInteractiblesPressed in the “Replace this” part. Choose Replace all and then save.

Note: depending which client you are running this file can now be found as.. MarvelInput.ini

Reduce Lag

INI editing to reduce particles to help with FPS in limbo and such.

Getting low fps in limbo, annoyed by Cyclops skill effects or all those peeps running around with their heads set on fire? This thread is for you!

Go to \Documents\My Games\Marvel Heroes\MarvelGame\Config open MarvelEngine.ini and find [Engine.Engine] section and change these lines – MaxParticleResize to 1 (0 counts as infinity and you’ll see every particle effect in the game, 1 is the lowest, 50 for medium effects) MaxParticleVertexMemory to 33668

If you change MaxParticleResize to 1 you wont see any effects in game, not even your skills effects so you better make a backup of MarvelEngine.ini

Note: Some have reported Using the setting of 1, this effect may make Orbs hard to see. If you find the orbs hard to see, it is suggested to change this to a setting of 25.

Information Note: If MaxParticleVertexMemory, or MaxParticleResize is set too low, it causes the game engine to spit out an error every frame, generating multi-gigabyte log files.

Information Note is directly from Goofus (Dev team)

Note: Log size: You will need to add the log size fix also listed here, if you set this too low.

Changing/Fix resolution via Config files.

You can change the resolution manually by editing Documents\My Games\Marvel Heroes\MarvelGame\config\MarvelEngine.ini

Look for the lines ResX= and ResY= and set them to a valid resolution.

Alternately, you can just delete the file entirely, and the game will revert to default settings.

DynamicLights disabled, for Less Lag Increase performance

If you locate the MarvelEngine.ini file (as a windows user, i found it in My Documents/My Games/Marvel Heroes/Config), you can adjust numerous settings, but the one option i found that gave a very noticeable improvement in all areas, was the DynamicLights=True setting. By setting this to false, you no longer have what appears to be the majority of real time lights functioning at all times in game.

Theres also a few other settings that can be adjusted and toyed with, such as blur, distortion, lens effects, etc. Each option can improve performance with varying effect for users, but MOST users with FPS issues, should notice an increase with just DynamicLights disabled.

Note: While there is an increase in performance and fps.. using this option can make certain effects look dark. here is a screen shot from one of the users in limbo.…/?id=158208924

Possible Fix to LAG

IMPORTANT: Always make a copy of any Config files before making changes in another folder!! So again go back to your (My Documents—MyGames—Marvel Heroes—MarvelGame—Config) Select “MarvelEngine” and under [Engine.Engine] find the bSmoothFramerate = True and change it to FALSE. Under the [SystemSettings] find DynamicShadows = True and change to FALSE and leave Dynamic Lights = TRUE. To assist on some of these settings I also created an Nvidia Profile and I turned ON FXAA, the game now doesn’t look so pixelated but runs smoothly. I also made some other adjustments like Anisotropy to enhance the game experience. You just have to know your card and computer to test out how high to set Anisotropy and Antialiasing. However, the previous settings mentioned in the “ini” file should help a lot! I hope this does help. Good Luck! In doing this, the game runs smoother for me as well as loads faster and I haven’t had one crash since I logged on about 2 hours ago. It has largely to do with the Smoothframerate(Which is the engines Vsync).

my temporary fix for limbo lags

at first go to C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\My Games\Marvel Heroes\MarvelGame\Config

then open MarvelEngine.ini with text editor or anything else

Search for FloatingPointRenderTargets=True and set it to False

This setting enables or disables Floating Point Render Target technology, which is used to provide certain post processing effects, such as the ability to enable HDR and Anti-Aliasing at the same time. The main impact of setting this option to False is that it alters the appearance of the game, removing certain post processing effects. It provides a slightly different appearance to any other option, and some may like it, however there will be some minor visual glitches, such as light boxes around explosions.

use it at own risk because it makes your game looking ugly but lowers the frame lags in limbo by a decent amount. here you can see how it looks after the change

Log File Size Eating Up Your HDD Space? LOG Folder size in the Gigabytes? Here’s Your fix.

Until this is patched, you should be able to specify the command-line argument -log=nul (with only one L) to disable log generation.

If you use Bitraider, just add it to the end of the “Target” field in your Marvel Heroes shortcut; if you use Steam, specify it in the Set Launch Options dialog, accessible via the game’s Properties.

Note: Is it safe? I’d say so. This is one is directly from dev team. Goofus Development Team

Faster Load times, Performance Boost and a Possible Fix to program crashes

The best thing to help your GF load faster is hands down to switch this line: Note: Located in the MarvelEngine.ini

bUseBackgroundLevelStreaming=False (False > True for load times) I can’t vouch for how this affects stability. It seems perfectly fine for my buddy and me though, and shaved lots of times off our loading times. Mine is instant on my SSD.

Turns out the thing causing the crashes was a missing file probably from the last patch on Steam. Verifying game cache found it and downloaded it. Haven’t crashed since, so now I’m implementing all my tweaks and experimenting with SLI again. Which SLI bit are you using? Cause I find the Sanctum one runs like crap along with Blade and Soul, Mass Effect 2/3. The best ones so far have been Mass Effect/Borderlands/Borderlands 2, and I’m trying the Farcry 3 one right now just for the hell of it. I’m at a loss though to get over 90% GPU usuage. It seems like nothing’s going to do it unless Nvidia gives this game a once over, which they won’t because it just doesn’t have enough people playing it.

Note: This minimizes the loading at the beginning and loads during play. Some users have reported the game performs poorly and choppy when they use this with .5-1 second pauses. If you see a pause, revert the option back to true.

Want to Disable Intro Movies?

open: C:\Users*******\Documents\My Games\Marvel Heroes\MarvelGame\Config\MarvelEngine.ini

search for [FullScreenMovie] delete what you do not want to see of these

StartupMovies=Startup_MarvelFlip StartupMovies=UE3_logo StartupMovies=Startup_GazillionLogo StartupMovies=Startup_MarvelHeroesLogo <– this one i usually leave alone because it is the game logo

note: the last patch re-enabled the videos so you may need to remove them every patch.

How To: Borderless Fullscreen Window Mode

For those of you that have been looking for this option there is a way. Steam: Go to C:/program files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Marvel Heroes/UnrealEngine3/Engine/config Bitraider: C:/program files(x86)//Marvel Heroes/UnrealEngine3/Engine/config Open BaseEngine.ini Ctrl-F “borderless” set borderless to TRUE Save and restart Marvel Heroes.

Steam Note:

For those that have Steam and have already altered the MarvelEngine.ini file in going through C:\Users\1\Documents\My Games\Marvel Heroes\MarvelGame\Config and like to keep changes in the same place the “Borderless” and “Fullscreen” options are there to change as well and work. Look for this section of code [SystemSettings] It will be in this section.

To prevent “Fullscreen” from reverting back to false you must right-click the ini file and go into properties and change it to read only. If a patch changes something you’d have to change it back.

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