Age of Wushu User Interface Guide

Age of Wushu User Interface Guide by Daji

UI Informations

There are many useful information associate with the UI in game. Be sure to take a look on them.


1. Email

You can use this function to trade with player by clicking on: send money to player or pay money to receive email (COD)

2. VIP

Show you VIP status as well as option for renewal. It also has information and benefits of VIP.

3. Internal Cultivation

The windows show the current skill on training, practice martial art and team practice. The
experience conversion let you view you current EXP and conversion rate as well as function to view VIP status.

4. Daily Experience

It has record of your daily/weekly in Jianghu.

5. Guild Killing

It is use 2 guild declare war with each other. Player from both side can safely attack each other.

6. Switch attack mode

PK Swicth


1. Server time and place you currently at in game.

2. Open area map

Show the current map you at. Click on last level show you regional map, click it again show you the world map. Map allow you to search for NPC too. At the bottom of the map are boxes you can tick to see information on map such as trainer, NPC location and resource location.

3. Jianghu Help menu

It has a lot of information in it. It also track you progress as a novice guide. You can find you school teacher use this function located under Jianghu event –>School exclusive skills

4. Nine Yin Records

There is the place where they show you the progress of each version in game and related information tho it is not showing now. For example when they update with version 2 of inner skills etc.

5. Jianghu record

The is a comprehensive in game guide. It has a lots of information about the game such as how to record a video in game.

6. GM support

Send message to GM, more like CS support function.

7. Cordinator (X,Y)


1. Skill record

Show what skills you have learned so far.

2. School

Comprehensive school information including regulation, founder and progress of player record etc..

3. Guild

Guild function only available to player when he/she join a guild.

4. Trade Center

It display the goods on sale on player stall.

5. Mission

Has a lot of information on events, guild and instances. You can use the function to join event such book stealing, spying etc.

6. Cash Shop

In game item mall

7. Setting

In game setting.


1. Chat

Relationship windows


1. My Jianghu

This function show you the identity, records and ranking list. You can send gift and wished through this function too.


1. My Life

Show your learned professions in game.

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