Dragon Pals FAQ

Dragon Pals FAQ by Stormaggedon

1. Q: How to upgrade wings?
A: Take the levels of each gem socketed in your current equipment and add them together. To upgrade your wings to lvl. 2, the total must be equal to or greater than 90. To upgrade your wings to lvl. 3, the total must be equal to or greater than 150.

2. Q: Where can I get the gift code?
A: http://dragon.r2games.com/code

3. Q: How can I get lvl. 4&5 gems?
A: You can synthesize lvl. 4-5 gems once you reach lvl. 35.

4. Q: How to upgrade my VIP?
A: VIP EXP can be obtained through login rewards or purchased directly with Gold Coins. You will get 1 point of VIP EXP for each 300 Gold Coin you spend.

5. Q: How do I increase my Battle Rating?
A: There are numerous options for increasing your Battle Rating such as: leveling up, using potions, and upgrading your dragons, equipment, and gems. If you’re still lost, check out the in-game Battle Rating Upgrade Guide.

6. Q: Where/how can I get Advanced Dragons?
A: You’ll find dragons by completing Main Quests, and by collecting enough Soul Fragments.

7. Q: What are some quick ways to Level Up?
A: Some great ways to increase your characters level quickly are: attending daily events, collecting bonus Exercise EXP, completing Bounty Quests, and by planting your Farm.

8. Q: Where can I find shards for the dragon morph cards?
A: You can find shards in Multiplayer Dungeons and through Hot Events.

9. Q: I’m running low on Amethysts, where can I find more?
A: You can gain tons of Amethysts through Alchemy, Daily Events, and the Arena.

10. Q: How can I increase my friend limit?
A: By upgrading your VIP Level you can double your friend limit!

11. Q: I need more Dragon Souls, where can I find them?
A: You can find Dragon Souls in the Arena or by giving an Essence Offering.

12. Q: Where can I find powerful equipment?
A: Use Magic Coins to purchase Necklaces and Rings in the Crypt Shop. Relics, Belts, Cuisses, and Shoes can all be purchased with Dragon Coins in the Arena Shop. Weapons, Helmets, Armor, and Bracers can be found in Multiplayer Dungeons. Don’t forget to use the Blacksmith to upgrade your equipment!

13. Q: How do I upgrade my dragon?
A: You can upgrade your dragon by Upgrading your Dragon Training Skill, Morphing your dragon, Raising their skills, and through equipping Dragon Orbs.

14. Q: How do I get more powerful Dragon Orbs?
A: You can get more powerful Dragon Orbs through collecting better orbs and/or synthesizing the Orbs.

15. Q: When do the Rankings Lists and various Daily Attempts update/refresh each day?
A: They update/refresh at 4:00 AM server time.

16. Q: Will my character be deleted after the alpha test?
A: Yes, unfortunately, alpha is used for testing so it is not the final version of the game.

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