March of War World Map Basic Guide

March of War World Map Basic Guide by mechanicalangel

What do I do with the world map?

The world map is the centrepiece of the game. This is where it’s at. On the world map you can observe as territories exchange hands, as you and your friends fight to conquer and expand. You can see Faction Projects, which grant special powers, capable of turning the tide of the world conflict.

How do I start a battle from the world map?

Click on one of the crossed swords icons in a territory where a battle is taking place. Once clicked, you will zoom in and you can see which faction is fighting you, how much progress each side has made towards winning the battle, and the current battle heroes who have contributed h
the most. You can join the fight by clicking on the large crossed swords icon to start a battle against the AI, or click the PvP button to fight another human player.

What is the army button?

The army button can be found in the top centre of the screen. It takes you to your army screen where you can manage your troops, as well as your research and command cards.

What can I do in the army screen?

The army screen gives you a complete overview of your soldiers and war machines. It is divided into four tabs. The first tab is your command cards list. There you can see the types of special powers you have that can be used in battle. The second tab is the units tab – this tab gives you an overview of what kind of units you have in your army and how many you have. The third tab shows your progress along the research tree. You can spend your research points to unlock the technologies there. The last tab allows you to get boosts, which will increase your income rate for various resources – these last either a certain length of time or number of battles.

What is my inbox and where can I find it?

The inbox is basically your in-game mail. You can manage your correspondence with other players in the form of personal messages through it. It is located in the lower right corner, next to the Chat button. There you can view the messages you have sent and received.

What are these images on my left side?

The images on the left side of the screen are your alerts. These serve to notify you when something of interest has happened in the world and once clicked will tell you what happened. You can then get more detailed information, or leave a comment about the event.

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