Tynon Hero Equipment Basic Guide

Tynon Hero Equipment Basic Guide by Morgan le Fay

This is very much a work in progress, Tynon is still in beta so things may change. I’m only human so I may make some errors, if I have post a correction and I’ll edit it in. After all this will hopefully be a guide for future players.

Throughout the game you will need to purchase and upgrade your equipment to remain competitive in PvP battles and complete NPC quests. You will be awarded all the equipment for main hero by completing the quests at the beginning of the game, for all your other heroes you will need to purchase from Laura, the Armourer in Aerie City.



  • Physical attack
  • Skill attack

Staff (Mages only)

  • Magical attack


  • Physical attack
  • Skill attack
  • Magical attack (mages only)


  • Hit points


  • Physical defence
  • Magical Defence


  • Skill defence
  • Magical defence


  • Physical defence
  • Skill defence

Each type of equipment will help you overcome opponents. If for example you are facing a boss or player who seems to be cutting through your heroes with their skill attacks but their physical ones seem not to be causing you so much harm then look at upgrading your cloaks and helmets to help absorb those attacks and vice versa. For magical attacks upgrade chestguards and cloaks or if it seems your mage isn’t doing much damage, upgrade their staff. It also helps to look at each heroes individual attributes to identify where they’ll benefit in enhancing equipment, a hero weak against magic will need focus on cloaks and chestguards to last the extra rounds to beat their opponent. In attack heroes with good attack and skill stats upgrade swords to inflict high damage, but don’t neglect their defense!

Equipment Plans

Apart for the gratis apprentice sword, you will have to purchase the rest of the items at the Armoury. Each item will cost 10,000 coins and you will need to purchase equipment for every hero on the field (a max of 5, ie 5 chestguards, 5 helms, a sword for each hero and a staff for every mage). It is the most basic type of equipment that being of course Apprentice.

To be continued. (unfinished)

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