March of War Store FAQ

March of War Store FAQ by mechanicalangel

What are Gems?
Gems are a form of currency used in-game. All units can be purchased with Gold or Gems, but some premium items such as skins, boosts and avatar items may be purchased with Gems only. Gems can be bought in-game through the store page, which accommodates for multiple currencies and payment methods. Gem packages come in a range of sizes from small to large, and the larger packages come with bonus Gems.

How do I buy a unit?
Units are bought on the Army page, in the same section where you can view your inventory. The number of a unit types currently owned is displayed in the upper left corner, and more units of this type can be purchased by clicking the buy buttons below. Standard units can always be bought for gold or Gems. The prerequisite technologies need to be unlocked before a unit is available to purchase.

How do skins work?
Skins are effects applied to your units, which change their colouring and texture. They can be seen on the Army page, by clicking the skins tab next to a unit. This will open a window showing all purchased and available skins for that unit. Here you can change which skin a unit type will use, and also buy new skins. Skins purchased can be applied to all current and future units of that unit type.

How can I unlock research?
Research can be found on the research tab of the Army page. New technologies can be unlocked in two ways, using technology points or Gems. Greyed out technologies on the technology tree are those which are yet to be unlocked.

How do boosts work?
Boosts are items that increase the rate at which you earn Gold, Research or XP. They can be found on the boosts tab of the Army page. Here you can see the boosts that are currently in effect, and purchase new boosts. Boosts can be purchased on the basis of hours (real-time) or for a set number of battles, and the time or battles remaining on an active boost are shown on the boosts tab. Different boosts will be applied simultaneously, while boosts of the same type will stack and apply one after the other.

What are deals?
Deals are special offers, such as packs of units offered at a discount. They are available through the deals tab of the Store page, with new deals added regularly. In order to be able to purchase a deal, you must be able to use all the items within the pack, i.e. only when the prerequisite technologies have been unlocked and any other requirements have been met.

What is ‘Chance’?
Chance is a special kind of deal, available through the deals tab of the Store page. They contain multiple potential items, each with a chance of dropping. When you purchase a locker, a random roll is performed which determines which of the items you will receive. You will then be notified of the item you have won, and it will be added to your inventory. As with standard deals, in order to buy the locker you must meet the requirements for all of the potential items.

How do avatar items work?
Avatar items are used to customize your character’s avatar, and can be bought from the Avatar tab on your Profile page. Here a list of all potential items for your avatar is shown, with those currently owned indicated. You can preview what an avatar item will look like on your character simply by clicking its image. After selecting all the items you like and previewing them, you can purchase them all in one go by clicking the Buy button. Note that some avatar items have requirements to purchase based on rank, role or achievements.

What are extra character slots?
Extra character slots allow you to create multiple characters beyond the two allowed initially, so you can enjoy the different gameplay styles of the various factions. Extra slots are purchased on the Character selection screen; the same place where you choose which character to play with.

What are extra battle slots?
Extra battle slots allow you to have more active battles running simultaneously. They can be purchased from the world map screen, next to where your active battles are shown. If you have multiple battle slots and you are using all you units in one of your active battles, you can still deploy all your units in another battle.

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