Dragon Pals Dragon Orb and Equipment Guide

Dragon Pals Dragon Orb and Equipment Guide by sLeEpOvEr

Dragon Orb

dragon orbs 2

What is Dragon orb?

It’s an orb that can strengthen your dragon and helps add to your character’s BR. 

How can I Obtain Dragon Orb?

BeFunky_dragon orb icon

Simply click the DRAGON ORB icon at the bottom right of your screen just beside your pet dragon and guild icon. After you’ve enter, click the orb to grab dragon orbs. There are different types of orbs that you can collect and they vary in colors. Green, blue, purple and orange. Lowest power is green and orange the highest.

Here are the different dragon orbs (Orange and purple)


~You will know their descriptions inside the game~

Wise way to collect:


1. Be ready to spend lots of amethyst you’ve been saving for collecting orbs. Having millions of amethyst is better. Gain lots of it by farming, joining in demon invasion or alchemize. You can gain lots of amethyst if you’re just industrious joining in all of Dragon Pals events.
2. Grab lots of dragon orbs, and pray for getting strong orbs. It’s all about luck you know.
3. During collection, grab all strong orbs (blue, purple, orange) and sell all the remaining weak orbs which could be not of help (void and green orbs).
4. When you have orange orbs, save it especially if it’s the one that your character needs most. Example, you’re an archer and you need orbs that can enhance your PATK (physical Attack) and you got the BARBARIAN orange orb which gives +150 PATK for enhancing your character’s battle rating, use it.
5. Remember to save the strongest orbs and make use of it. If you have orange orb and you consider using it, enhance its level by letting other orbs that is not of help for you; consumed by the strong orb that you’ve chosen. Use the synthesize button for it. The higher the level of the orb, the better.
6. Be wise on choosing the right strong orb for your character to be used so that you won’t waste amethyst for nothing.

Benefits of having Strong Dragon Orbs (Orange Orbs)

Orange orbs contain the highest growth rate. This means that when it levels up, the higher the attributes it gets and the faster your BR or battle rating will increase.

COMPARISON of purple and orange orb

sunrise grace

1. Being a VIP is a great advantage for collecting orbs. VIP 6 can summon strong orbs which are purple and orange.
2. Invest lots of amethyst before you collect if you want to obtain high power orbs.
3. Don’t forget to equip your dragon orbs in your dragon so that you can make use of it… XD


Worn by ones character for a particular purpose and it adds to your battle rating.


I will no longer elaborate all the names of equipment of different classes of characters in dragon pal cuz besides; you’ll know them inside the game.

All individual characters in dragon pal are entitled to have 10 slots for their equipment. Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Relics, Pants, Belt, Boots, Necklace and Ring. Each equipment of course, can add to one’s character BR and it has extra added attributes which are randomly given and you can change it by means of refining.

How can I obtain equipment?

If you’re a beginner, you can obtain equipment by doing the task given by NPC’s.
Other way to gain equipment is entering the Multiplayer Dungeon or buying in the Market. Entering the market needs trade proof by paying 10 gold.

How can I gain Strong Equipment?

Of course, all of us players always long for the strongest equipment in hand if possible right???
Equipment’s vary for different classes and you can only wear the equipment of your class. Mage can only wear mage’s equipment. This means that Mage can’t wear his grandpa’s old warrior’s weapon. XD
Equipment also has different kinds that vary in color. Green, blue, purple, orange and yellow.

1 2 3 4 5

1. Green- Normal
2. Blue- Excellent
3. Purple- Outstanding
4. Orange-Perfect
5. Yellow-Legendary

-Yellow or Legendary weapon is the strongest one

Go to Blacksmith




Evolving equipment need crystal stone/sacred stone/sacred moon. Which you can gain through MP dungeon, or using your magic and dragon coins to buy. Evolving simply means leveling up your equipment. Ex. Level 30-40.



Converting equipment need purple crystal/blue crystal/yellow crystal. You can gain this through MP dungeon or consuming your dragon and magic coins. Converting means, making your equipment stronger by changing its kind. Ex. Purple (Outstanding) – Orange (Perfect)



Enchanting equipment need amethyst and enhancement stone (optional). You can gain enhancement stone in Demon tower, blitzing or fighting monsters, using your guild wealth contribution in buying in guild shop or buying in the market. Enchanting means adding plus points to the original attributes of your equipment. Ex. +9 – +10

Socketing a Gem

socketing gem

Socketing a gem needs gem. You can obtain them from demon tower, blitzing/fighting monsters, rewards in an event, and shop. Gems vary in color and level. You will know its description inside the game. The higher the level of the gem, the higher the attributes it contain. You can synthesize gem to gain a higher level gem. Synthesizing can be done also in blacksmith. Socketing gem means, putting a gem in your weapon.


refine 1

refine 2

Refining equipment needs Amethyst or you can use the refining stone which can be brought in the bravery shop, instead of amethyst. Refining means changing the additional attributes of your equipment according to your preference. (This needs luck, lots of amethyst, voucher or coins if you’re aiming for better results).

-This is the different ways on how to make your equipment strong.

1. Gather lots of materials, magic and dragon coins as much and fast as possible to make your weapon stronger. Stronger weapon equals high BR; High BR means high powered character. High powered character means high chances of winning a lot. Especially in cage match and devil melee. On which you can gain lots of dragon and magic coins over other players.
2. Be wise on using your materials and coins. Don’t convert or evolve carelessly. Example, if you reach level 40 and all your equipment’s are still level 30, think first before you evolve them all to level 40. Don’t rush if you don’t have enough amethyst and enhancement stones for the enchantment and refining, cuz you’ll end up lowering your equipment’s power; instead of improving. You’ll notice it inside the game when you play dragon pal.
3. Refining could also cost a lot because it’s like playing in a slot machine. You’ll never always get the jackpot or the desired attributes, that’s why you’ll end up refining over and over again until you claim the attributes that you wish. That’s why it’s wise to refine only if you already have the high class equipment. Let’s say perfect or legendary equipment as an example.
4. Remember this when choosing the right attributes for your equipment:
Warrior – PATK (Physical Attack) and HP
Mage – MATK (Magic Attack) and HP
Archer – PATK (Physical Attack), Defense and HP
– Concentrate on adding such attributes. Warrior is strong and has higher defense. Mage is a balance of magical attack and defense. Archer has high attack and critical damage but low in defense.
5. Don’t forget to wear your equipment during battle to make use of it.

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