March of War New Player’s FAQ

March of War New Player’s FAQ by shippal

This is just a list of common questions I hear in game. I figured I would provide the answers in a nice, convenient location.

Battle Questions

How do I start a battle?
On the World Map, click on any of the Double-Swords icons hovering over a territory.
TIP:Ask in your faction chat which territory you should fight in. Fighting in a territory deals damage to that territory, and focusing attacks is a good way to advance your faction. For more information, see Territory Questions below.

In the followup screen, click on any of the icons inside. The Double-Swords icon is for fighting against the computer (AI, or PvE battle). The PvP icon is for fighting against another player (PvP battle).

How do I kill tanks?
One of the hardest things to do early game is destroy tanks, because you have very few Anti-tank options. You will need to buy unit cards that have Anti-tank weaponry. Each team starts with a few. Click the Army tab, and the Army sub-tab, and you will see the Army screen. In this example from the Soviet Union, the starting Anti-tank units are RPG Troops and the BA-10 tank. Each faction has different units.

How do I unlock more units?
To acquire new units, a player has to research them. Click the Army tab, and then click the Research sub-tab. On this screen, a player can eventually unlock new units by spending research on prerequisite parts of the Research tree, and then on the units themselves.

Help! I used my power and now it’s gone! What happened?
Broader Question: What are Command Cards?
Command Cards are powers that a faction can release onto a battlefield with Command Points (the Star resource). Command Cards, unlike standard unit cards, do not come back after the battle. They are consumable abilities. To buy Command Cards, click on the Army tab, and then click the Command sub-tab. Buy the Command Cards like normal units, but as they are consumable, be careful with how many you buy!

Help! My game crashed and I was in a battle! How do I get back into the battle?
Click on the Double-Swords icon at the bottom of the interface to bring up the Battles Overview Screen. Click Battle to resume your battle, or if you don’t feel like finishing it, click Surrender.

Help! I am level 4 and I can only find level 22 players to PvP against!
Related Question: Why can’t I find a PvP match?
Broader Question: How does the PvP queue system work?
When you hit “PvP”, and it says “Looking for Battle”, it is checking for players to battle in every territory your faction can battle within. The system does prioritize checking for battles with players who are close to your level, but if no such players are looking for battles in any of the locations your faction can fight in, it will find whoever is available. You may find yourself fighting against a player of a drastically different level, in a territory that you did not click to start in. If no other players are currently searching for a battle, you will not find anyone to fight against.

How can I play Co-op? or How can I play with my friends?
To play Co-op battles, you will need to first be in a Battlegroup. Click on the Two-person icon at the bottom of the screen. This brings up the Battlegroup screen, where you can Create or Join a battlegroup. It may take some work finding the leader of a battlegroup to get that person to accept you into his or her group, but if you have friends who you know in game, you may want to create your own group.

Is Hard the hardest difficulty?
The UI currently has a problem where it requires you to scroll up, not down, to see the harder difficulties. A player unlocks the hardest difficulty, Master, at level 16

Territory questions:

What happens if a faction loses all of its territories?
A faction cannot be completely wiped out. After a faction has no territories remaining, the faction still makes attacks (rebellions) on its original home territories.

Does fighting against the computer (AI, in PvE) deal damage to a territory?
Broader Question: How does a territory get taken over?
All battles show a Battle Points rating in the intro screen and the victory screen. This Battle Points amount signifies the amount of experience the player receives from the battle as well as the amount of damage that player deals to a territory when victorious there. Many factors determine how many Battle Points must be dealt to a territory before conquering it, but all Battle Points dealt, whether from PvP or PvE matches, count toward the damage percentage bar. The faction whose bar reaches 0% first loses the territory.

Does losing/surrendering deal damage to your side in a territory?
No. Neither losing nor surrendering deals any damage to a territory. In a PvE match, it does not affect you in any way to lose or surrender, except that you will receive no rewards from that battle. However, in a PvP match, obviously if one side loses/surrenders, the other side wins, which would, in turn, deal damage

Character/Account questions:

How can I delete my character/change factions?
You cannot delete your character. You receive two (2) character slots per account, and neither of the characters can be removed in any way. You can switch between them at any time, but if you want more character slots, you will need to spend 2500 gems. You can, however, make a new account and receive two more free slots.

How do I gain gems?
Gems are the March of War premium currency. Gems can only be purchased with real money. An account starts with 200 gems. Gems’ value are roughly 250 ~ 300 to $1 USD.

How does my faction choose territories to attack?
Broader Question: What is High Command and how do I become part of it?
The High Command are the top 30 players of the faction, and they have a special power to vote for territories to attack. To become part of High Command and help choose the territories, play more! Your ranking has to be in the top 30 of your faction, so just get more Battle Points to progress further.

If you reach High Command, this is what you can do:
Click the box under “Powers” that has several arrows pointing inward. This is your voting button. It will change the World Map overlay to show numbers over all territories. These numbers symbolize how many votes are in each location. The territory with the most votes will be the next place that your faction attacks. Your vote is shown by a +1 next to another number.

How can I choose the Faction Leader?
The term for a Faction Leader is 2 weeks, over which time every player within that faction may vote for any player within that faction (including themselves) to become Faction Leader. To vote, go to the Faction Tab, and then the Faction sub-tab. Under the Faction Leader’s image, click on the “Cast Your Vote Now” button. Type in a character’s name and select them, and then click “Vote Now!” A player can change their vote at any time.

How can I add a friend to my friends list?
There is no Friends list. You may use Steam settings to add a player as a friend through Steam, or you may join a Battlegroup with another player (see How can I play Co-op? above)

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