Marvel Heroes Relics List

Marvel Heroes Relics List by ejester

Was looking for this info myself, and realised I had found most of them by the time I wanted to know so, figured others might like to know as well:

There are 7 total relics in the game atm, they are as follows:

note these can all stack to 1000

  1. Relic of the Snakeroot Clan +1% movespeed, +1hp
  2. Relic of Lemuria +7 hp when you deal dmg, +1 hp
  3. Relic of Xandar +5 dmg rating with any ranged power, +1hp
  4. Relic of Gibborim +8 Spirit, +1hp
  5. Relic of Asgard +6 Melee dmg, +1hp
  6. Relic of Atlantis +17 dmg on crit, +1hp
  7. Relic of Chthon 8 mental dmg when you get hit, +1hp

Hope that helps people make an informed choice on what they’d like to equip

Special Notes

  • Please note, these do not scale 1:1, so for instance, 2x relic of lemuria stacked does not = 14hp (it’s 10 actually).
  • Please note, that once stuck together, you can not take them apart. So if you want 2 heroes to use the same type of relic, keep them seperate.

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