Age of Wushu Factions Mini Instances Guide

Age of Wushu Factions Mini Instances Guide by guangong

Factions are a series of mini instances located around the game world. They are first introduced as part of a tutorial early on in the game, where you are assisted by a high level NPC. There more than 30 accessible mini-instances currently available, each have a set of bosses with a different background story.

You can check the background, location & drops of the instances by selecting Missions => Factions.


Only 7 instances are made available to you from the beginning, while more will be unlocked as you acquire higher reputation. You may check your reputation and rank through character profile by clicking ‘C’ and selecting the second tab at the bottom.




What is the point of challenging an instance?

Reputation: Higher level instance gives more reputation. If you have no party for dungeon (Twilight Village, Green Cloud Castle, etc.) raids, mini-instances is one of the few choices available.

Flying Skills: New to the game? Get Whirlwind Step & Jump Across the Clouds’ from these instances ASAP!

Culture Life Skill Tools: High chance to get Chess Books, Painting, etc. (Scholar’s (school) 3rd Internal quests need some of these.)

3 School-less (Jianghu) Martial Skill Sets: Which can be useful alternatives/ supplement to your school skills. To see which instance can drop these skills click Missions => Factions => Stash


You can only attempt to challenge an instance 8 times per day; failing or giving up counts too.
Successfully clearing an instance 6 times per day will reward you with an additional gift box. You can find it on Missions => Factionsinterface, click on the box to claim. Unfortunately, these boxes typically don’t yield much good stuff (You will get a small amount of bound silvers, Jackdaw herbs – 25% XP buff potions, & small chance to get a Flying skill).


Challenging an Instance

Mini-instance locations can be viewed at clicking Missions => Factions => Intro.


When you arrive on the desired map, open the map, click Missions and highlight the faction challenge on your map to check the exact location of the mini-instance.


First of all, form a 6 man party. Members with red text means he / she does not have the reputation required yet. You will need to start without him / her.


You will see a list of bosses and relationship between them next. Once you pressed start, the system will randomly choose a boss for you (Note that waiting for the timer to run down will automatically choose the highest level boss). Defeat him to complete the instance.

Bosses’ strength are as follow: Green > Gold > Silver > Bronze > Grey. Good luck if you are challenging an instance of your level and you end up with the green boss, they tend to have more HP and hit much harder with their skills.


Objectives & Challenges

Your main objective is to defeat the boss on the instance. Completing bonus and optional challenges will ensure you to get the best clear rank ‘A’. Rewards quality are based on your clear rank.

A => Treasure Chest + Gold Chest
B => Treasure Chest + Silver Chest
C => Treasure Chest + Copper Chest
D => Treasure Chest

Optional challenge requires you to kill a certain number of enemies. Bonus challenges are often
1. clear under X minutes,
2. killed X number of enemies,
3. do not die more than X times.

Ending an Instance

You can end an instance earlier by talking to the mini-instance NPC. Choose first option to end and then second option to teleport out of the instance.

Alternatively, you can also walk out of instance boundary (a white shimmering veil) and you will be teleported out in a moment.

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