Dragon Pals Quick Leveling Tips

Dragon Pals Quick Leveling Tips by Edotensai

From level 1 to Level 30 concentrate on your mission as they will give you enough exp to get to 30

also go to wishing well to get more amethyst as this will help you later on
e.g. improving weapon stats and dragon stats

If your a casher like me i recommend getting either Delicatus or Guirus as this will help you finish off quests faster.

once you get to the Amethyst Alchemy don’t waste your gold as it would be pointless yes you would get amethyst but not much just concentrate on wishing well and missions for amethyst.

Best way to get the best dragon team:

– Buy dragons
– do more quests to unlock the egg and if you dont have any quests left repeat the battle again with each battle your closer to becoming stronger.
– upgrade your dragons by improving their stats making arena fight and battles and quests easier for you.


– do quests its the best way to start
– LVL up blessings they are absolutely amazing if you just want quick exp e.g. i was level 20 went straight to level 28 with lvl up blessings.
(more friends the better). You get 30 attempts per day so remember to get as many friends as you can if you want quick exp.
– Bounty it takes time but in the end easy exp help you level up easy always take on bounty with high exp to get better equipment.
(update for exp guide will be up soon)

Dragon upgrading:

for your dragon team they require Dragon soul to get stronger as time goes on through the game you will get new dragons for your team but once you get a new team they will require more dragon soul. (Quick tip is that you can spend it to get quick kills or you can save it for stronger dragons later on).

Dragon orbs: 

Dragon orbs increase the stats of your dragons. White orbs can only be sold for 8,000 amethyst, so if we look at the rarity we have green, blue, purple and orange. Green being the lowest and Orange being the best. now if we go to exchanging our points you will see orange dragon orbs these increase your dragon stats massively but to get these you would need 1,000 to 5,000 points this is roughly 12,000,000 amethyst to 60,000,000 amethyst that you need to spend to get these points by the way to get points you need to click on the dragon to obtain a dragon orbs for each 12,000 or 14,000 or 16,000 etc you spend for a dragon orb you get 1 point.

Farming: Easy way of getting exp or amethyst

buy seed for amethyst then plant them in the ground give it sometime then come back and farm them for exp or amethyst
go to farm shop to see what each seed gives you.


– to get Level 2 wings (Genie Wings) all you have to do is input up to 90 gems total to make Genie wings e.g.
Level 4 PATK gem + Level 4 PATK gem = 8 gems total
you have up to 10 pieces of equipment
so that makes 80 so try Finding gems values of 5 and higher and add them to your equipment
Once you get to 90 you have Genie Wings.

Updated Info on obtaining wings:

Saving up your magic coins or dragon coins are good to making wings this is because the Armour you buy with dragon or magic coins have more slots for you to socket gems therefore increasing the gem total. You can go to the Arena shop or Crypt shop to buy these items but you must obtain a level of 30 or higher to access these.

Evolving Equipment: 

Lets look at the crypt shop if you go to Upgrade(Next to Character Icon) —> Crypt Shop You will see 2 types of gems Yellow crystals are for increasing the rarity of equipment therefore opening more socketing slots for gems. Now we have the Sacred Moon Stone Lvl 2 this is to evolve your equipment. Basically it improves the stats for your equipment (to me what i like is once evolved it also keeps the gems you socketed).

To see your gem total go to —> Black Smith —> Socket
I wish you all good luck on improving your wings because they definitely give you a huge boost in the game.
It may take time to get these gems but work hard

Daily Reward:

You will love this basically its just doing daily quests and missions to get activity points.
Your main goal is to get to 100 activity points where you can recieve 10,000 gold coins and a Level 4 Gem chest X5 and Lvl 8 Enchantment
Stone X8 and 1000 Gold Feathers.

To gain activity points go to Daily Rewards
Once inside you will see Unfinished Projects (quests or missions you haven’t done) complete your Unfinished Task to gain Activity Points.

Remember your goal is to get 100 Activity Points because with 10,000 gold coins you can do alot. Such as buying clothes and gems and new
dragons for your team.


For a permanent VIP reach level 30 to obtain a 1 month VIP pass and to level up your VIP spend your gold.

Basically for every 300 gold you spend your given 1 point so from VIP 1 to VIP 2 you need to spend 600 gold you can check the status of your VIP by clicking the VIP button next to your character it indicates a bar so if your on VIP 1 you should see 0/2 if you spend 300 gold it will become 1/2 and when you spend another 300 you become a VIP 2 remember to claim your VIP packs as they will help you through out the game.

If you have any queries Comment below or send me a message on Dragon Pals

Angel Wings Stats:
PATK: 180 + 0
MATK: 180 + 0
PDEF: 180 + 0
MDEF: 180 + 0
HP: 1010 + 0
Movement Speed: 10%

Genie Wings Stats:
PATK: 480 + 0
MATK: 480 + 0
PDEF: 480 + 0
MDEF: 480 + 0
HP: 2400 + 0
Movement Speed: 15%

Magic Dragon Wings:
PATK: 720 + 0
MATK: 720 + 0
PDEF: 720 + 0
MDEF: 720 + 0
HP: 3600 + 0
Movement Speed: 20%

Level 4 wings coming soon.

So those are the stats for the current wings I have achieved or seen in the game. But you may be wonder what the +0 at the end of each PATK OR MATK is well once you reach level 40 you can engrave your wings therefore increasing the stats for your wings but in order to do that you must have Golden Feather it will take certain amounts to increase the stats for your wings but in the end you will become slightly stronger.

P.S. Updates coming soon. And if you haven’t heard yet DragonPals have extended the alpha test it will now end on May 2nd 7:00pm PDT

Feel free to add me on Dragon Pals: Edotensai

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