Marvel Heroes Alt Leveling Guide

Marvel Heroes Alt Leveling Guide by Lifestream

Hey everyone I’ve seen a multitude of guides pop up with the addition of the new forums regarding the “best” way to level characters. As some of you know, MK has been around since beta and our rather large community have been painstakingly delving into every nook and cranny of the game to find the most efficient ways to accomplish various things.

It is here I would like to provide you what most of us have found to be the most efficient leveling progression path in the current state of the game. Please note that this is titled as an “Alt” leveling guide and assumes the player has already completed the story and has access to all areas. Finally, at certain points this progression may branch out depending on your level range, party/guild availability, or a coupling of the two.

Let’s begin shall we?

Level 1-5 – Abandoned Subway This one is pretty simplistic. Waypoint to Abandoned Subway and clear enemies all the way to Doctor Octopus. Depending on Int/Gear/Mob Density, you will hit level 5 or just barely miss it. No worries if you have 4 levels and change.

Level 5-7 – Cargo Freighter Yet again a simple endeavor, waypoint to the cargo freighter and clear all mobs. Skip the Hood. Group Benefit: Using a group to reset the instance, you can quickly clear this instance again to achieve roughly level 8.

Level 7-10 – Chapter 3 Practically all of Chapter 3 is excellent for this range; however, one place stands out above the rest. If you travel to the Hidden Cove, you’ll be able to take on a few “red door” instances, most notably the Brood Cave. Your biggest focus in this area, though, is to spawn the Aquatic Assault event which generates gobs of XP. If this is taking far to long to spawn, your alternative method is to kill/leech kills in Lowtown.

Here’s a juncture in the guide where a team can make a huge difference in level progression due to the ability to instance reset.

SOLO: Level 10-15 – Upper East Side A spectacular place to achieve this level range is in the Upper East Side of chapter 4 just outside of Fisk Tower. Enemies are constantly spawning in this area and it is a high traffic zone for random players. The kill rate here is fantastic and will get you to level 15 in no time. A faster method is below and requires a team:

GROUP: Level 10-12 – Hand Tower and 12-15 – Fisk Tower For the short jump from level 10 to 12, Hand Tower is a spectacular place when continually reset with a group. Clear the tower up to the last floor, don’t even bother zoning into Elektra’s area. Just rinse, lather repeat. You should knock out those few levels in 2-3 runs.

Level 12-15 with a group is practically the same, but instead, we’ll be stomping our way through Fisk Tower. Again, no boss kill, just clear mobs and reset. I’d also like to mention, if you have a Cyclops friend with Optic Devastation, these tower floors can be cleared in about 2 to 3 blasts and with bonus XP to boot

Level 15-16 – Morlock Underground Yes, you read correctly, one measly level. This seems arbitrary, but it does indeed serve a purpose. The Morlock Underground is our destination here. There is a high mob density, always randoms clearing it, and amazing XP for level 15.

Level 16-20 – Chapter 7/Evolution Facility Chapter 7 will be your friend for the next few levels. Head to the Infested Jungle or Mutate Marsh and kill/leech to your heart’s content. Group Benefit: There is a wonderful, and hopefully well known, place here that makes these levels fly: Evolution Facility, or, as we in MK call it: EVO. Before the XP adjustment to Green/Red Terminals, this was to go-to place for levels 16-24, but now we’re fortunate to only have to eek out 4 levels in this awful place. With a group, this can be cleared relatively fast, but as with anything, it’s always better to have a Cyclops to carry the group.

Level 20-24 – T1 Green Terminal Yay! We finally get to partake in terminal missions . . . which I suppose isn’t saying much, since that’s the remainder of the game right now. These levels are best obtained by clearing Green Terminal Abandoned Subway or Kingpin’s Hideout. As with anything, this is doable solo, but a group further expedites the process. You should see what happens with a level 60 pure tactics tree Cyclops in the party

Level 24-28 – Limbo 1 These levels are somewhat up in the air as there are few options that offer an XP rate comparable to Limbo. The exception would probably be Red Terminal Hood with a rusher. If you don’t have that asset, knock out a couple limbos and you should hit 28 in no time.

From this point on, if you choose to play solo, Limbo is practically your only option. In the current state of things DOT characters can manage on their own in blue/red terminals, but that will soon be going the way of the dodo. All of this will likely change with the coming fixes to various characters, defense, and damage scaling.

Note on Blue Terminal Clearing: In order to achieve an efficient XP kill rate in Blue Terminal missions, certain rules must be adhered to: 1. Don’t open any rifts until the very end (i.e. all paths are cleared, no enemies left) 2. Deals Extra Damage enemies are your worst nightmare. Clear their path last. 3. If the center spawns Deals Extra Damage enemies, quickly clear your way to a side path and work your way down it. Avoid the center until threat has been dramatically reduced. 4. Bring at least 1 DOT character. Sadly, this is the only way to really achieve worthwhile XP/min in comparison to Limbo/Red Terminal Bosses. I’m sure the entire second half of this guide will have to be re-addressed when they change DOTs.

SOLO: Level 28-35 Limbo 1.

GROUP: Level 28-40 Madripoor 3. As a quick note, if you are running a full group of players all at the minimum level here, I would strongly recommend waiting until 30 to tackle Madripoor 3. Unless you are on some of the more resilient characters, levels 28 and 29 here can have a drastically high mortality rate here.

SOLO: Level 35-44 Limbo 2.

GROUP: Level 40-48 Subterranea 3. Similar to the situation in Madripoor 3, Level 38 is the earliest beneficial start point here; however the mortality rate is quite high. Level 38 and 39 characters are generally leeching for the first few branches before they can participate. As everyone knows, there are characters who are notable exceptions.

SOLO: Level 44-50 Limbo 3.

GROUP: Level 48-60 Cows! Let the Moo-tastic adventure begin. Why not Wundagore 3 you ask? W3 suffers from the same difficulty problems that plague its two predecessors. A bad run or god forbid a streak of bad affixes can drastically dampen XP gain. So, while W3 may be slightly better XP, the risk, in my opinion, makes it fall short of Cows. In the Bovine Sector, the enemies are easy to kill, not subject to threat at all, spawn in such a way that they can be conveniently and efficiently cleared, and the council officers some great loot. To achieve the ideal rate of XP gain here, you will want 3 portals running simultaneously.

SOLO: Level 50-60 Limbo 4.

There you have it. I hope this information is of great benefit to those that utilize it! If it’s of any consequence, some of our guild members, including myself, have achieved over 800 levels across all our characters using these methods.

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