Lunaria Story Astrology Newbie Guide

Lunaria Story Astrology Newbie Guide by CompositeBlade

You could buy all astrology pills for over 1,000,000 Gold. But you can’t anymore, because third-rate pills aren’t for sale at 888gold. A method to secure 1st in Astrology is to buy up to the 6th Rate Pill. That requires you to be Vip 7+ in the first 14 days. Of course, if someone buys more gold than you, and gets the 7th pill.. thats just too bad. (Vip8+). After 5th pill, it might be cheaper to spend gold on low level Refinement, Attribute slots, Exp Blessing, Guild Training, Character Stat Training, Marriage, Farming (when the prices get sorted out) or Lucky Wands/Hero Chests.


Sugar = Star Spirit
Sweet Pieces = Magic Cores

Cherry Bubblegum

Info: To make a cherry bubblegum pill, use 10,000 sugar and 5 sweet pieces.
Price: 10,000 sugar, 5 sweet pieces.
Time: 0-1+ days.
Buy with Gold: 5x4G=20 Gold.

Strepsil Max Strength

Info: To make a strepsil max strength pill, take 3 cherry bubblegum pills, mix with 20,000 sugar and 10 sweet pieces.
Price: 50,000 sugar, 25 sweet pieces.
Time: 0-2+ days.
Buy with Gold: 25x4G=100Gold.

Foxx’s Ice Purple Mints

Info: To make a foxx’s ice purple mint pill, take 9 cherry bubblegum pills, mix with 110,000 sugar and 50 sweet pieces.
Price: 200,000 sugar and 95 sweet pieces.
Time: 0-7+ days.
Buy with Gold: 888Gold (Special Price), 95x4G=380Gold.

Blueberry Bubblegum

Info: To make a blueberry bubblegum pill, take 3 foxx’s ice purple mint pills, mix with 100,000 sugar and 30 sweet pieces.
Price: 700,000 sugar and 315 sweet pieces.
Time: 0-21+ days.
Buy with Gold: (3x888G)+(30x4G)=2,664G+120G=2,784Gold, 315x4G=1,260Gold.

Cola Pill

Info: To make a cola pill, take 9 foxx’s ice purple mint pills, mix with 500,000 sugar and 130 sweet pieces
Price: 2,300,000 sugar, 985 sweet pieces.
Time: 3-30+ days.
Buy with Gold: (9x888G)+(130x4G)=7,992G+520G=8512G, 985x4G=3,940Gold.

Haribo Gummy Ring

Info: To make a haribo gummy ring pill, take 27 foxx’s ice purple mint pills, mix with 1,800,000 sugar and 440 sweet pieces.
Price: 7,200,000 sugar, 3,030 sweet pieces.
Time: 6-40+days.
Buy with Gold: (27x888G)+(440x4G)=23976G+1760G=25,736Gold, 3030x4G=12,120Gold.

Cold n Flu ++

Info: To make a cold n flu ++ pill, take 3 haribo gummy ring pills, mix with 400,000 sugar and 60 sweet pieces.
Price: 22,000,000 sugar, 9,150 sweet pieces.
Time: 60-90+days.
Buy with Gold: (81x888G)+(1380x4G)=71928G+5520G=77,448Gold, 9,150x4G=36,600Gold.

Runner-Up Prize Sweet

Info: To make a runner-up prize sweet pill, take 9 haribo gummy ring pills, mix with 1,700,000 sugar and 250 sweet pieces!
Price: 82,700,000 sugar, 27,520 sweet pieces.
Time: 150-210+ days.
Buy with Gold. (243x888G)+(4210x4G)=215,785G+16,840G=232,625Gold, 27,520x4G= 110,080Gold.

Winner Ultimate Super Rare Platinum Prize Candy

Info:To make a winner ultimate super rare platinum prize candy pill, take 27 haribo gummy ring pills, mix with 5,900,000 sugar and 850 sweet pieces.
Price: 199,900,000 sugar, 82,660 sweet pieces.
Time: 365 days?
Buy with Gold. (729x888G)+(11880x4G)= 647,352G+47,520G=694,872Gold, 82,660x4G=330,640Gold

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