Dragon Pals New Player’s Tips

Dragon Pals New Player’s Tips by R2_Summer

How do you get Gold Coins?

Players can earn Gold Coins in one of three ways:

a. Online Activities


Click “GET FREE GOLD COINS” to earn gold by doing online surveys, watching videos, or participating in other activities.

b. The Market


Open the Market interface and click on the “Sell” tab. You can sell items, equipment, and materials to other players for Gold Coins here.
Note: a Market License can be purchased in the Shop under the “Item” or “Voucher” tabs. Purchasing a License is a good investment for players to make early in the game.

c. Recharge


Players can also get Gold Coins by recharging. Go to the Shop and select “Recharge” to top on Gold.

How do you become a VIP?

a. VIP Card


With enough Gold Coins, players can purchase a “VIP CARD” in the shop.
TIP: VIP earns players special bonuses. It’s a good investment for players to make if they have the Gold Coins to afford it.

b. Growth Points


You can gain VIP exp and upgrade your VIP level by spending gold. Every 300 gold coins spent gains players 1 Growth Point.

How do you get dragon pets?

a. Standard Dragon Pets


Standard dragons are unsealed as the character’s level increases.

b. Special Dragon Pets (VIP only)


VIP players can collect the special dragon Goldaro (Battle Rating +566) upon reaching level 30.


VIP players also get discounts on two unique dragon pets in the Shop: Delanie and Pudges (+1132 Battle Rating and 90% off now!!)


Tip: Morph your dragon pets into other forms to gain bonus stats! Dragon stats are cumulative: the more dragon forms you have, the higher your battle rating will be.

Other ways to level up

a. Free Gift Packs
Player can get free gift packs at the official website: http://dragon.r2games.com/code


Note: carefully follow all instructions. Free gift packs are redeemable one time only.


b. Recharge Gift Packs
Only $0.99. First recharge gets players a set of Wings and Clothing to show off their unique style.


c. Total Logins, daily rewards, and hot events
Take a look at the top right of your screen and check out the other rewards and events that are going on.


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