March of War Starter’s FAQ

March of War Starter’s FAQ by mechanicalangel

How do I start playing March Of War?
You can start playing March of War once you have an ISOTX account. You can create this through our website. You also have the option to play March of War through Steam, or by using your Facebook account. Doing this will automatically generate an ISOTX account, using your Steam of Facebook credentials. However, if you have either a Steam or Facebook account you need to login though the appropriate button.
We will also require you to verify your humanity and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
You will need to verify your email address before you can buy Gems. Registration at March of War is completely free.
You can use your ISOTX account to access March of War, all ISOTX forums and play Iron Grip: Marauders.

Here are some tips to remember when creating a new MOW account:
Usernames are letters and numbers only.
Be sure to enter a valid email address.
Passwords are case sensitive and must contain at least five characters.

Note that you can only use your email address for one account. If you want to create a secondary account, you can’t use that email.

What’s the difference between login in to March of War with Facebook?
There are no differences, except that you login using the Facebook button. However, you can’t play March of War from your Facebook page, you need to login on

I am trying to log in but it tells me I still need to verify my email address. What do I do?
After registering you received a verification email. Go to your inbox and click on the provided URL to verify your email address.

How do I verify my email address?
Upon registration an email will automatically be sent to the address you submitted. Go to your inbox and click on the provided URL to verify your email address.

I didn’t receive a verification e-mail, what do I do?
Contact one of the members of the community team, SneakySoundz or MechanicalAngel. They can help you solve this issue. To do that outside the game, please e-mail us at

How do I change my username?
At this moment it is not possible to change your username.

I’ve forgotten my password. How do I get it back?
Upon reaching the log-in screen, you will see a “Forgot your password?” button underneath where you enter your password. Once you click on it, you will be asked to submit a new password and confirm said password.

How do I cancel or delete my March of War account?
You need to send an email to requesting to delete your account. We will remove all your information from our systems.

Can I play March of War on more than one computer?
Yes you can! As a matter of fact you can play it on more than one device – you can play on PC and MAC, and soon on iPad, and Android tablet.

How do I prevent my inbox spam filter from blocking March of War emails?
When you register your March of War account, you should receive a welcome email, with a conformation link, from us. Other than that, March of War typically will only send you an email if you request it. Depending on your e-mail service provider, you can add us to the exceptions list.

Do I need to register separately on the forum?
No, once you register an ISOTX account you use those credentials to login on the forum.

After losing all units in a battle, do I need to spend resources to rebuild them?
No, once you buy a unit – it’s yours! Once you exit the battle, regardless of your losses or its result, the units that were lost will be renewed.

Is there a way to send Gems or resources to a friend in need?
No, we do not allow the transferral of such resources in the game at this moment, and it’s unlikely to be implemented due to the ease with which such a system can be abused.

Profile FAQ

What is a player profile? 
A players profile is all the information regarding your character. You can find the button in the lower right corner and it takes you to a screen that contains several tabs – your battle group news, your avatar and your army list.

Where is the profile button?
The player profile button is located in the bottom right corner of the screen, next to the faction and battle group buttons.

What can I do in the Profile screen?
The profile screen is your own little bit of space within the game. It lets you manage your character and also gives you an overview of your ranking and your wall. There are three tabs in total on that screen. The first tab is your wall, where you and other players can comment on your achievements and recent actions. The second tab is your avatar tab – it lets you manage what your avatar looks like and you can add new avatar items. The third tab is the statistics tab. Here you can have an overview of what achievements you have unlocked in the game and your progress on the locked ones.

Factions FAQ

What is a faction?
A faction is an overarching alliance of players that have chosen the same army. If you are part of the European Alliance, then you and players like you are part of that faction and fight towards achieving world domination with the European Alliance.

Where is the faction button?
The faction button can be found on the lower right corner of your screen. Once clicked, it takes you to a screen that shows you all the information related to your faction as well as allowing you to manage your actions within the faction.

What can I do in the Faction screen?
The faction screen contains four tabs. The first tab is the world news; it gives you an update on the diplomatic situation in the world and notable events. Let’s say two factions are at war, you can find out about that on the World news tab. The second tab is the faction tab, which allows you to see who is your faction leader and his trusted generals as well as your ranking within the faction. The third tab is the event tab. It gives you an overview of all the modifiers that your faction is currently receiving from events, and what you need to do to either trigger or prevent other events that haven’t been resolved yet. Events can be both positive and negative. The fourth tab is optional and will not always be visible. It will be visible when you are part of an event group and have access to the special powers that it provides.

Steam FAQ

What is the difference playing March of War through Steam?
There are two small differences: the manner of logging into the game, and the payment methods. You can log in by using either your Steam Client or the “Log in through Steam” button in any browser. Steam has a convenient way to load the game through Steam. For purchases, you will work with the Steam Wallet.

How do I register March of War with Steam?
You need to have a Steam account before registering an account with March of War(ISOTX). To register at Steam, visit Then search for March of War through the Steam client, and create an account for the game. You can use a different username in March of War than the one you used in Steam.

I play March of War through Steam. Can I merge my Steam account with my ISOTX account? 
No, you cannot merge your existing March of War account with your Steam account. You can create a new account through Steam as long as the email address you use for Steam is not the one you already used for March of War/ISOTX.

March of War is on Early Access on Steam. What does that mean? 
Early Access is a section on the Steam platform that facilitates a direct communication channel between players and developers. Players can share their feedback with game developers and help in the process of growing the game. It is the perfect place to showcase ISOTX’s commitment in involving the community in the growth of the game and their monthly episodic model. If you are a Steam player, check it out and give us your feedback. We are always looking for ideas so comments are welcomed!
Early Access is the same as the Pilot Episode.

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