Dragon Pals Warrior Basic Guide

Dragon Pals Warrior Basic Guide by R2352025

Assuming your reading this, i’ll assume you’ve done your lv1-30 quest and reached lv32 within the first 2hrs of playing…. if you havent then your doing something wrong! BIG TIME
But of course your gonna wonder if you picked the RIGHT CLASS.. and answer is MAYBE CUZ it come down how you play it!!!!

This is BASED of lv50 of cashier/non cashier

They ARE the perfect class for all rounders; For cashier or non cashier; all come down to how you use them or play them… but remember they are design to take dmg and output very little dmg but the good thing is that it pays off very well; they WILL be the best class to beat lv100 tower (of course TOWER is the only way to get stronger after maxing gears)

Grace, Barbarian, Titan, God Shield, Force Field ***** Balance style and with shield skill there should be no problems dealing with mob in tower and give u the extra hp for bosses
*your 3 GEMS – PATK, PDEF, HP x5 then PATK, MDEF, HP x5

Grace, Barbarian, Assassin, Catastrophe, Apocalypse * DMG Dealer; epic failure if you ask me cuz we warrior dont have a good crit hit rate and much wasted but playable
*your 3 GEMS – PATK, CRIT, HP x10

Grace, Barbarian, Safe Guard, Saint, Force Field ***** DEF Type: not so great, maybe in the long run maybe but very nice PVE
*your 3 GEMS – PATK, CRIT DEF, HP x10

atm i myself can clear tower 89 with 37k BR just not lv90 yet but of coruse i’m only 47

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